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Joe Rogan

Talk to me


Real quick what's happening hey, what's up Joe great

To see you man, thanks for having me first of

Joe Rogan

All my pleasure

Listen, your special is ******* outstanding is one of the best specials I've seen in a long time

It's hard to laugh by yourself out loud on a phone when you're watching someone on the phone

I laughed hard, but it was great


Thank you

Joe Rogan

You know, sometimes someone does a special and it's like

It's you

It's like

He's better seeing him live, but right you captured


It was some

It would

It was the journey

It was the first time I was properly financed

You know what I mean?

Uh, we was in borrowing money or had the right vehicle properly supported by the distributors and everything, so it was

It was the opportunity then I knew the significance of it by Dave being a part of it, that this is the one I needed to elevate me to get off at this level that I'm on

Right now

Joe Rogan

You're one of the best comics alive

There's no, there's no doubt about it so

This is a great representative of that

It's a great representation of that 'cause

It's very rare that someone gets as good as you are

That's not selling out arenas like, that's how good you

Are well, thank you so it's it's exciting for me


Yes, and you know I hope

But you know, if you comic man you never know what's gonna do it

Yeah, I never had a problem with. I never equated quantity with quality. So when I've seen people with 1517 eighteen thousand, I never felt inferior or bad that I had. 2000, right right?



The work of it and then at the end of the day, to be quite honest

With you as a comic, you know it when you first get into it

You stay with you just just want to make people laugh and I have achieved that

So I had already filled that

I was successful, but sometimes you do sit back like God Dam, when did they ever going to get to?

The east, they keep skipping me

How long does it take?

I mean, 'cause you you know I said in in my echo the thing I'm saying I've been the bridesmaid for so long and never the bride and watch all my friends just get TV shows and everything and like you said I look at my friends, they and ICM

Talent wise I don't feel it

I just look at him and say they

They had an opportunity and they achieved and they and they won on it, and they cashed in on it

I have yet to have that opportunity to cash in, so that's what I'm looking for

Joe Rogan

Well, the fact that Dave Chappelle is behind it that Dave Produciton

He introduces you at the beginning of the special, that's that's gigantic


Thank you

Joe Rogan

That's kinda that's gonna help a lot, but we've all been talking about you for years

Everyone is terrified to follow you

Everyone would find out that you were at the comedy store

Everybody is like oh **** where is he at in the lineup?

FCK that spot

That spot after you is not fun


Yeah, I mean with you have nothing but your jokes

You gotta least perfect that aspect of the

The career

Joe Rogan

Career well you're a hustler

Two, you're always out there and the guys that are constantly working

There's a Polish that you get when you're on the road and you're doing those

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sundays when you just constantly doing sets, there's a

There's an undeniable Polish that a guy gets


Yeah, I mean you there I call him the frontline workers

You know what I mean?

Success takes you off the frontline

You know what I mean?

It does

It it it, it keeps you from your fans to feel exact 'cause we we feed off the information that we get from our fans

Keeps you

And if you are isolated with security or other things that you have to do or the month you know the enormous of your career, you kind of like get away from the people that are actually

Support you, and that's the key to me

I always stay within my constituents some way family member or somebody

I take a young comedian on the road with me, who I I look up to and say he can make it and just allow him to be in the life and I just watch what he do and what he's going through

And that's why I keep my my stuff shocked

Keep my

Joe Rogan

Yeah I do this

I do the same

Yeah I do the same and I also bring

A lot of comedians to the shows that I do in town bring open my cars

I bring, you know, have them go up

I give them tips

Give him good spots

You know, let him let him try it out

Give him rough spots

Sometimes after someone really good, let him feel that you know, and I think for a lot of guys a lot of guys get big and then they start getting television shows and movies and you don't realize how much time that takes away


Yeah, let him feel that

Joe Rogan

From your

Stand up when I was doing fear factor

I remember like seeing guys that would come into town

You know that we're doing the road constantly and I'd be jealous

I I would

I was on a television show hit show but and you know, and everybody wanted to be on a hit show but I would see these guys that were so smooth because they just been doing those Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday two shows Friday

Two shows Saturday Sunday on the road and

They would just



Joe Rogan

Just greased up and just smooth and just

Everything was polished, yes

That's the that's the top level

You know when you get to that when you're headlining constantly and you just your, your act is just so polished


Yeah, and you can see it too and relevant and they talking about things you're like, damn

Yeah, I didn't see it that

Damn, you know what I mean

So it's the beautiful part

That's what I look for

You never seen it this way you never seen this

Angle of it, you know?

Joe Rogan

Well, that's the best

When you watch a comic in these say something that you would never expected and you're like, wow, that's that's a nice angle


Yeah, that's it

Joe Rogan

That's a nice angle

The craft


That's that's the hook

Yeah, that's the sweet spot we call it in the pocket

That's when you're in the pocket, you get it

Joe Rogan

Where did you record this?


Washington DC night

Yeah, at home

I'm from Washington DC, Southeast DC

So when they came to me where you want to go, I said, well, let's go ahead and make it as rough as possible

Let's go and do it at home

Lily, everybody be here, so at least if nothing else, I I stamped my hometown

Joe Rogan

That's right, you talk about that in the beginning

Of it

Yes, is it the other guy that you know I've had on recently who's also it's undeniable and unbelievable that he's not huge are his tonewoods

Yes, yeah

I had Tony Woods on recently and then we did a show together at the Vulcan

I'm like *** **** he's good

He's so smooth


Me and Tony been friends for over 25 years

Joe Rogan

Yeah, me too

I've known Tony from since the 90s


Yes, Tony is my man

He's from DC too and he has that slow delivery and

Sarcastically and it's it's beautiful

Joe Rogan

When you write, do you sit down and write?

Do you just collect information throughout the day?

Like how do you?

How do you come?


Up with material I never I write in my mind

I never physically write what I do

I come up with a concept

And elaborate on it, and usually it comes with a true well for truth and then it expand to a big assly

You know what I mean?

Like they say, the first casualty of war is the

Truth, so that's what it is

Here it is

And then I just expand on it, expand on it, expand on it so when I get on stage I never know what I'm gonna say

But once I see it then I just say what I see 'cause I see it in my mind and then I just

It comes out that way, that's how I

Joe Rogan

Do it so when you write new material, do you just go up with it or do you try to sandwich?

It in between material that you've already do


You know, like this right here?

I say I this is what I'm not gonna talk about

I take everything like this special

I'm not gonna talk about any of that

And then I'll start from then on

Joe Rogan

So like so you take all the material that you're not going to do anymore

'cause you did it in the special, but when you like, say, if you have a new bit that you're trying to work in your act, do you?


Right, right?

Joe Rogan

Try to do it first

Do you try to?


Yeah, I I do it right there

'cause I know where it is to be funny with it

You know what I mean so

Uhm, I'll start

Just say what I find is funny

Like we going through this thing with Kuwait

I mean with you COVID Ukraine excuse me and I like OK, the Russians are marching

They're marching so you start from that point on

And just elaborate all way through

Joe Rogan

And you just work it out


On stage, right there on stage

Joe Rogan

Working interesting


Yeah, I work it right on

Stage, have you always done?

It that way, always, really, yeah

See I had my own comedy club and it was the Uptown comedy corner and the Comedy Act theater wouldn't allow me to perform there

So when I

Joe Rogan

With that


It's not in Atlanta, GA, so they wouldn't let me perform there, so I told my mother they gonna learn my mother said I told you if they're not gonna let you ride their bike, you either get your

Own bike or walk

So like I I got my own club and because I was affiliated with this dude they said it's not all black comedy clubs

White dudes in problem

Owning so they kind of like boycotted my club, so they left me there to do all the jokes and I had to entertain them so I was able to just go up there and just go

And it was the best thing ever happened before

Joe Rogan

Who the **** boycotted?


Other comedians and you know back in the day, because you know, back in the day you've been in the game long

If you work

This club you can't work this club

Yeah, you know comedy like Theater was

The was the premier black comedy club so you got a club in Los Angeles in Atlanta

That's the premier Black club and it's this new club with the dudes that's not from here

Name Earthquake and the owner say you go up here

You'll never work in my club

What they what you never comedians gonna?

Right no man, I would do your club, Gary said if I go up there I ain't gonna be able to work like I and it was only until Steve Harvey, which is a good friend of mine called him up and said Steve nothing these buffers ain't doing like **** did I do it?

Steve came in, sold it out and when they saw him come see him

They saw me and the rest was history

Joe Rogan

Wow, so you were basically working at your club almost every night?


Every night wow, how was the featured?

The open mic in the headline?

You know what I mean?

That's why people saying they thinking I'm drunk or something leaning up against the wall

That's just what I would do

I used to just leaning up on the wall and do an hour straight off the top and just hit it that way and I just became my style and I just continue on

See what I say

And just riff right off of it

Joe Rogan

That's an amazing gem

To train at, like to to to have that kind of a setup

It's kind of by necessity exact


Exactly, yeah

Joe Rogan

Still, that's an amazing way to to work on your ACT


Holy **** yeah, that's how I do

I just, you know, come up with some different topics and elaborate on

Joe Rogan

So you didn't do any prep beforehand, like you would never sit down with a notepad and

Right ideas out or anything?


No, I don't come

I don't do that

What I do is just what I'm gonna start it and I continue on

And then at that I'm going

I tape every show I've ever did, and I suppose been disciplined enough to go back and say, I know it's something that I want to elaborate online later and I I got it down so I could talk about it later

But I never did

I never

That just say **** it, I cooked it

And something else to call

Joe Rogan

You know any comics do that record and never listen or never watch it?


I mean

Joe Rogan

A lot almost every one of them


OK yeah I got all my shows and I never watched

Joe Rogan

That I occasionally would go back and look at them if there's something that I don't remember

I said, I know I said something and

I gotta figure out what

It is I'll


Go watch, see

That's where it is

Also, Achilles heel if I try to think about what I said

Joe Rogan



It had never come out

Joe Rogan

Right, because you?

Be smooth, not in the moment


'cause I'm thinking?

You know what I mean?

That one is just for y'all

It was there for that

If I try to capture it and bring it up and take it to Saint Louis

What I did is in Dallas it ain't gonna work

It has to be right then and there, so you just pray you get up there and say God is never

Let me down before and keep on going

Joe Rogan

With it, well, that is one of the beautiful things about your style is that it seems so loose and relaxed and natural

'cause if you can achieve that mindset and just do that every night and never think about the material, just let it flow out

That's a amazing gift, yeah

I mean, it's


Steve told me that too

It's like 'cause I remember

I did get caught up in the comedy club

This is how you supposed to write a joke and everything

And I was writing and you said what you doing

I said right and get my stuff together

He just grabbed a paper, tore it up

He said you don't need the right yo **** come out already don't let him **** what you got and once he told me that it was on wow it was

Joe Rogan

On he gave you the advice and not right


Yeah he gave me the advice said don't write it down

Let it be, let it go

Joe Rogan

I would ordinarily I would argue with that I would say no

I should definitely, right, but then I see what you're doing and

I'm like leave it alone


Yeah, I mean I try, I try to conform it in and put it in and I really to be honest with you, I I envy those Polish as comedians

I mean every word like Seinfeld

Let's go here

I mean, polished?

Yeah, I couldn't

That's not me 'cause mine is like a testimony like preaching

You get caught up in the gospel of it and here you just some words don't come right it 'cause you in it you know what I mean you in it so you know it's like Michael J

And I'm pretty sure it wasn't written down

He got into the song and come on now came and

It worked with the song

Joe Rogan

Most of my favorite people perform like that like Joey Diaz, Joey Diaz will go on stage with some **** that happened 5 minutes before they open with

Yeah, and you'll be dying laughing and there's no preparation

It's just smooth and natural and just who he is

And you can't achieve that like that's not something that a guy who doesn't do that can do

It's like a rare ability to be able to just be smooth and loose like right away with a bit


Yeah, I mean it's is is to be because we already know that it's funny in our head

Now we just want to tell you just like you said man

Guess what I saw and you want to tell her?

I saw this funny thing and that's what it is

Yeah, you know what I mean

And if you try to tell the story again, it will

You'll tell the story again, but it will never be like you told it the first time

The second time, the third time the 4th time

It competes, you know, completely, just revolve and revolve to a bigger lie

Tembel funny

Joe Rogan

Now when you prep for this special, how many shows did you do?


I did two shows, two shows, two shows, no one per night, 11 per night

Joe Rogan

Same night

Like a Friday and a


Saturday, Friday and a Saturday

Joe Rogan

And which one was the better one?


Second one, I think anybody else said the second one first, when you say let me get it in the captive, the name, the number one objective for me was to make sure it captured who I was

You know, I mean that that and I made sure that was on the first one, then the second one

It was like it's another night at the club

I knew I had that one in the king

They like eating

I do the sex show

You don't want to

We got it in the 1st

Now let me do this one and I did it a

Whole different ways like

Joe Rogan

God dam so well

That is what it's about, right when you do a special like when someone has to do one special and you have one hour to do it like I always talk about Bill Hicks Especial relentless

Was this HBO Special where it's bill was amazing, but that's special


Yeah, I feel

Joe Rogan

You could tell his

Kind of tense, right?

It's just he's got one shot to do this, and one hour there's no like looseness that you would get from a regular show, right?

So if you can get a few shows in I, I do four

I do two on Friday, 2 on Saturday


When you take that, what you do OK?

Joe Rogan

Yeah, because I did two like the last time I did two was in 2014, a lady heckled me during

The first show and I was like Oh no

I was like if someone heckles me during the

Second show I'm ****** This is 1 bit

When she yelled something out but

So when I do four though, it's just like right away from the beginning

I'm like this is going to be just a regular show, so from the beginning it doesn't feel like a recording


Yeah, I mean for us I feel build on that because you really saying I need this

To do something, yeah, you know what I mean

Yes, I need this to do something, yeah?

Joe Rogan

So I needed to work for


You wanna you you you want sure

Your rate to go up and what I mean

Your quote to go up

You want to be considered in the room 'cause you know, I tell people all the time, only different between me and my peers is again, it's opportunity that they cash in on them

But you at least gotta get that opportunity

You need somebody to say

Well, what about quake?

You know, in the room, what about let's try him?

No problem


In those opportunities and that special for Bill will put him in that room

So they say, what about Bill?

Joe Rogan

Yeah, yeah


I seen this comedian had a special

He was funny

He would be great for this

Yeah, you know what I mean in that

Type of thing

Joe Rogan

Well, you're a performances of all they've all been amazing, but it's all word of mouth

It's like people had to find out about you because people went to see you and they said you got to see this dude

And then boom, boom boom and it it builds up

But it there has to be something that the mainstream can see people that don't know the

People that have

Seen you, and that's what this is like, something that can get out there so that anybody could watch it and go holy

**** yeah and


For somebody to draw them in, yeah, see, that's what's so important about Dave

You put Dave name on it, then everybody that loved Dave gonna come see it 'cause it because the Dave off of it and then they get to see to know you

Joe Rogan

Exactly, yeah

And he's doing that with Donnell


As well, yes, yeah, Darnells is next

Month it's gonna be really

Joe Rogan

Is it just the two of?


You no, I heard it's four who I think Tony Woods we tip and luenell that's what

Joe Rogan

Tony one yeah

Yeah, I asked Tony about it and he's like I don't know when I'm doing it

I'm like what do

You mean you?

Don't know when

Joe Rogan

He goes, I don't know

I'm like well you should ******* know


No, when you die when you're dealing with the

Master, you don't know

You don't know

We filmed this in July really yeah, and it's just dropping here in February

So you gotta work with, you know with with Dave on high because he's he's a perfectionist

He reminds me I work with Doctor Dre

On the beats the **** the speakers and we did divorce on it and I swear to God I was in that studio with Doctor Dre for about 8 hours

I like listen my ****** I am not a rapper

The **** I mean every word was beside let's try to say what again like I said how many ****** ******* times do you want me to say what you know?

But he is like that in in

Dave is like that

He is particularly with his work and how he want to be done, and you know that's where it is, so he'll get to it

And and when he get to it the way you want it done, you do it

And I can't argue with this process 'cause the results was great

Joe Rogan

Yeah, it's not an accident that he's

Considered the greatest living comedian?


Excuse it's work

Yes, it's work Minis, particularly with it and he's it

He has in it his timing

Only people know the timing when they drop it when it's right is right is him and his timing is impeccable

Joe Rogan

Yeah, no

He's he's also

He's constantly working, Dave constantly doing sets

He'll constantly drop in sets, places like oh on my Instagram feed. I'll just find him. He's in New York he's here, he's there he's in LA he just shows up places and does sets like he's constant and not even necessarily working like getting paid just working on his craft. He's constantly going in and ******* around and having fun and creating new ****


He's a comedian

Joe Rogan

He turns over an hour, so quick too

Like we were working together, doing arenas and he put out a special and then he's headlined it in arena with new material like he



Joe Rogan

The special was like a couple of weeks ago, right? And he's already like working out new **** and he's doing it in front of 18,000 people


It's wild, yeah, the confidence is

Unmatched yes, yeah

Betty, ride that quiet

Joe Rogan

Yeah, it's the confidence was also like the connection with his audience, like they know exactly who he is

They wanna see it, you know and he he knows what to give him

He knows how to beat Dave

Yeah, it's beautiful that he's producing specials too, I love

It very exciting


Yeah, I mean

I have never received so much press in my career of 30 years of career

I've never received so much press in this one time in the totality of my whole

Joe Rogan

Career what year did you start?


Not new

After getting out the military

Oh yeah, yeah I was in the Air Force for 9

Years oh wow



Yeah, and wanted to do 20 years but the war broke

Out so

And tell him I don't mind practicing for war

Y'all fighting for real

I gotta tell you the truth, I ain't

No real soldier

I just got here to get out

Of my mother's house

Joe Rogan

Did you plan on doing standup eventually?


No, what happened was I used to just sit there

Anything to get out of work

You know 'cause I was that I was that soldier?

Anything to get out so the USO had a tour

I go then talk a couple of times and that stuff

Anything to get out of the military

I mean get out of work and then come

I saw what's about to happen and I knew they was getting tired of me

'cause I was a terrible soldier

Another man

Came in as a E1 left as a E

One what's that?

Joe Rogan

So what city?


E1, that's the first stripe you

Get really

Nine years later, still just one strike

Yeah, yeah

Joe Rogan

Wow, well you have to do to


Gonna it

Get stripes, UM, some of them

Come with seniority and then they get to a level that you have to pass tests and know all the different aircraft

I think about this

I'm just over here trying to find out what my real purpose is

You the one got me when you said this is a great place to start

You ain't say

Nothing about finish, so let's let's just kick it

Until we break up, you know, like dating a woman like you ain't gonna be my wife till this real woman I wanna mess with come along I just kick it with you and that's with the military wasn't it was the best experience of my life because they opened up my mind

'cause I lived in DC in the segregated and I found out there was people out there like you

That had more in common with me

Didn't difference and it was the best thing ever it's about

Joe Rogan

Yeah, that's water

OK, so when it's kind of amazing, right?

Because if the war didn't break out, maybe you would have never

Done, stand up


Probably not, but I would have been out to military

They would have put me out

'cause no advancement, you just can't stay in as evil

But it's probably not

I never thought that this was my destiny or this it was the best decision that day and nothing better hasn't came along

So just when I posed

Be doing so

Joe Rogan

What inspired you do in open mic?


As usual, a woman

Watching Eddie Murphy do delirious

She was falling all on the road, I said

If you wanna **** him just say you wanna **** him but he ain't that ain't that funny and she throwing up and all that you know what I mean just stop it

Are you just jealous?

You can't do that

I said I can do that

I heard more funny **** than that

That's funny, but that is the funniest thing I ever heard

Definitely had to get this reaction and you doing so

She's like come on I went to the comedy club and

I said OK, I can do this and then the dude gave me $500

I'm like OK and then the money just kept coming

It ain't nothing came to

Take its place. You got 500 bucks

For the first set, first set dude gave me


Joe Rogan

What kind of dude?


Is that hey a good dude. He was like look I want you to come on back let me give you $500 I said 500 I said you sure so I thought you know

Must be a drug

Dealer or something? Trying to set me up right, he said no. I'm getting $500. Come on back the weekend and I did the whole weekend and

Was the $500 for the

Whole weekend and So what?

Joe Rogan

Was the club


Uh, coconuts down at the Holiday Inn in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Joe Rogan

I've heard of


The bar at a hotel

Just how they do it

They'll go to food and beverage person and say, listen

We'll put some comedians in here and give you a guest something to do

And we'll keep the door

Give us a little bit off the bar and the food masters of course

And they are book us

Give us like $50 a show $100 a show and do five shows

Joe Rogan

Do you remember your material?


My first joke was something about Michael Jackson, yeah, and that was it

That's all I remember

Joe Rogan

Did you write anything out before you went up there?


Did you know what I?

I tried writing but my hand my Pitman ship is so bad when coming out of public school

It's a damn shame when you can't even read your

My own **** So in my spelling is terrible so that it was

It's like OK, it's Michael Jackson

What did I think about Michael Jackson?

I took it

Joe Rogan

From there, so did, did you rehearse it in

Your head like how did you do it?


I rehearsed it in the mirror like most comedians, and you know, toothbrushes are hollering and the toothpaste is standing up and everything

But it didn't translate on the stage that time

'cause when I first started doing I just looked up up

Unfortunately, looking up at the sky up at the roof of the plays like a woman ain't making love for money

You know, I'm saying I ain't enjoying it at all, so I am so I got down for my first one

Joe Rogan

Uhm, did you feel uncomfortable like trying?

To insecure


The insecurity that's why my name is earthquake

You know, people keep asking why you ain't earthquake

I said the reason I named my name earthquake

'cause if this don't work out

I ain't gonna mess up my good name

So somebody come in and say hey, what's up earthquake?

Hey, my name Nathaniel?

I don't know earthquake

It was earthquake

It was 30

No, that was my brother or somebody, but my name is Nathaniel

I don't even know

Know Earthquake that's hilarious

Joe Rogan

I thought it was just from the reaction you got from the


Yeah, it's

Crowd no, it was a insecurity that if this don't workout

I did not **** ** my goodness

Joe Rogan

That's hilarious 'cause

I thought it was the total opposite

I thought it

Was a cocky move no

Like you're about to cause an earthquake, no


It was like no

This this don't work out baby

You know what I mean?

I wouldn't be scared

I wouldn't skulle my good name

Joe Rogan

It's funny because it's a perfect name

For you, I don't


Think it really is like it's

Joe Rogan

Like it's in the insecurity of

Want to protect your name?

You literally came up with the best nickname

Ever for you?


Yes, yeah, and that's how I came

I used to tell the joke

People like how you came in the earthquake

This is happening when your mother take every precautions and not to have a child and you still get pregnant

Having and there's nothing else you can name that child but a natural disaster

That's what I wrote as a joke, but the truth honestly about it was the insecurity that if this don't work, I don't want to mess up

My name?

Joe Rogan

Were you living in Florida at?


The time I lived in Florida when I got out I went to Atlanta and I'm from when going to Atlanta

That's when I started seeing what the comedy clubs was like

That's when we start opening up our club two years later

Joe Rogan

So that is so you do an open mic

Two years later you have your own club and you're going on

Every day


Wow, so every you gotta understand I'm I'm Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Three shows on Fridays and Saturdays

One on Tuesday one on Wednesday one on Thursday 2 on Sunday, every day for about four straight years

And it's just

Joe Rogan

And you're doing like an hour every night


And I'm sure every shop

Joe Rogan

Every hour show


Off the top

Joe Rogan

Have you ever read the book Outliers?

No, it's a great book, is that, uh, Malcolm, who is that?

Well, it's a great book and one of the things it's about is they they detail people who are extremely successful and he talks about the amount of time that's required to get really good at something and how many people that look like overnight

Success is the amount of time they put in was extraordinary, and one of the

Things he talks about is The Beatles

The Beatles

They did all these shows in Germany where they were doing like what you were doing where they were doing every ******* night they were doing shows and they had put in hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours doing these shows

And so when they first you know air quote made it on the scene they had put in so much time performing so much different than most bands

Because they had done so many shows nightly over and over and over again, yeah, there's no

Substitute for that


Not at all

And and it's the foundation of who I am

So when I have to sit here, I goes in

I go in with the confident knowing

All I gotta do is make sure my environment is pure for me to be able to write the way I do keep my mind straight and I can come up with Al

I didn't come up

Joe Rogan

With that album, and when you were doing this like two years in is a very unusual that's that's not a lot of time for someone to be forget about headlining at all

But headlining every ******* night and basically doing being the whole show every night


Yeah, we was

We would get some comedians that come on it, but we didn't get any of the main comedians because comedy act wasn't happening

Joe Rogan

That's such a cocky move to open up your own club two years in, that's amazing


But they were so vulnerable they was in the bad bad part of town

They didn't serve food and then they the cotton spend more on

And I mean the one that really would bring him down

They were so arrogant with it that they had booked a comic

Two comics for the whole month, same comic every week

Every week

Joe Rogan

Oh, that's crazy


Yes, I remember it was Joe Torre

Joe Torre and Ted Carpenter, and they did the whole month, so when I grow my investors there to get the club, I said look these same 2 going to be here

It's 400 people in here. They got two waitresses plus they ain't got no food. Plus they're in the bad part of town. So what we're going to do, we're going to put it. We're going to put the club

In Buckhead, black people don't go there that much right there because they don't go there

We're gonna call it Uptown

And we're gonna we're gonna serve food we're gonna have valet service we're gonna be in a better part of the town and that's how it got it

So once you any, if you're gonna go up against anybody that you first got to recognize their weakness and wig, you can draw from what they got

And that's why I pivoted all my commercials to him that way

Are you tired of going down to a place you park your car?

And you might don't know who gonna be there and begging you for money

No, come get your jokes up at Uptown Comedy Corner

You know what I'm saying?

Well, you don't see the same comedian over and over again and we have food

And we had prompt service and everything else come to Uptown

So I just

And as you sit there, you give him a comparison

By the time people like, yeah, we like it and that's how

I got him

Joe Rogan

That's amazing though, that you did that two years in like go from your career in the military where you kind of halfass it

You're not fully into it and then all of a sudden you find this new thing and you're all in



Joe Rogan

Yeah, you're all in

You're you're opening up your own club 24 months in? That's crazy


But what you know it was out of necessity

'cause I got tired of driving night all the way to Lakeland, FL to get $50 a show and then the biggest one you'll tell a woman. You were comedian

And she's like

I ain't never seen any other comedy act

You know we segregation, we we segregated in the black community?

If you ain't here then you ain't doing it

You know what I mean?

So it ain't done

Just it wasn't as expanded as it is now that they can even imagine this other club

This was the club of all club, the only club

If you didn't work there, you ain't no black comedian

Joe Rogan

So, so you had this in your head that you

Wanted to do this

And how did you make that happen?

Like who did you get to invest in it, like how?

Did how did you start a club?


Well, it was this dude named Gary Abdul

He was booked

He was a comedian too and but he booked things and like he used to do little little small places like Denny's for example and put a plywood box up there

Little small place

Sit there and he'll throw a show and he'll book me

To pay me $150 me Ricky smiling, dressed up and we sit down and say what you need to do is we need to open up a black club so I showed it to him and I said this is how we can get him what I previously said say good idea so we all went out and tried to get

Investors, I went to all Deion Sanders Dominique in Atlanta

Hey man

Sure just call this person called this person

************* ain't never do nothing

One one of the person was real

One of the person represented was very honest

We said listen man quick

I get five of these calls a day

He ain't gonna do **** I'm just

Yeah, got that maningo wasted time

You know what I mean?

So lucky Gary found the number one plastic surgery in Atlanta and he invests

But he told us McGee all $10,000. If y'all can flip this and show it can work on a smaller stage, then I get the club

So we went to Birmingham a couple places and turned 10 into about 50 to 60,000 and then when we get that from that point on he said you could do it and he gave us the half a


To get the club, wow yeah

Doctor Tom wow

Rest in peace

My brother

Wow yeah

White dude was great

He he's giving put all that it ease into women in Atlanta GA

He was the tittays specialist

You know what?

I mean, so have you seen any big tittes in the 90s and the early 2000? It was doctor

Joe Rogan

Dow and how did you know him?


I didn't my partner Gary at the time knew him any program and and we got together

So I found somebody could do it, but he's just a stipulation for us to do it, and then when I met him and I, I was cool

It was beautiful

Joe Rogan

Do you remember the opening night?


Yes, we had 15 people

Yeah wow, yeah it was 15 people

How many seats does it place?


We were so surprised it hold 250

Yeah yeah 250 people. Some of the people matter of fact my video person who handles my media for me star she was. That's how we met. I hired her as my waitress

And we've been friends ever since

Wow and I gave her a job to handle all my my social media

Joe Rogan

Wow, so you go from there 15 people and was it you the first guy?


On stage, yeah I had a couple of comedians too

Help me out, but I was the the main man until we was able 'cause he once that club closed then all the comedians

Man, I'm sorry man

I'm gonna get down 'cause now you're the only comedy club

In the city

Right, you know what I mean?

But Tilly and it was a battle and it was

It's a blessing in disguise 'cause it made me the beast that I am today

Joe Rogan

When did it start to catch on?


After Steve left

Once Steve and Steve, he taught me so much

You know, 'cause when he came and said I'm gonna do your club 'cause I couldn't get no headliners, nobody that could draw

And I was like Steve, would you do it?

He was hosting Showtime, replacing I'd do it for you and he came in on a Wednesday

And it was only about

30 people in there

And it's like, oh, and he came in and looked, he said, give him all that money back and come pick me up tomorrow at 5:00 o'clock when we do meet you

I said, what do you mean?

It's 30 people

Steve Harvey don't do no show for 30 people

OK then

And then I I picked him up and he took me to the radio

That's when I learned how powerful media is

And he stopped by and said, let's stop by Dunkin' Donuts 'cause we gotta get some Donuts and some some orange juice

'cause you gotta smooth these jocks egos 'cause they feel you're going to try to take their ******* job and everything you gotta be in good on them

And he come, we got in there at 5:30

Stayed on from 6 to 9

I'll tell you, Joe

When we got back

When we got back he had sold out two on Thursday, 4:00 on Friday, 4:00 on Saturday and two on Sunday

Back in 93 I wrote him a check for $45,000. I didn't even know that kind of money exists in comedy I was saying, Oh yeah, I ain't never going nowhere

I ain't never going nowhere and when I saw him pick up that kind of money and seeing what kind of money can be generated as a comedian

I'll say it this way, I need to be and once all of those people came and seemed, all the things that club had to offer and we did was that and we had valet service and all the things that it could do

It was no turning back after that and they saw me

So that was great

Wow, that would change the whole game

Joe Rogan

That's a great story


Yeah, that changed the whole game, but he said Steve Harvey don't?

That's why I tell people

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is always been Steve Harvey all with the ultimate confidence he was like do no show for no 50 people

I said well for this pack

This is


**** you ping you back 50 people in here

Joe Rogan

I read an interview with him recently where he said he doesn't want to do stand up right now because his television career is too good and he's worried about cancel culture


Steve is if they really pull Steve to the side and allow him to speak his mind

You think they was after you?

If they ever allow Steve Harvey to talk, is my well put it this way?

If Steve Harvey ever talked his mind the way he really feels about everything

Beautiful man to watch

I learned so much just watching this craft

Just watching how?

You put it together that rawra even yeah

Joe Rogan

Well, I was reading this interview and it seems like he wants to

It seems like he's gonna wait until

He has a certain amount of money

And then go back into comedy

That's what it seemed like to me 'cause he was saying, like they'll they'll come a time

But like right now

I mean he's got family feud

He's always got 5

Different shows on simultaneously. Every time I turn around the show TV's got

Some new show


I told him give up one of these ********** right?

*** ****

Joe Rogan

Man, I don't know how he does it


He's a workaholic

Joe Rogan

Oh yeah, I just don't understand where he has the time

I mean, he doesn't need to like Miss Universe and how the **** does he have the time for all that?


He doesn't sleep and he's a money making machine

Yeah, he got enough money

He just don't got enough he wants

But he's straight

Joe Rogan

I'm sure I'm sure


He he's trying to get more

Joe Rogan

Well, The thing is like when you hit that level where you can make that kind of money, you don't really want to

Let it stop

You want to let it accumulate as much as you can, but I think like once you're a comic, you're always going to want to do comedy

You're always going to want to get that

The rush of standup

It might not pay as much as the other things, but there's nothing greater in terms of like the way it feels when you're on stage and you're just murdering and everyone is dying, then that's a that is a groove that very few human beings ever get to slide into


Who don't want to be the funniest man in the room right?

I tell people all the time we got the greatest job in the world 'cause no matter what you do, said about a good time with your friends

It includes us laughter

They said when you sit there and say, hey man, I was with my boy and we was having

A good time

We was laughing all night bingo

We had the laughing all night

Dudes, you understand we are that we walk with that

We are the good time dudes

You understand, we give good times everywhere

It is

You want your woman

A lot of women describe how much she loved man

I was with him and I swear like we knew each other for the longest and we laughed and kicked and everything always got to put

Laugh in it, yeah

Laugh is included isn't necessary to have it, so I love it man

I mean when you on when it is and you know it's hitting

And you see it, it's beautiful

Joe Rogan

It is beautiful and it's it's a beautiful thing to watch. Still, you know, I've been doing comedy 33 years

I still love watching it

I still love it and I was worried in the beginning that I wouldn't

I was worried in the beginning that I would get jaded or I would be jealous

I'd watch someone kill

I'm like God

I didn't, I think

Of that, 'cause that's how it was when I was 21 of 21 and dumb. I'd see someone kill

And I'd be like, oh, why is he doing so good?

And then I realized that and I was like, oh, that's so weak

I'm like that's a weakness, like you can't think like that

And then I snapped out of it

And then I just started being a fan


Again, see, that's a good thing about me

I can't watch other comedians 'cause I don't physically right so I have to keep my thought patterns here

So I don't want to watch him and then I see it and then subconsciously I think I came up with it, right?

So the best way to keep myself pure, I don't watch other comics

At all


No, I I don't watch any count

Joe Rogan

Even Dave


At all, I don't I I see a part of what they do with their style is

But when they get into their bits and stuff like that, I I tap out

Minds after

I don't even

I've done

Joe Rogan

Did you watch this special at?


All just this Wednesday when we had the premiere

Joe Rogan

Really, yeah you didn't

You weren't involved in any of the

Editing no in


Little Dave and my manager, Jermaine, did it

Wow, 'cause I know if I watch it damn I should have said that I should have said that see that's the gift in the curse with it you're like damn

That's it


I forgot to say that part of it damn I put to put that on it so I have yet to perfect

That's at that I like, alright, everything that's supposed that came out in that came out

Joe Rogan

It's never

It's never gonna especially you know you know what you can do and you know, let that like Wednesday was different than Tuesday and it's like

Sometimes one bits better one day and another bits better another day

It's never gonna be exact


Yeah, but see that's the blessing of it

You can keep striving for when you see them saying so you could never get jaded

And you can never get burnt

Yeah, 'cause if you already set that standard for yourself, trying to strive for perfection, but you probably never do make it

But goddamnit, the journey is weird

That, and that's what it is

Oh, so I don't even watch it on it, it's gone

Let me see what

Joe Rogan

It do, yeah, the striving for perfection is where it's at

It is the journey 'cause this don't

The destination is not


Real, not real

Yeah, and if and a lot of us comedians swear to God get jaded by that

How so?

Joe Rogan



Because they already know that there is no perfection so ******* why even try?

But you understand, you see him all the time

You have comedians that's been doing this

As long as my I haven't just gave in giving up

Hell, Hollywood hell would not having the show had they never gonna give it to me

I say I tell him all the time, it's I won't know it 'cause I'll be dead before I stop trying for it

Just it would never

I would never know that I will not have all the

Professional accolades my peers

I have

Yeah, 'cause I'll be dead 'cause I will always strive to get it

Joe Rogan

The thing about the Hollywood part is that you you're getting a bunch of people that aren't even comedians to try to give you something true and that

True, I'm glad I escaped that, true


Well, no I can't

I wish I could

Joe Rogan

You can, I think you can


You know what I mean?

Joe Rogan

I think you can with this special

I really do

It's that good, but you're that good too

It's it's not like it's just the special it's

There's a few guys like you, Dave Chappelle or Dave Attell

Rather tonewoods, there's a few guys that like they don't get the credit that they deserve, but the performance is there

Which is the hardest part

Like if you are a famous person but you're not good at stand up and then people come to see you

That's not so good

No, that's the opposite of what you want

You're better off being in your position because you've got the product

You've got the, you've got everything, it's just it just needs a vehicle to present it to people and now you have


That let me ask you this, when you see this

Self proclaimed great comic that the industry then put up on there and then you actually go see his act in this

No, I mean it's elementary at best, but just being that, how do you react to it?

Do you tell him or you just say good set, do you?

You know 'cause a lot of volume is outstanding like man stop lying to that man

You know that wasn't outstanding

Say you happy for his success, yeah, but he's not a great comic

Joe Rogan

There's a few guys that get stuck on shows and when you get stuck on a show or get stuck on and you get famous for a show and then you know your your comedy suffers 'cause you don't have the time but your profile gets elevated



Joe Rogan

And then you start believing the hype and everybody loves you

Anyway, that's one of the things that, like Steve Martin said when he got really famous

He stopped doing stand up because he wasn't getting an honest reaction

They were just so so happy to see him

Steve Martin this



Joe Rogan

Huge star that they were laughing at everything and you see that sometimes with people they're just happy to see you

And so you don't get this honest reaction, so you you the difference between and

That's what I was jealous about when I was doing fear factor like there was these guys that were just they they didn't have a TV show like I did but they were so good they were so polished and it made me realize like after I was done with fear factor no more that I'm done no more

Now I'm just going to be like fully dedicated to stand up


In podcasts, so when you decided to do that, how much more did you hit the stage after that constantly?

Joe Rogan

Constantly much more, much more and much more touring

That's the big one

The big one is the road, you know, Charlie Murphy me and John Heffron did a tour for Bud Light

His real men of comedy tour and we were is the first time I ever did a tour where we did 22 shows in a month. That was like

2007 and we did. 22 show we were we. We would wake up in a hotel room. I don't know

Where the **** I am?

Right there at the ceiling, Ohio

I don't know where I am, I forgot I'd have to look at my phone and we did these shows where we were headlining

Just we would go back and forth like he would headline one

I would headline the other and by the end of the month my **** was so tight right it was just cracking

And I remember I was talking to my friend Brian and he was like, have you ever done this before?

We've done like 22 hour long shows in in a in a month and I said no and he goes man he goes

Your show is so tight everything is so smooth and I go

This is what I got to do

I got to do this all the time

I got to do this all the time

It reinforced 'cause it was right after fear factor it ended

And that's when I started doing that and it made me realize that is it's

There's no substitute for the attention that you give something that the the focus that you give something when you're just fully, completely dedicated to

It yeah, and


This, if any profession shows who's dedicating who's not

You cannot cheat this right here. The Michael you can have all the accolades and he's on this and he's on that. You'll get that first 5-7 minutes

Joe Rogan

Not even yeah

Well, you got a minute, yeah?


Then they, they like come on

Joe Rogan

Now we used to see that at the Comedy Store, a guy would go up and

He was on a sitcom or something

Like that or be like, oh I

Can't believe he's here



Joe Rogan

Oh my goodness and

You see 30 seconds

In, they'd be like when is this going to?

Get funny

And then a minute in, they're like what the ****



Joe Rogan

And there's too many funny people on the

Lineup he's got

12 people on that night and you know you better be funny man



Joe Rogan

Too much


And that's the great part about comedy

'cause if you better be prepared, I tell comedians all the time

It's not how many followers you got

It's how many comedians you can follow, so you must be able to be able 'cause at some point you're going to be on the same stage where they're able to compare

Now you can go and put that little weak comic in front of you when you had your own show

And then everybody loves you, but eventually

You're gonna come in the pit and when you come in the pit you ain't gonna be the pick your opposition and you're gonna put in the lineup

And based upon your accolades and your profile and your show, he's gonna bump you up to laugh

So we have and you're gonna have to be able to go behind all

Of it, yeah

So that's when you know you are the truth

Specially when you don't have no accolades other than your name

I remember when Cat was the hottest out when American Airlines theater here just flew in to do the Alonzo mourning thing

Steve Harvey was hosting

And I don't know what Cat said, but

You can hear those **** The laughter coming underneath the door and everything

You know, in all the groupie girls is over there and they were like come on man, we can go ahead and go now

'cause katdare golfer we need to go ahead and Steve is like show over here

Nacho Mama see this moving around here

This my **** is gonna show y'all what it is come on champ

I'm like alright man, but did you?

Hear with this smile

I mean this is 1 cat, first blue

And and everybody

Now good evening sirs, ladies and gentlemen, Aw man this

Joe Rogan

Muscle, I mean, he was so good


Oh, ladies and gentlemen, and pets and everything, and 18,000

In the package with the ****

But as usual, you know, just grab that wave, yeah, wherever he took it from that point on

I don't write long jokes and long setups and got right into it and once you get there and you hit him there

Joe Rogan

You like ride that ******* way

The key that I noticed when I when I first started I would get nervous going on after someone who was really good and then eventually realized no you should be laughing at them

Should be having fun

You go up there and joining it and ride the wave

Ride the wave but you worry like what if they don't like me as much as they?

Like him, and if you're going to, I went on after Martin Lawrence in the 90s like almost every time I was at the 'cause Mitzi Shore, one of the the great things about Mitzi Shore was she knew how to test you

She knew how

To put you in a bad spot and every time I was on the lineup, if Martin Lawrence was on the lineup

I was going on right now

I was going on right after Martin so Martin would go the whole main room would be sold out

He would murder

This was the leather jumpsuit days

You know what I mean?


Joe Rogan

Like Martin would murder like in right?

Wait, I I wanted to quit comedy

I would I

Would go on after him and most of the crowd would leave like 3/4 of the crowd. Would just leave the moment Martin was off stage and then they would bring me up

He would bring me up because you know the the comedy store tag teams



Joe Rogan

He would just say my name

This guy is a real funny guy

Give it up for Joe Rogan and I'm like thanks and I just go up and eat ****



Joe Rogan

But I learned

How to survive and you learn how to grab people

You learn how to ride the wave and

You learn how to

Grab them because



Joe Rogan

You're going on after a guy who's selling out arenas and he's a movie star and he's got his own television show and

He's just way better than you

There's no if ands or butts about it

You know it

The audience knows it

You gotta figure out a way to elevate you

Gotta rise up and there's no there's no other way



Joe Rogan

You either rise up or you quit, or you go home


Or you take that, as with it you

Joe Rogan

Take that as

You gotta take it

Got it

Joe Rogan

Everybody has to take it


I mean, I see my dad taking the knives woman I'd be wanting

To stop the

Fight just just just

Just let him off

Let's just let him off, hit the light with the light up and let

Him get off

Well, that's why

Joe Rogan

Everybody wants to bring those weak comics on the road with them

That's the that's the worst move


Ever, Castiel no but you what you're doing is you're giving yourself a self

Joe Rogan

'cause you're torturing the audience too


To be quite honest with self comfort, I mean comfort that

It's going to come back and bite

You in the

*** yes, you know what I mean?

I like to take the funniest young dude that's out there and take him on the road with me

So now I know where the standard is and steal shopping steals

So do you do you?

I mean, I give him 30 minutes

Do you?

And then I come behind it and do me

And as long as doing you and you, the top one and I still

Kill all over and they still love me more than that keeps me hot man that keeps you sharp you don't wanna sit here

These punching bags they put in front of him and you can see it

You'll see it

But a lot of comedies like I mean I got friends

I like man, I'm not coming into work and fight every weekend

Yeah, this time don't wait for my wife

I can go if you have

A good time I'm not sitting back in the green room over here sweating because this young we're going to turn the roof off

Now I'm auditioning for my own show and that's what they feel

Joe Rogan

You gotta sweat it

I sweat, I sweat it still today and local shows

I put local shows I had Ron White, Tim Dillon, Tony Hinchcliffe, Derek Poston

I mean, David Lucas

I we have these giant monster lineups like I'm still backstage


They have

Joe Rogan

Getting ready like feeling it here

It'll open the door, close the door whoo this is a show you have to be on that edge

If you're not on that edge, you're just not gonna be what you you're capable of

You're never going to achieve what?

You're capable of


No, you'll never reach a potential and you'll never stay sharp

Joe Rogan

And if you were doing shows with Katt Williams

And if you were doing

During the pimp chronicles

Today's my God he was good my God


Ah, Joe

I mean, I'm telling you

The green Room was way down this month

I could bring it and it came underneath

It reminded me of the 10 Commandments

Remember when that fog went underneath, yeah

Put the blood up the left

For the first

Burrowing, don't forget killed and everything his laughter came under like that to the point you in the mixing centers talking to

Again, baby I

Look what the

Excuse me baby

You go out here and see people

Saying, what did they say?

Joe Rogan

Yeah, well he had a look too

You know it was

He was funny just looking at


Him yes, and he's he's a very intelligent brother

The Jim Crow

Joe Rogan

Very intelligent, but I learned something from him talking about his preparation from shows for shows how he has a playlist that he listens to just before he goes on stage


Fair reasons problem

Joe Rogan

Doesn't eat before he goes on stage

He goes

I always want to be hungry

He goes

I never want to be full

You never want to be full when you're


Performing no, I can't eat

Joe Rogan

Before I go, I don't eat

I don't eat before I go onstage because of him because I saw that interview and I was like of course, why didn't I think of that?

Because there's times where I've eaten 'cause I'm always hungry, man


I'm always I'm a glutton, so it's like

I have to force myself to be disciplined


Yeah, but you look good though man, I'm gonna lose about £20 man

How you gonna?

Do it


I'm just be disciplined

I mean, I did it before but after

A while I said **** it

Joe Rogan

You know I lose weight why I eat only meat

Really yeah, only meat

Yeah, I'm on the it's called a carnivore diet yeah I eat meat and fruit that's it

Yeah no bread, no pasta, no sugar, no ******** I just eat steak and fruit

That's it, that's it

And I take a lot of vitamins

I'm going to workout a

Lot OK, that helps do that helps too


There you go

I know that workout had to come somewhere then

Joe Rogan

Yeah, Oh yeah, that's how


Oh yeah

Joe Rogan

I keep saying I I need to workout, that's me

I I I don't have like a I don't have like I can just hang out brain my brain needs activities

My brain needs a it needs tasks and if I don't give it tasks it turns on me

Yeah yeah, my brain is like what are you doing ***** What are you doing, ***** I'm like I got **** to do yeah my brain will turn on me yeah I have to like get out ahead of it

Yeah, my brain is like a like a wolf chasing me like I gotta get out ahead of the wolf


Hey yeah my brain lazy

Stay right here

Get this pushy down here

You know you didn't already exceeded Joey expectations

You one listen, you know, I mean, really

Joe Rogan

Well, we all have

Different heads, you know you have to think what, what, what's the best way to balance out your head?

And that's I figured out a long time ago when I exercise a lot, I can relax and if I if I don't, if I don't squeeze all the extra energy out of my body, I can't relax

Yeah, not only can I not relax, but I turn on myself


Damn yeah, I am relaxed when I don't do a damn thing

Let me explain something to you

Joe Rogan

Let me


I mean I, I could sit on the couch for a listen I could sit on the couch for four days if I could get away with it, really

Oh yeah, I don't need a damn thing

I'm that dude, give me a remote I'll sit on that moment

Almost look at that listen

I only go to work 'cause I have to listen

When I get some money, once you know when I got some money 'cause you won't see me

I'm being honest with you, that's why I now understand

Seeing all these people would say they got all this money

I like the why you working

You know what I mean?

I swear I I can't I

Don't, I don't, I don't, I don't

I don't get it, I just don't get it working

The only reason I see people supposed to work because you supposed to go

Get the money

Right, even if it's a pleasurable job which we have

But let me get the money

My black ain't ain't going nowhere not

Joe Rogan

I'm the opposite

The more money I get, the more I think I don't want

To get lazy

Just because I have all this money, so I work harder


See, I don't want that

I mean keep that philosophy

I wanna get the money so I don't have to be able not to do a damn thing

Joe Rogan

Damn thing I get it

I get that I get depressed


Not a damn thing

Joe Rogan

I can't just watch TV

If I watch TV, I have to have accomplished a lot of **** before I can just sit down and just relax


That's why I mean, that's my everything watching TV

That's why, right below a woman, you understand what I'm saying

Hey, I can't

I mean I could just sit there and watch TV

And don't worry about nothing

That's why I have a perfect mentality for stardom

'cause I don't have to go nowhere

I don't have to be at the after party, right when I say good night, it's good night

When I walk off the stage, I'm gone

Yeah, I am

I go straight to the hotel, chill and be prepared for the next place I go

I don't do none of the rest of the stuff

Now remember

Joe Rogan

Wow, Dave likes to go out


Oh Dave, hard, he's an

Animal he

Joe Rogan

Goes out


He's an animal

Joe Rogan

I learned about vitamin Ivs from Dave

Yeah, 'cause when we first started doing shows together like

He'd be drinking

All night and then next thing in the morning

He's like, hey?

Hey Joe

Joe Rogan

Joe, we're gonna do these Ivs and I go

What are you doing?

He's like vitamins like, that's how he does it glutathione

Which helps your body process alcohol

High dose Ivy, vitamin CDE, zinc and I was like really so. I first started doing vitamin Ivs when I worked with Dave and I was like oh so just rejuvenates the body. Yeah, so we would be in a



Joe Rogan

There's like eight of us in there, all hooked up to a tree like this Ivy tree, and these tubes coming off these bags hanging from this metal stack where they've got all our Ivy bags

We're all just sitting around talking **** getting the Ivy drip


Damn, I heard about him

Yeah, I couldn't afford

Joe Rogan

It's not that much money


No no no no

Heard about him

Joe Rogan

You should do it

Time you do shows with Dave ever


Only with a couple times, uh stepped in the Houston

It's about four or five

I did it

Joe Rogan

Did you do Yellow Springs at all?

When he had


No, no did you go?

Joe Rogan

No, I didn't go no


I went up there when we had to do the taping for the the Get together when we gonna release it and he did all the editing on it

Little tail I could never

Live there, no?

Joe Rogan

But no

Oh, come


No, I'm not a Mayberry type guy

Joe Rogan

Is it really maybe?


Yeah, I mean names and ****

Yeah, it's a small town

You know everybody know each other, but it's great for Dave

You know what I mean?

Dave can go do what you want to do in the world and come back there

You could tell who don't belong there, they'll stick out like a thumb

You know what I mean?

You can tell you can't just

Say you would

Just in their area

You know what I mean?

You came here

Looking for him you?

Came you know what I mean?

Joe Rogan

Does he get a?

Lot of that though


No, I don't think so

The town loves him in this small town, you know, is really Mayberry type ****

Joe Rogan

Well, he's got a comedy club

He's opening up


There yeah, and there's Firehouse

We bought up


Yeah, and he's going to turn it into a

Comedy Club going to

Joe Rogan

And he's gonna call it the Firehouse though, is he?

Yeah, well, that's what he said last time I

Talked to him about it


I'll tell him

I'd do it

**** yeah yeah, come on, do it

Joe Rogan

It's going to be 120 seater


He also said 64 million

Something like that

Joe Rogan

That's how much it


Cost, he said

Altogether there the development when he was cussing out the other people when he was in the when he went to the county meeting or

City Council meeting with the other buildings was coming. He was telling, do you want to lose this 64 million to bring that 25 million?

Joe Rogan

Is that what he said or the count?


Something like that, is this it?

Joe Rogan

Yeah, that's the oh **** is that the design of it or the actual image?

I mean it is not built yet, but that's

Joe Rogan

Yes, the design, so that's a CAD

That's a oh wow, what a great

Look at the image of him and knee on the side

That's amazing

And that used to be a fire department


He has that whole thing in the shack, even in OK Shack

He has that whole replica right up there, yeah?

Wow, yeah

Joe Rogan

When is he supposed to have this?


Open I don't know but it's nice wow

Joe Rogan

That looks great, it's perfect

That's a perfect thing. It's a perfect size to to **** around too. And if you're in a small town you could get 100

And 20 people

Well, people are gonna go there for a day


I think it's a little bigger than that, but you only like

40 minutes 30 minutes from Dayton, OH

Joe Rogan



So you're not far right from civilization and plus

Joe Rogan

It's Dave, they're going


And then this day, yes, yes Moses talking

To host Dave

Joe Rogan

Build it, they will come, yeah, yeah


Come on, yeah yeah, they're gonna come see him

Joe Rogan

Wouldn't it?

This is when this episode is over

I'll tell you about my club

'cause I I

Bought a place in


Town did you, yeah?

Joe Rogan

Go ahead

Yeah, I'll tell you the whole deal

I can't talk too much about it on the air



Joe Rogan

But it's got 2 rooms, one is 250 seats and one is going to be about 120 seats



Joe Rogan

Yeah yeah, I'll give you the


Whole detail, oh man, I'm gonna come down no please make shape makes you book me that here percent oh come on down here

Joe Rogan

Excited 100%

100% a 100%. I'm just not going on after you


Stop it

This is

Joe Rogan

I'm gonna put on someone after you that talks too much ****


That's a lot

Joe Rogan

Of people, there's a lot of people

Man, it's


It talks a lot of ****

Of people

Of it

Joe Rogan

But those kind of clubs like the Comedy Store or like what I'm going to plan on doing here where you have a lot of people go on at night, I think there's there's a camaraderie to that

There's a thing to that that you don't get when you're just doing the road by yourself


Right, and then there's a mixture you know

I mean, one thing I do love about the comedy store

They have a lot list of comedians and people come in and they come out

Then having a set show

MC feature

Yeah, you know what I mean?

Yeah, just let it rotate

You know you pop in

Joe Rogan

I like the I like the tag teaming too

Each comic brings up the next comic


Yeah yeah, thank you

Joe Rogan

I like that too

Yeah, it's it's beautiful

It's a beautiful way to do it

Mitzi Shore was a ******* genius

She really was

She was a genius


I liked her she she gave me confidence 'cause I went to audition

You know you could do that

Yeah, yeah can go earthquake earthquake yeah

But she gave it to me 'cause I showed one gonna be known nonpaying regular

You know what I mean walking, you know, watching the door to get on stage

Yeah, just

Couldn't take that process

Joe Rogan

I was a non paid regular

I was a non paid regular for like six months


Yeah yeah yeah I had kids

Yeah, when you got a woman on your back, everything got to be paid

Ain't such thing the non paid anything you're doing you better bring some money home you know?

Joe Rogan

I came to LA in 94. I'd only been doing stand up for like 6 years and I auditioned for Mitzi

She goes wow

You can go on after the show

You can be a non paid regular

And I was

There every night

Every I didn't have any friends

I didn't know anybody

I was on this terrible TV show so I was out there

All I cared about was the comedy store

That's all I was out there 'cause that

Was Mecca when I

Was when I started out in

Boston in 1988

Everybody would talk about the comedy store

That's a comedy store comedy store in Hollywood

That's a Richard Pryor would perform

Sam Kinison would perform dice


Clay would perform

They're like, whoa

It was like this place that like

A mythical place

I remember the 1st

Time I went there there was like a boat

Act on stage

Like I was like a cruise, it was terrible

Like that was awful

The crowd was half full like this

Is the comedy store

What the **** happened?


Killed your dreams

Joe Rogan

Well, it just was a dose of reality because the comedy store goes in these waves and like like in the you know the the 80s

It was prior and he was this massive star and people with all the celebrities that would come to the comedy store to see him



Joe Rogan

And of course there was always

Robin Williams was there, and David Letterman was there was all these other comedians who were there too, but it was propelled by the gravity of Richard Pryor, right?

And then in the 80s

Later in the 80s it was Kennison

I came in when all that was gone and there was no big comic there

It was no, there was no like one guy, so there's always for whatever reason been a few big name guys and I got in in 90



Joe Rogan

There was this lull

Oh so I got to see like these guys that hung around too long and they had the same act for 30 years and they

Were half assing

They were bitter

Right hated young guys like me

They guy

Yeah, come angry


That's what I said, angry, yeah

You're from Boston, yeah, OK?

Joe Rogan

Well, I was born in New Jersey, but I grew up in Boston



Joe Rogan

Yeah, that's where I started doing

Stand up OK, yeah


And you came out there in 94

Joe Rogan

I came out to LA 94 because I I gotta, I came out with a sitcom. I was already on a sitcom called Hardball



Joe Rogan

Was a baseball sitcom on Fox

Nobody watched it


But see you

See this what I'm saying came out with a show

Basware man, some of y'all

Joe Rogan

I know


He just he just got damn

Joe Rogan

I gotta golden horseshoe


I mean come on brother, then fear factor

Joe Rogan

Another show after that called Newsradio

One of the

Joe Rogan

So I'm gonna sit com for five years


Say, God, that another one

Joe Rogan

Yeah, so that I did that sitcom for five years

And then I did fear factor for six years

So it was like Bang Bang bang


How did you get fear factor?

Joe Rogan

Man, I showed up for the audition stoned and because they told me about it I thought it was ridiculous and one of the guys who's the casting agent had cast me on Newsradio so it was still an NBC show and they were trying to do this show and they knew that I had a martial arts background and they thought, well, that would probably be good because this is kind of scary

We're trying to make it scary

I showed up stoned and I was laughing at everything

'cause that was like my getting high everyday stage of life



Joe Rogan

So I I was there and I was like you're gonna sit

Dogs on people like what the ****

Is wrong with you and I was laughing like slapping the table in the meeting

I was just making fun of everything and one of the producers like he's not right for the show and the other guy was like listen

If you this is my friend to this day, David Hurwitz, he said, if you don't make fun of this, if he doesn't make fun of this other people going to

Like let him make fun of it like this makes you want



Joe Rogan

This is a ridiculous show

We're making people eat animal ***** and we're sick and dogs on them like you need a comedian to go



Joe Rogan

What the **** are we doing?

And so that's how I got it

They had a

Joe Rogan

Totally different idea

Before I came in, they wanted someone to fear is definitely a factor for you

They wanted like a sports broadcaster they wanted, yeah


Man, yeah, well the monotone is radio dudes, yeah?

Joe Rogan

Exactly, they wanted someone who was like cookie cutter and they figured like I had a name


I was on a sitcom, you know

It was like this would work

I've already been on NBC for five years

This would be a good transition


See see how being you now everybody else that walked in that moment took advice

Joe Rogan



This is how you should get it

Notes you understand directions and this is what they're looking for and you took your HIAS in there

It's a ****** yeah and got the job, that's what I mean

And it's it's it that's

And if anybody listening to me, especially comedian that is the key

You have to be, you just just be you

Got it, yeah?

Can't nobody tell you else how to be you and it took me awhile to do that because you know when I tell people I don't write I wait you should write and rehearse this way I said man it comes out already

Just turn the mic on, let me do and it kills me with what's your first truck?

Could it be?

What's your second job gonna be listen?

I don't know

But I will stop in seven minutes

I don't know if I can't cuss

I won't cuss, but I will stop in seven minutes

If 7 minutes is delaudid time

Joe Rogan

You do it right for you

That's you being you

Some guys have to arrive, right?

Uh, right

And then I I do ********** too on stage

But I sit down in front of my computer and I write and some bits come to me from that that I never would

Have got any other way?



Joe Rogan

And then I still have to **** around on stage two

I have to

Do all of them, but some guys

Their whole thing is written

George Carlin used to write every ******* word he said

Everything was written out

He would write like a monologue, and then he

Would punch it up, yeah, I believe

Jay-Z apparently doesn't write any of his lyrics, keeps him on his head




Joe Rogan

I mean, it's Bill Burr

Bill Burr doesn't write, he just he he comes up with bits works on them

He'll he'll make like a set list

Maybe should he's going to do, but it's all in his head

He's all just constantly working on it in his head

Yeah, and he's one of the best alive

It's the whole thing is, it's depending on who you


Are yeah, what's right for you, it's right for you

There is no right way

Yeah, the result is the right way

Joe Rogan

It's just hard to be yourself, you know

And when the fear factor thing I was only myself because I didn't

Give a ****

I didn't think it was going anywhere and I had a development deal

So I was

Like what do

You want me to do like what the **** is this 'cause I wanted to do another sitcom and then they came with this and I was

Like this is even better because now I don't have to work with actors

I mean, this would be so much better



Joe Rogan

'cause working with actors is I got lucky with Newsradio 'cause it was a really talented cast and they were fun people

But I had done some other **** with people with their fake and it's a nightmare and you got to play the game and they're all reading The Hollywood Reporter and variety every day

I'm like I'm not like you people and I can't wait to go to the comedy store tonight


At all

Joe Rogan

I'm just here because you're going to give me a lot of money


In a dim sum of the most insecure people in the

Joe Rogan

World, they're so weird


Oh, they're weird

Joe Rogan

That's so fake


That's why I will never ever

Could marry an actress

I never believe I love

You with all my

Heart, you know you baby you important to me, saying

You know what I'm saying?

Yeah, it just nothing is and I really think, especially when they do this method

I 'cause I said why are you doing all this studying?

Being somebody else who's developing you during that time, why you sitting here playing this actor is doing all the the different nuances of this person doing all these but just acting them for months and months being whose developing you at that time?


Do you just stop your growth at this point?

Say, **** it

I'm already reached the potential I want myself

Let me go play this mother for awhile

Joe Rogan

You know crazy person to be really good at it


Thank you

Joe Rogan

But some of them aren't like

I've met actors and actresses that are cool as **** that are real, normal and real friendly

But it's just not worth the risk

Yeah, the risk is you 8 out of 10 or


Crazy crazy

Joe Rogan

Yeah, there's some of them that are great people

They're really nice and normal

They just love acting

They love being able to pretend that you're a different person, just just dive into the role and become that you know you got

These people that can do that

They transform themselves with each movie

They're a different person through

That's a real craft, yeah, but eight out of 10 of them are just


Crazy people believe it's don't, they grow

And at one point I'd be like God Dam

Who am I talking to you or?

Joe Rogan



URL that you played last week

You know what I mean

So you you sit back on it I I just can't deal with actors just that way

Joe Rogan

Well, especially with what we do, which is you try so hard to be authentic like the whole thing is

Avoid anything that takes you out of being authentic, and with that is is the exact opposite. It's like you have to pretend you're this dude who lives in like Virginia in 1600 and you're you're you're talking in that dialect when you're ordering food

Exactly like you won't break character like what are you doing man

No one talks like that anymore


Don't call me my name is King Earl

Don't call me a teen girl

Have your kids call it's just too

Joe Rogan

People that get in the character and they stay in the character for days and days

I remember I was reading this article where Jon Voight, you know the famous actor

He's the father of Angelina Jolie

True and John Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight would talk on the phone in character

That's how they have

I'm like I'm out I'm I'm out I'm out if my daughter ever talked to me on the phone in character, I drive over to her house like what the **** is wrong with?


That's it may be asking too much

Joe Rogan

You I'm your dad

I don't want to hear about this fake Debbie Lady

You play from Brooklyn I wanna talk to you


This is Debbie dad

Yeah, I'm Debbie, dad

Joe Rogan

Debbie dot this is I am today

Yeah now **** you, you're my daughter talk normal yeah?

It's I mean, but again, I mean, I wouldn't say they're all nuts 'cause I've met a lot of them that are very sincere

They're not nice people

But it's just not worth the risk at all


And then, especially in the the real one, is is the acting coaches want you go deep down and grab that feeling when you was miss you was treated wrong

And remember that and translate that into the character

Don't forget I wanna open up these doors

One of these dolls, ********** beyond some hair on

By Friday I found out my father really didn't love me

You know what I mean?

No, I'm good

I'm a functional adult and I can deal with everything

I don't want to know nothing else

I don't wanna know what circumstances my mother did to give me away

I don't wanna know why she did none of that

I am good

OK I sleep well at night I am good with

My, I know

We got to find that pain and translate that pain into the character and that way is authentic

I said if I can't just play like I'm crying without remembering when something really hurt me, I'm not your guy

I am not your ******* guy and again I am not an actor

I'm a movie star

Yeah, this is difference

Yeah, OK, so we're not going down that way

No you, that's the way it is

Is it started from the tree from the teaching of those of acting coaches 'cause they asked you that all the time go deep

I remember I had to fire acting coach over that

You're not going into deep

OK, let's sit down and just talk about the most painful thing ever happened to you in your life

And that way, if you can tap into that, you can bring this character to life. I said, listen lady, I see my I don't waste my $55 here

'cause I will not be here tomorrow

With this kind of

**** at all, specially when you could

Joe Rogan

Be a comic like that was my take like I remember I was on the set of Newsradio once and one of the guys who was a producer said, why do you still do comedy?

You're an actor now

And when he said that I was like, Oh my God, I gotta get the **** out of here

I'm like I gotta get out of here like you guys are out of your ******* mind do

You know how?

Joe Rogan

Much better comedy is than this

Even though this was comedy, 'cause it was a sitcom, but there's no ******* comparison


Not at all

Everybody would look forward

Joe Rogan

To the laughs that they would get when they would perform a scene in front of the crowd

Everybody wanted to get a good laugh

My guy did that every night

I do it every night I I don't have to deal with the actor



Joe Rogan

I don't have to deal

With a producer or

A director is


Just me true and I get the bigger and my results are bigger than yours

Joe Rogan

A lot bigger


A lot

Joe Rogan

And bigger and

You could ride them and you could **** around and do different things with it

You don't have to like cut that's not in the script

Like it's it's free, you're free


And very free

Let me ask you something

When he was a comedian did they surround you with?

Establish actors and just allow you to play off of them or you had to conform to being an actor as an acting comedian

Joe Rogan

Well, luckily on Newsradio the producers were brilliant and they wanted us to adlib

They wanted us so there was Dave Foley who's from the kids in the hall, the sketch show and Dave

Was like one of the secret producers of the show, really 'cause he was the star of the show, but he was really like producing scenes so we would rehearse and he would come up with completely new lines for things

And if you had a line that was better than the line that was in the script they wanted you to say that

So they wanted you

They wanted it to be collaborative where you would come up with the best **** So there was fun in that and we would write jokes for each other and we would **** around with with each other

So it was

It was very fortunate that that particular job was, you know, it was it was OK

You could **** around


I'm laughing Joe 'cause you had a great life man, let me check

Joe Rogan

It's lucky


Very lucky, blessed, lucky

Whatever adjective you want, but that's a great life to have a person in a position to understand your strength and allow you to utilize it

You have so many people

You can't change the actor

The writers words

That's all his birds

And I'm looking in fact this **** is corny

Yeah, it's good

You hired me 'cause you said me right, but you want me to say something that I wouldn't say exactly or say it like that

But like the checks say this

Come on down here little arrow

Come on down here, little girl

Joe Rogan

I did that for the first show

That sitcom that I did though the baseball show that was terrible and that was I learned a lot from that, because that was terrible that it started out great

The guys who wrote it, they wrote on married with children and the symptoms they're really good writers and they were really funny guys and they put together this pilot

And Jim Breuer was in the pilot with me and it was a very funny pilot

But then once it got on television Fox decided to hire some dude who was a producer of that show coach and like all cookie cutter type, stand up or sitcom writing and they brought in a bunch of hacks and they they ******** the show



Joe Rogan

And it was terrible

Like I I remember saying lines like I can't believe this is a line on a ******* sitcom

It was just not good and it got and they were talented people on the show, but it was just a bad show and then

It got cancelled and so to

Go from that to Newsradio, which was the opposite

Working with Phil Hartman and all these like seriously talented people

Steven Rude, Maura Tierney, and

Candy Alexander Vicki Lewis it's like Andy **** is like this is a great show like holy **** It was like I can't believe how good everybody is and then there was a freedom to **** around so I had the the worst case scenario and then followed by the best case scenario


Yes, I mean, you've been very fortunate on that because all my scenarios were ******** I'm just

I mean

I mean, it is you just read it

You be like God dam

Who wrote this, yeah?

Give me a little leeway on it, but

Joe Rogan

A comic that has to do bad lines in a sitcom is in Hell


Hell hell what his name

He told me this

Off of Seinfeld, Richard was just

Joe Rogan

Like Michael, Richard, Michael


Rich is

He said quake, you're gonna be on the show you're gonna have your own show but I want you to remember one thing whatever show you do

You're gonna be on there

You're committing five years of your life if it's gonna be successful, you wanna go there and get the same joy that you do on stage

That and I kept it

So when now when I make decision I like do I see myself doing this for five years

No, OK, I don't want to play this role

For five years, that's

Joe Rogan

It's a good mindset, yeah, because you

We all know those guys who get on a show that sucks and they they just take the money

They just all they want to do is buy things

They just want to like, give themselves little rewards like they

They're always unhappy

They're like I can't wait to buy a new jacket or a new car

A new this where they're always just concentrating on the rewards that they get

Rather than the reward they get from the actual work


Yeah, I mean because

To be honest with, you need something to justify this hell that you in yeah, you know what I mean?

'cause you inhale, you could look at some sets and you were like I would love to be in that you can look at like Martin

You could tell that was a great place to go to work

Living Color was a great place to go to work

You know what I mean?

Wasn't work

We was all friends coming up with some **** and we just

Put it on tape, that's what

You want, that's what?

Joe Rogan

Yeah, but those are hard to get

Those are and one of the worst things that happens is some of the guys that get those sitcoms that are ****** is they can't do standup anymore

'cause they're worried that if they do stand up and they and people find out that they're dirty or they they said something crazy, then they'll get fired from the show

Oh right, there's a lot of guys that like how to stop doing stand up while they got a sitcom


Because, and I strongly believe this, that's why a lot of lose their fans see

Prime example, whatever show that I do is going to be the biggest show for most of my audience to see me, so that's going to be their interpretation

Who I am, so I must

Portray who I am in my first venture on TV so I can bring my fans who sees me who already been fans about and they can recognize me in that and then the people who just see me for the first time could come see me on stand up and say, OK, that's who I got

A lot of comedians like

Come like my boy, Mark Curry had his show

Yeah they Mr

Cooper yeah Mr

Cooper good dude man and then they go see Mr

He's from Oakland CA

Yeah these ******* in these holding Oh my God Mr

What are you?


Talking about man, you eliminate it

The people who like Mr

Cooper, right and the people who supported you and use the custom in the comedian see you playing Mr

Cooper like that ain't the marquino right?

You see what I'm saying so you don't get the transfer

Joe Rogan



Most comedians who blow I have learned this long time play themselves in their first major production, so they bring

Their current friend and the spine that expand their base and their brand bigger in on Martin playing Martin Steve Harvey, playing Steve Harvey Cat playing cat

Eddie Murphy being Eddie Murphy

All of them that blown that now all the comedians that did other things and went into as a character actor or comedy and didn't do bring their stand up with them

What they was known for died

Joe Rogan

It's true


Burnt and hail, and the way they, because they alienated both

They alienated the people who support him

They give him that point and then when they got to that point, the people who just saw him for the first time wanted to go see him do stand up and was insulted

It's like it's the Urkel rule

No matter what Urkel do, he's always going to be Urkel



I love Julia

He can be anything but you're gonna see me circle 'cause that was the first person that was the 1st

He was introduced through as Urkel and people always going to see him as Urkel

Now if he was a comedian he will never work again

Because if he was a stand up comedian doing all that like no, that that ain't Urkel

And if you supported him like why you out here selling out playing this dude like this ain't that hard

My life articles Janelle, smoke, herb hang out he's a real ************


Joe Rogan

Doesn't he sell weed now?


Yeah so we now yeah gotta kill somebody back in family matter

They found her calls out this month

I smoke some

Joe Rogan

Of his weed it was

Yeah, I'm after this show he was telling

Me he he grows his own weed and sells


Weed, yeah, but it'll kill

My right now that they found out Urkel was selling weed

In a in a in a traumatized their childhood that's true

Joe Rogan

Yeah, Mark Curry is a brilliant comic


Yes yes no

Joe Rogan

He's a brilliant comic and he's very different than he is on hanging with Mr

Cooper, which is like a very family easysoft show like a nice show

Nice guy but you watch Mark Curry on stage

He's a

Funny ******* dude and a great guy


A great guy and he's edgy

Is hair you?

So into their family. ABC 8:30 hanging with Mr. Cooper. Role model for the kids and everything you go over. You're saying, man, I'm ******* all these women tonight you're like

Yeah, maybe


Yeah, keys

Joe Rogan

Oh my God, coach

I think you could say the same with Damon

Wayans, now


Yeah, you think so

Joe Rogan

You know, yeah?

Because Damon, you know he had that sitcom he did for a long time and you don't see him doing



Joe Rogan

I mean if you go to see him live, you still see wild comedy, you know. But but Damon's in that sort of big money sitcom world where they keep giving him these shows where he's the star of a show. And he's like a dad and he's like



Right, yes you will

Joe Rogan

Family man and he's got the children and it's like a family sitcom

It's a lot of money in those

Family sitcoms


I know, so I'm trying to

Get something, is that what you?

Want to do I I I do wanna have a TV show I wanna do a TV I wanna do more movies I'm gonna do another do another hour I'm gonna do an hour I'm gonna do another special and tour

Yeah I'm gonna do the things

Write a book by my struggle yeah talk to care about that

Yeah, everything that come in to make it bag for comedians, you know they they cause it to make it bag

You get the book, deal the TV

Show that or the movies the fine chick, you know?

Yeah, let's sit that come with the make it bag

You know you could

Yeah, it's the make it bad I made it bag you guys

These are all the things that comes in it

You can just pull it out

You get the host everything and all

Joe Rogan

That type of thing pulling the comments during the best car


Yeah, you just pocket in the back and they they said yeah man, you going up

Today now I'm just here to

Chill, oh God, can I get you a drink?

Make it bag, you know

Can I get you a drink?

Yeah, thank you very much

Give me a 18 year Scotch gallon

I'm just gonna sit back

Joe Rogan

The the book thing is a hard one

That's a

That's real work, that's a

Lot of work, yeah

I had a book deal I gave

Him the money back, did you?

Yeah, I started writing chapters and they were like, well, we'd like it to be more of this and

We want to do and I was like I'm good

I'm gonna give you the money back I can't do this like there was too much editorial control

They wanted they

They had one point in time

They asked me to transcribe my stand up

They said that's what we want to do

I go what I go but people can go see it live I go if you read it it's not the same thing but they're like but Jerry Seinfeld did it


Not at all

Joe Rogan

Yeah, well, that's Jerry Seinfeld

I'm right, George Carlin did it

I'm like, well he

They probably needed the money

They probably well Jerry didn't, but maybe they did it because they thought that was a good way to do it

I don't think it's a good way to do it for me

I don't want to do that



Well, I'm gonna have a ghost ride, yeah?

Oh yeah, I ain't writing

**** out

So what?


I'm writing this

I'm like this will happen to me now

Put it into word

Sit down and go over it

You know I

Mean I'm out with Ghost, right?

Joe Rogan

Do you have like a set of stories that you want to get out?


Probably as I reflect I'm a today person

I live in the moment so yesterday is gone and then you could do it in anything she could do for me

It's like a woman that's gone, so I will have to sit back and reflect and usually for me to do it I will

Build friends that made that ride with me, so as they remind me yeah yeah, yeah that they have put that in there

Yeah, yeah, that yeah

I put

Joe Rogan

That in so how would you do that?

We have someone come with you on the road and just talk to them occasionally and have them write **** down


Record it well

I have a literary person that does a lot of books that also work for me and in my comedy club

So she's been trying to get me to do it for the longest, and now that it's coming to fruition

I'm uh, allowed her to be the point person on it, and I supplied the stories and she had read it all

Joe Rogan

Up so you're already in motion with this


No, we talked about it

We've been talking about it for the last three or four years

I said I would do it when the opportunity presents itself

See, I'm not that kind of person that round here

I'm not a supermarket type dude. Please you know the test. Try this please. What you do this? This is tide 2% two Oz. Try it if you like it you can come over here and get the whole thing I'm not

Who gonna do the deal?

Let's do it if you don't want me

I don't want you but I'm damn sure ain't knocking on your door so I'm I got a book can you do it?

No, no no

So I really believe when it's your time, it's your time and then it will fall in place and that's what I'm gonna do

I'm now that the opportunity to present itself

Had a person that we've been talking about for the last five years that will

Take care of it for me so

Joe Rogan

That's one part of the make it back, yeah?

Yeah, what's the big one?

Is it starring in a movie?

Is it starring in a sitcom?

Both both


Yes, I want you know, I do what you do

I have a radio show you got the podcast

I gotta talk to you too

I ain't gonna make it over here like you doing

I've been watching YouTube saying boy, I got to talk to Joe Goddamnit now

Yes, I want to have a hit. I think I can hold the country's attention for 22 minutes if you give me a situation

With some actors around

You down to me

Joe Rogan

What you wanna do?

You have an idea who you wanna do?


It with yeah, I thought I was gonna work out something with CBS, but unfortunately they didn't come to fruition

They played with me and so now we just out here and see what we're going to do

I would like to have a network television show

I would like to

I, me and Darnell is starting in my first lead in the movie, so we got that one done

What would that it's called?

Bed written it's about a dude who's a very arrogant womanizer

And finally you know comma

Catch up with him and he's a temporary paralyzed and he's bedridden and he's losing this company and why he's at the same time and see how bad he did inflict pain to his wife and his kids

And those type of things

Joe Rogan

Oh wow


And Donnell plays my brother on it, you know

And we did that and we did an independent movie together for that

And I want to do more of that and my own sitcom around my life, that kind of thing where I'm

Joe Rogan

At now, so around your life as a stand up


Yes, Oh yeah, about to blow

And then I finally blow and now the kids that I couldn't get to see now they came and visit me and never left

Now they living with me

Yeah that type of thing, yeah

Joe Rogan

So you've been thinking about this


For a while, yeah, we was in development for we got all the way up to the President of CBS

But unfortunately he didn't see our

View on it, you know

Joe Rogan

It's a gamble, you know

They have like 30 shows and they have

Like 4 slots

And so they like have to like

I've been in that developmental process

It's a strange process when they're trying to figure out what's going to work and

What's not going to work?


I mean, I get that too, but to give an honest shot, if you're gonna give it to you

These guys shoot a pilot to see what you got

I don't think you can sit down and say if it's good like you just said you can't tell if it's funny just off the paper

No you have

To sit here and dumb players involved and then look at it and say this is what you got

If you honestly say that you're trying to give a show

And definitely if you say you're trying to have diversity on CBS, yeah, I have to at some point

Allow you know the actors to put it on a or invest enough to see what you got tested and see is it

I understand the four slots, but if you're going to sit here and say you trying to do diversity on with the NAACP opposed to be a slot there already posed to be one there, or at least opportunity for it

Right, you know what I mean?

So that's the that's when I come in advantage

I I never want to be anywhere that no one wants me to be, but at some point in this game that we're doing you, if you, if you're not familiar with

With the

The the creative aspect of certain people

You have to least see it and let someone else see Ken this work

Yeah, you know what I mean?

That's where it is

I mean, I don't think anything should be killed just on the paper right there without you investing in the point to see it, especially if you was part

Of writing it itself

Joe Rogan

And you were happy with the script and

How it came?


Out, yeah

I mean we, we got like writeups from the President of the network notes on it on the script and everything

And then when it came to the point of

They said they passed up on it, then it was shocking to me to the point that we didn't even get the chance to even

Shoot the pallet for it

Joe Rogan

Sometimes it's like a bunch of **** like the people that are producing it

They don't have a good deal with the network or you know, like sometimes the network wants to produce and own their own shows

And maybe Warner Brothers will come to CBS or something they like it

Warner Brothers owns it, so they don't want Warner Brothers to make a **** load of money and CBS has their own show they would rather take that even if it's not as good

There was a


Lot of that MVC yeah, but we was on we was coming out of CBS Studios 2 CBS on there

Joe Rogan

Also, there's no Siemens


The writer had a deal already with CBS, the writer, and I'm already on CBS

About working on the neighborhood so everything was in hours

You know what I mean?

And then we did announcement, you know, saying that it was part of the NAACP diversity to to put more on it

So I was shocked about that

To be quite honest with you and you know we're going to see what we're going to do with it

'cause we're still on here, but I do want to have

TV show and

Might end up being on Netflix

Joe Rogan

So is

The last the past pilot season like just


This this happened

This happened about a week ago

Joe Rogan

Oh, that's why you're hot


I was just noting, yeah, so I'm not

I mean

You know, I mean, I just don't understand the process if you sing

Joe Rogan

I get it


You want to include

If you don't, then don't you know what I'm saying?

If you have a, if you have a, uh, can I put this?

If you have a demographic that's happy where it is and you don't want to, God bless you

But don't come over here, it's it's equivalent to say, hey, I do country music

But country music good, but I want some R&B on here. I want you to come over here and play. Put some R&B song on our station. Like alright, I submit the song to you and you sit down here and you go to work now and people don't wanna hit that. Don't hear that and we we we reconstruct the whole song around after three or four

Rewrites of my song on it

And then I said, OK, when we go to the studio and cut the the song and they said Nah?

We don't like the song

You wrote them on fuc?

I thought you said she wanted it on here

Joe Rogan

You have an opportunity to do the Netflix 'cause I, I think that's the best place


I don't know

I mean, when you know the deal, we couldn't go nowhere else while we was doing it with them, we thought we was there with them so we didn't get a chance

Joe Rogan

Right so, but now you're free?

Are you free, is it?


I don't know what my situation is right now, it's just it's fresh off of it

I just it just happened this Friday

Joe Rogan

And no

Commercials, true commercials or ********

I know they're brutal

Yeah, they when you watch these sitcoms and they have to cut everything into these little chunks

So that fits perfectly inside of a network break

It just doesn't work good

It's not fun

It's not

And then you have to sit there and watch the commercial and wait for it to come on or you record it in advance

You have to Fast forward through it

With Netflix you film the whole season, you watch it all in one sitting

If you want, you can binge watch it

You can pause it, but go take a


Joe Rogan

**** come back

Start it up again

You know it's like it's a better format, it's just better




Joe Rogan

It's better because it's uncensored

It's better because the programming on Netflix is better

You know we were talking

About Ozark before the the

Podcast *** **** that's a good show


My friend Eric is the producer

Creative yeah, yeah, he he wants to do something with it but I I want to take anywhere that

Joe Rogan

Oh, really


They want us any way you

Want it wherever you want it

You know what I mean?

Wherever you wanted to allow me to be me I have no problem with any

Any format do you right?

But if you're going to come and say you want to do us and you want me to do us, then allow me to be me and and and the go she ate

OK Missy, negotiate, but if it is if this is what you want then come in in all good faith, that's all

I get it

It's for me

You know, and it was it was

It was very disappointing

Joe Rogan

No, I understand


Very disappointing

It was very disappointing

Like a lot and we all been through 'cause I think Dave then had more ******* development deals than anybody in their life

Joe Rogan

Oh, he's a lot

Yeah shitloads, it's just free money

A lot of times free money and meetings


Yeah, well we get no money either

Definitely no

No money, no way no

Joe Rogan

They didn't give you money for the development

Deal for to to put together sick


Yeah, we ain't no we ain't got no money

The money that's like

I mean, you know money people so

Joe Rogan

That would be like the whole thing


Yes, yes

Joe Rogan

About Montreal Comedy Festival everybody

Get a development either


Yeah, you talk about 6-7 figures. She was like yes yeah, that money gone now Joe no no. They sit around, probably about 18,000. That's it

Joe Rogan

They don't do that anymore


Tell you just sit sit here

Thank you for your **** you know, but you ain't

No money and you're talking about 5-6 months and once you're in, negotiate with them. Of course, you can't go nobody else. 'cause you're saying, hey man, I'm I'm ahead this

Yeah, exactly

Joe Rogan

Six months


Yeah, six months

Joe Rogan

And they dangle that carrot


Oh, they dangled that

It's done


********** I've around this business knew I was

Going I was like winning the Super Bowl

Gonna be on CBS 'cause I'm gonna

Be on that ************* I

Can't wait until they give me the plug and the teaser quake house today 8:00 o'clock on CBS

Yeah, I don't know if it's called me up or

They get bored

They give you that car

That's the worst call in the world though

They found out they want to go another way

Joe Rogan

My mother


Yeah, like well

Without even seeing it, I think you ain't invested enough to even do a pallet to see the play it

I mean come on man

Joe Rogan

But that's the problem that I always had with Hollywood is you have to be chosen, and that's one of the things that makes people so crazy like some people don't have the mental fortitude to withstand that kind of rejection over and over and over again or disappointment

And like if you think about what like, especially with actors, you get a bunch of people that are insecure that are

Kind of crazy to begin with

And then they go to this place where they're they're asking you to pretend in this moment

Like OK Quake, you're going to sit down with Mike and Mike is going to play Sally, so there's a guy pretending to play your wife and you're you're running through the scene with this person like

OK, well thank you

We'll be in touch and then you leave, you know

Like I don't even know how that was

And like it it and you got you have to be chosen so you so you start to see people

Behaving in a way that they think the casting agent would like, saying the kind of things they think the casting agent wants to hear

It's true they did

They adopt the politics of the casting agents

You know they'll say something about a current event thing like my heavens, like why are we even doing this?

I'm like

Yes, why aren't we doing this thing?

Thank you Joe

We agree with you, but you you feel like a ***** ** **** when you're, you're getting a cup of coffee

She was like what the **** is wrong with?


Me, I'm a hor my my lips are chapped

I kiss trying to get this this show man

I mean it was but you know, I never

Take it personally

'cause again, like my mother said, you can't get mad at somebody that ain't gonna let you **** with a **** Yeah, yeah

Know what I?

It's in people ask me all the time you know

Like Quake, my fans say it to me quake you're the funniest man ******* with why you got no TV show why you ain't got no movies I said hey, like I turned the ship down right ain't like

I said hey, yeah

I want to be on CBS

I'd rather be in Lakeland, FL or somewhere else

And it is, but it's subjective

What's funny to somebody is not funny to another, so I always the way I took it is that I just haven't made the right person laugh yet who they will believe in me

To sit here and give me the opportunities that my peers didn't have, yeah, and until I break that person who believes in me

That sees that I am a valuable commodity that could do both me and them a great service and what they say they're here to make entertainment and TV shows

Then I will always be sitting at the door with this ******** and it it it will, you know

And I don't even take it personally

Man, I'm so ******* used to it

I try not

To put myself out there, you know

Joe Rogan

Do you feel the pain so you don't feel the pain, yeah


Yeah, 'cause disappointment is the worst thing for me

Have it yeah, then to be disappointed

I rather not

You know what I mean?

So in the future, the next one that I do, unless they come to me and say, hey, we're going to put you to serve this where we get, but it ain't gonna no more stringing along

You're not going to be sitting around here with we together and then give me a call at 12:00 o'clock on Friday night and say no

Joe Rogan

When you've been doing it as

Long as you have to

It's like and you develop an audience the way you have

It's like you don't wanna **** with that anymore, but you're always wanting that thing that you didn't have


Yeah, yeah, but it's a

It's to me to be honest with you, it's just expanding what I am already is

I hope people attention for hour. I know I can do it with 22 minutes with a lot of people playing in the 5th tissues

World and on it come on *** **** and

It shows that it worked, that's why you have so many reality shows us killing your scripted shows

Yeah, because your fictitious world you bringing up don't nobody buy this

You understand what I'm saying?

Don't buy it so, and definitely if you don't know about that world, you least have to see it

So you can see it tested as a CEO of anything

Yeah, to expand your own brand

If I if I owned a record label and I'm I, I want some country singers, I'm gonna get somebody know about country singers and and I'm like is that good?

OK, that's good

When I own a comedy club, I used to tell people all the time

I don't book the comedians, the crowd do

It's not my job to find

Is he funny or not?

Do he pull the people in and they laugh?

Then that's what it

Is how I feel is in relevant?

Yeah, if I I would prefer my friend to be up here

But if my friend is only bringing 10 people and shucky ducky is bringing 200 shucky, ducky, quack, quack is coming on through here

Yeah, regardless if I think my friend is funny

This Chucky ducky?

Because I have to sit here and make a decision based upon what the fans and what the consumer

And you have to evolve

That's the great thing I say about rap is they always had a person like?

Uhm, Russell Simmons

Pick Pete Diddy puffy

They was able to talk to the radio

The record labels say Listen we got what you need

Don't come down here, mess with our artists, right?

'cause you'll never understand it right

Even trust me

Give me the money and I'll bring you back the results, yeah, but don't you come into the record

Lose, don't you come in the booth and say he shouldn't say that that ain't how it is you don't understand do you wanna win or you don't want to win?

We in comedy has never had a puffy

We have never had a Russell Simmons

We had a Walter Latham and he did the kings of comedy in Harlem Brothers came out and became stars but he got upset 'cause he think he posed to go father with him

So he never did a king of comedies 234 and five. He just shut the **** down and then let nobody else play King put king on nothing else no more

He came back with another tour and called it the Walter Latham presents

I was on it and I was like present

What nobody know you

Nobody know you, man

Don't know you should call this King of comedy to write with already had brand recognition so we could continue on but you still mad at them, brothers, 'cause they elevated and didn't go that way

So what you gonna do?

Joe Rogan

So all the


People, no, because we never had a person didn't want to be

Joe Rogan

We go

US, but I mean him

Well, you're getting to work with these amazing comedians you put together this huge hit

But you don't feel like you're getting enough attention


Exactly he did us and I swear to God Joe, he did it with me, Bruce Bruce, Rickey Smiley

A lot of he had us all surrounding him and he was in the middle holding his head like his hand on the poster and advertising

So yeah, so Bruce Bruce said, I just want to know how much time the ************ in the middle gonna do

You know what I mean?


And then in the

Joe Rogan

Ego so crazy


Ego and I'm sitting

I'm I'm sitting here looking that **** look he's in the middle later presents all new DL some more me Bruce Bruce J

Anthony Brown and Rickey Smiley

He will not name that the Kings because of what the relationship was with them

Joe Rogan

Oh, that's crazy

It didn't like how it turned out


For him, so make sure he gets the the claim Walter Latham presents, and I say wanna **** is

Walter later bro

I know who you are

See, I ain't heard these breaks

You had the people say yeah you should have

Let him do

This you had this kind of ****

Joe Rogan

Well, my hope for you is that this Netflix special, which I think is undeniable


Thank you

Joe Rogan

It's so good


Joe Rogan

I think Netflix opens a door

That's what I think I think that's the smart thing to do because like


Thank you

Joe Rogan

This special is going to be killer and then you having a sitcom on Netflix is natural

That's easy

It's better

It's better, it'll be real

You could say whatever the **** you want, they'll let you **** around like Netflix leaves you the **** alone when you do a special it's it's beautiful


Yeah, yeah

Joe Rogan

I've I've done two specials with that three

Specials with them

They just leave you the **** alone

They never say


Anything to me and they take care of you

Joe Rogan

Yes, they say carrier


Yeah, I ain't got no moment I ain't got no Monique problem

Over here, yeah

It was good

Joe Rogan

They take care of you and they leave you alone


Yeah, they take care of me

Joe Rogan

They leave you alone, they just like they trust that you're funny

They go when you going to

When are you going to record it?

OK, we'll go

Watch they'll

They're there to watch and then like when is it going to be delivered?

September perfect?

OK, it'll it'll errand, phucking, November or whatever it is



Joe Rogan

And and it's nothing, they don't

There's no involvement in the creative process which is beautiful 'cause I had to deal with Comedy Central and I they had to make a transcript to my set

And then I had a phone call with them and and the phone call the transcript

They go

Well, you can't say that they got

They got to the third

You can't say that I go stop

I'm good, I'm done

I quit and they're like what I go

I'm not doing this

I'm not doing this with you guys like I'm not doing this



Joe Rogan

I'm like this is not happening




Joe Rogan

Eventually went on to do one a couple years later but but there was no problem with that material back then

They had kind of changed when streaming came along too, because they realized that kind of had to open up the content a little bit more

Because they were losing comics, they're losing people to Netflix and losing people to HBO and Showtime, and places where you could just be free


Do you feel that Netflix?

Is what HBO used to be with

Joe Rogan

Bigger, bigger, bigger

It's bigger than HBO with HBO was was there was only HBO

The thing about HBO is it's still around like there's still guys who do HBO specials and they're still great, but what Netflix is is you could watch any ******* time you want

You watch on your phone

You could watch it

I mean, I know that HBO has HBO

What is it?

It's long, it's great

Is it Netflix?


Now it's a beast and it's global, yeah?

Joe Rogan

It's global, it's a juggernaut

You can't stop it, yeah?


That what Dave told me he's like man, you don't even understand

Yeah, you're gonna be raking in money I say please let that go

Jesus, it's easy for you to say

Why you sitting on?

It, but please let it come

Joe Rogan

Well, a guy like you, one of the beautiful things is you

Could turn over an hour

Quick, yeah, so you do this special

The special comes out

And then you

Could do another one in a year


Oh I will

Joe Rogan

Well, yeah, that's what I'm talking about, yeah?


I'm working on it right now

I'm I'm it's going to be better than this one right here

'cause now I see it gonna get this stomach off and I'm gonna get ready for it

And I just thought I'm thinking about it from that point on

I told Dave when I would I say alright, man, we're gonna follow this up with this this owl and he was like yeah, say

Dead man and he he was the one

Told me don't even try to get a TV show really

Yeah, 'cause I was, he wanted to executive produce my TV show

And I was talking to him

He was like listen man, you only wanna go down there bro

And just go be the top comedian for a year

Smell the roses after you drop this, be the top comic thing

Come back like no no no

I wanna be on TV

I wanna do this TV I

Wanna know?

Joe Rogan

You want that, make it back


You beg

I want to make it back


With that cut damn make it bag

Joe Rogan

You know The thing is man with something like that has been in the distance for so long and now you?


That's it, I thought

I was so close to you every day

Get to talk to the President of networking like Boy, I know I'm here and like I'm thinking

Think I'm

Gonna put it just didn't come to fruition and everything happens for a reason

But boy, I thought I was close

I swear you couldn't tell me a damn thing Joe, I just knew

Joe Rogan

It was going to happen


What's gonna?

I was I was, uh, you couldn't tell me that it

Was I tell you quake, I think it's for the best I do

Joe Rogan

I do, I know it would be great to have that, but I think you'd be better on Netflix and I think you're you're

I think you're special is going to be gigantic, and I think from there you doing an even bigger special in a year from now you're going to be

Like thank God I didn't do that, corny as ******* CVS ********

I had to

Joe Rogan

Have to **** ** my jokes and change the subjects and change

**** that

**** that man you too good too good for network TV


It was it was

It was a

It was a blow

It was I think I'm sad too

It it was

It was

It was, it was

It was it was

It was it

Joe Rogan

I can tell

And it's it's fresh A


Oh yeah

It's fresh, yeah, it was a week

Ago on a Friday night

Joe Rogan

It's terrible, but it's for the

Best yeah, I believe that I really do


Not bill

Joe Rogan

I think there's not

There's not a lot of guys that as funny as you know you

You're at this elite level of stand up comedy where me personally as a comic, but more importantly as a fan of comedy, I Love Excellence

I love when someone achieves this level of harmony with the audience and the material and the delivery and the years and years of performing and the Polish of the

Boom boom boom boom

I mean that special is just one after the other or?

The Bang Bang bang

The pauses are perfect, the timing between the jokes is perfect

It's beautiful man


Thank you

Joe Rogan

That's what I like ******* sitcom


Well, you could say that man you smart, yeah you didn't have them in your Spotify

Joe Rogan

Let's take time

I can say yeah, yeah, yeah


You know, being nice I come back

Joe Rogan

They can't call me, you call me

I'll start laughing like

What do you wanna know you?


I know you'll laugh, I'll be over that ************ I forgive you

Like I forgive you


Let's do it again, you know

Joe Rogan

I think you

Doing a sitcom anywhere other than Netflix or even HBO, or somewhere where they just let you be free

It's a, it's a a travesty

I think your your material is too you're you're too edgy

You you go out there, you you taught you say risky ****

And that's beautiful

That's what I love


You know what I really wanted to play though

The Black Archie bunker

Joe Rogan

Oh someone no


Black Archie bunker

That's what I

Joe Rogan

Wanted it's amazing that no

One has, I don't

Know I mean 'cause a black I can pull?

It off, Oh yeah, right still yes you could do it 100%


I'm here, the right one I could

I could pull it off, I could, oh I could pull it off

I'm talking about talking about this show

I mean the black Archie Bunker, oh

Oh man, I could pour the things that I've wrote for this show

For the black

We have that and I'm the black Archie Bunker is what I would love to play that right there

Joe Rogan

Well, Redd Foxx kind of did that a little bit with red with Fred Sanford


Yeah, just yeah, I wanted a higher note just on on on on Red Fox that kind

Of wake yeah exactly

Joe Rogan

Yeah, I'm I'm hoping if you do it's gonna be on Netflix and I'm hoping you just go on to do hour after hour after hour

I think

Because your ability to turn over material is extraordinary, and your ability to write is extraordinary, and I think that that's just you, you are just

You have these chops that very few people develop you

You don't get a chance you don't get a chance to hit that level

Of of excellence as a comic 'cause it does not

How many guys get through it?

Like how many of us are there?

Let's talk about


True that

Joe Rogan

That is there even 1000 of us on Earth. No, probably not. If you want to be honest like a real headliner, how many of us? Yeah there might be 500 of us on Earth earth


No yes

Sure, sure, yes on

Joe Rogan

There's a million

Doctors in America alone

How many comics are there?

Real ones?

Real guys can go up there and light a room on fire

Yeah, maybe maybe a few 100

Yeah, so when someone gets there like you I


It is

Joe Rogan

Want you to?

Stay there

I mean, I want you to get everything everything you want

Yeah, yeah

Joe Rogan

I want you to get all the accolades and all the money and all the the

Make it back, but **** does


Sitcom you sound just like Dave

You know that I

Could tell both of y'all together

Joe Rogan

Well, that's why I love him


Yeah you and data say that's the same thing he told me before I even did ** **** **** that you don't need that

Joe Rogan

'cause Dave and I we both have **** you money, that's what


Say what you want

Yeah, yeah I do

If I don't work, goddamnit I'm in trouble money

Joe Rogan

But that keeps you hungry and sharp

There's something about that too man the show

There's something beautiful about that too, it's


It's beautiful, it is and I I just want to experience

Let's see that in

In my defense, y'all both had successful TV shows

Joe Rogan



Y'all both have already achieved that feather in your cap, you know

Joe Rogan


I developed the ability to say **** you because

Of fear factor


You will

Joe Rogan

Yes, I got that fear factor money and then I was like oh I'm free now I'm free and then I just I just I wouldn't listen

To anybody anymore

And that's when I started doing the podcast


And and look at you

Yeah listen man, I watch you I that's why I was going to call you like alright man how do I 'cause I my show was on Kevin Hart and it's on Sirius right here and I I watch you I was like

Joe Rogan

It's on Sirius, right, yeah?

How much longer you doing it on that?


I do one year deals, that's good

I only do one year deals and

Joe Rogan

But this is my my thought on that like first of all, being connected to Kevin Hart is a blessing

It's a amazing thing


Yes it is

Joe Rogan

He's an amazing guy, but the problem with something like serious is it's limited to people who have serious true, which is a lot

Lot of people



Joe Rogan

But it also doesn't work in a tunnel



Joe Rogan

You know, it's weird

Like the satellite thing is weird



Joe Rogan

You know it's

The Internet is better like you don't want. I don't wanna TuneIn when it's on I wanna get it whenever the **** I want it I wanna download it before I get on a plane. You know I want if I'm going to listen to a podcast, I want to listen to it when I'm running



Joe Rogan

I want to press start when I want you know and that's the beauty of the Internet and satellite was amazing when it came along

Because when it came along, it was uncensored

It's like all of a sudden you have this uncensored medium that's basically like when Howard Stern went over to Sirius, it was a giant thing because

You got this guy who's the greatest uncensored radio personality ever

Everybody says that he's the guy opened up the doors for everybody liked me and now now he could be uncensored

Now he now he can go wild

He doesn't have to worry about the government like people forget the government was coming after Howard Stern


Yes they were

Joe Rogan

The FCC was finding them hundreds of thousands of dollars

Every time he would say things that are easy now

Now what?

All those things that he said are nothing comparison to things we say every day but back then it was a big ******* deal and he was the guy that got arrested or got in trouble rather than sued



Joe Rogan

He was the guy who broke down all the doors just like guys like Richard Pryor and Lenny Bruce and George Carlin got arrested for material

He was in trouble

He was in trouble for talking

To put the Internet doesn't have any of those restrictions, like if your show that you're doing on Kevin Hart's thing, you just take it to the podcast world. It'll be ******* huge too


I never understood

The background and everything had to do with podcasts, but I knew everybody had one going on

Joe Rogan

It's just talking **** and you're a master at that


Yeah, yeah yeah, I was like everybody ******* podcast, but uhm

Joe Rogan

That's what it is


And I did radio

And regular

Ready go and that was went well

I wanted to be like Steve and get syndicated in 90 cities

You know terrestrial and ready to go but then Moe's ain't let me do it evil so I say I ain't come to New York to be number one I want to be heard all throughout the country and it was WBLS so I tried that so I

I always did radio, but I never understood what it was with the podcast and then when I heard about you

I was like *** **** it

Send me to school and then when I saw you when we was on tour, I was like Joe

I need to talk so you

Joe Rogan

Listen, you could do it. You could do it 100% listen, you're you're interested in people. You're interesting you


Know know, I mean you know?

Joe Rogan

You're great at talking to people

It's that's all the elements and then all you have to do is is

Get used to it

Just get used to doing it

It'll be, oh, your podcast will be gigantic


Thank you

Goddamnit I'm gonna have to do

That to do it yeah man

Joe Rogan

I'll help you, I'll


I'm bleeding goddamnit

Joe Rogan

Promote it got

Them, I'll promote it


There it is

Joe Rogan

I'll promote it


Keep that on tape, cut that, send it to the real earthquake

Joe Rogan

I will help you

I won't 100% promoters


IG on here get it done

What happened though

But yeah, I did wanted to be on team

Joe Rogan

Whatever you do, I'm in the earthquake business

I'll be happy to promote whatever you

Do let me know you're not


Well thank you man and I and you have supported me 'cause I asked you, I said hey man, doing this special with Dave before we did it

Whenever I get to do it, it's like no problem come on down and here we are

Yeah, and your man in your word

Joe Rogan

I am I am, but I've been singing your praises for a long ******* time as as do everybody else

All the comics and you're you are a comics comic, and so for me as a fan of the art form, I'm very excited to watch your pop

I love I love the fact that


Thank you man

Joe Rogan

You got this Netflix but

Coming back so today is it's going to be


Thank you, mayor

Joe Rogan

February 28th it comes out so February 28th

Netflix, you know what to do, people please please


Please and follow me at the real earthquake please

Joe Rogan

It's gonna happen


It's at the real earthquake end of

Thank you my brother

Joe Rogan

My my pleasure my


Pleasure is all mine now

Brother thank you alright

Joe Rogan

Bye everybody


Say it