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Joe Rogan

Dakota salmon brotherhood


Brother, how are you gonna?

Joe Rogan

See it, what's?

Dakota Meyer

Up man, you wrote a

Joe Rogan

Book man

Dakota Meyer

At the end I did with with Bravo Neil

Joe Rogan

The way forward yeah master life toughest battles and create your lasting legacy

What, uh?

What drove you to this?

Dakota Meyer

You know, like I I I think that there was like a point in my life to where I kind of just

You know, kind of put it all together like wanting to help people you know, like the way forward. There's always a way forward. You know my my life's been such a shitshow so many ways

And obviously Rob has to

That was one thing we could relate on

Is like you know, we both came from two different places, did two different things, but like there's always a way forward and you know, focusing

Joe Rogan

On what matters was there a time in your life where you?

Didn't think there was a way forward where you

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, yeah, I mean I, I wrote about that in my first book about, you know, a time that

I just didn't know if there was a way forward, but you know what would I?

What I learned was, is like you know, when you don't see a way forward, it's because your purpose is yourself and it's not other things, right?

People that people that are lost or I feel like when I'm lost is when I'm too busy focusing on things for me and my

My purpose is me and it's not like the things that are around me

The things that matter

Joe Rogan

Like I went, what do you mean?

Dakota Meyer

You know, like my kids, like my friends, my circle, right?

Like doing something bigger than me like focusing on something that's that's bigger than than just, you know, trying to survive like?

OK, well I'm going to go pay my bills, so that's not really a great purpose, right?

But but finding something bigger that you could believe in

Like you know, being a firefighter or being a good dad or you know just the trying to have goals of fitness or start a company or all those things, right?

Joe Rogan

So did you feel like that at one point in time where?

You were only thinking about yourself and you didn't see there was any point to at

All is that what you?

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, yeah, I mean I got other marine core and

You know I got out and it was all about me, right?

It's like, oh, you know I, I served this country

This country owes me now

You know 'cause look when you're in the military, you're

The whole time you're told you're a hero, yeah, you know, I mean like oh everybody, just they're they're you're just you're just greater people you know or all these things you sacrifice for this country this country owes you and I hate that word owes

Right like oh, the only thing we owe is the bank

You know that that was where I was at and I was walking around blaming all my problems on, you know, well, you know, I mean, you know I'm drinking all the time

Wasn't alcoholic, but just drinking all the time trying to, you know, overcome the pain of you know the stuff that I've seen

The things that didn't make sense and and then you know when you would try to question me or hold me accountable be like, well, you didn't go through what I went through

Right, and so how you gonna argue it?

You know, when I was surrounded by that I was that was the victim I made myself the victim of of life

And you know at that point was where I got the lowest, right?

Like I, I just, couldn't you know?

'cause at some point like people were going to, they're going to try to help you like that's the great thing about the world

Is people going to help you?

People want to help?

But they can only help you so far, like they're not gonna drown with you, especially when you're not choosing to to get better

And that was where I was at, you know, like just drinking all the time

You know, being I was, I was an ******* like

I mean, I'm still an asset, but just a different way


You know?

Dakota Meyer

I was an ******* and just

You know blaming, blaming the world for my problems when really I was the problem

You know, I just didn't have anything bigger than me and I would surround myself by people who would who wanted to coddle me, right?

Like all Dakota, you know what you've gone through?

You know you you deserve, you know you're it's it's OK this is normal for what you've gone through and it's like no, no, no like

That's what America is about

Is the comeback story right?

Like everybody is going to go through their problems

Everybody is going to have their lumps, but America, they they want the comeback story

Joe Rogan

You know what was it that made you turn around like, did you have a moment did did?

Is it something you read, is it?

Something you learned

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Dakota Meyer

No, I am, you know. So I was living at my dad's house. I was living with my dad. My dad is just an incredible man

And one night I was out drinking somewhere and I was driving home on this road and I just seen like the pain I was causing the people around me right like

My dad was never gonna kick me out of the house, but I I mean

I just seen, like the disappointment, right?

Like the disappointment in people that I was that I was bringing and I was driving down the road one night and

I just say look, this is it like I'm done

I pulled over at my buddy shop

He had a welding shop and I 'cause I knew that I didn't want to inconvenience anybody to have to

Well, where's he at this huge search? I knew he would be in at 866 to 8:00 in the morning. He comes in every day

I pulled over and

Parked right in front of the Bay door and

Pulled my gun out and I stuck it to my head and squeeze the trigger

And like somebody had unloaded that gun, I'd shot it that day

Actually, I'd shot this Glock 40 that day

And it was the loudest click I've ever heard my life and probably the quickest sobering thing that I've ever seen

Joe Rogan

Holy ****

Dakota Meyer

And so I sat there and

I just told myself that if I'm going to continue to live life like I am and waste it

Then I know how to load this gun

I need to just track it back

And get it over with

But I just made this deal with myself that if I'm gonna put put the car in drive and go home

That, like this is not an option ever again

You know God gave me a different, had a different, different different outcome for me and I drove home and ever since then I mean, I mean, you know, look, I think we all

I think we all

Go through moments where we don't know like there's always these moments where we don't know if we can get out of it right?

Like that's normal, yeah

But for that to stay that way

Is not normal

Right and

That was, you know, I

I like slowed up on drinking

I didn't stop

Obviously, I didn't really slow up as where I needed to be until I had my child

But I got a lot better, right?

I started surrounding myself with different people

People who weren't going to buy in and support

My ********

You know?

Joe Rogan

So that

Moment when the gun went click

Like in your mind, is there like a clear change between before that moment and after that moment?

Was there like a?

I mean, was it, uh, there was

There, uh, was

It like a realization was, it was just like you felt like you got a second chance at

Dakota Meyer

Life like yeah, I mean look I've

Yeah, I mean I've been in so many situations where I was supposed to die, or I thought I'd like

There's been

At least five or six situations where it wasn't that I thought I was going to die

It was that I knew I was going to die

Joe Rogan

In combat situations

Dakota Meyer

The combat situations, right?

It's totally different experience though

You know this one was like

As I get like like why?

Like you know, and I think at

That moment I realized

That I was only feeling sorry for myself because if my teammates like if losing my teammates

You know, I mean, it sucks like it still sucks

Like I, I sometimes I don't even know if I have even

Came to the realization that I'll never see my guys again

And I don't know why

It's kind of weird, but you know, I don't know why

I think that like I just realized that I need to live a life if I don't want to do it for myself, then I need to live a life that's worthy of their sacrifices

Right, like how stupid is it?

How selfish of

It of me

Someone who has seen what the cost of freedom is or someone who has seen the sacrifices that people have gave who don't get it, don't get it

Tomorrow they gave there today so that we can have it tomorrow and how selfish of it is for me to walk around and and and, you know, be a drunk ******* And that's the representation that I'm going to represent

Their sacrifices like it's, it's just

It's such a

It's just not right, and that was at that moment that all that started to come together

No, no, I just feel sorry for myself, not them

They don't feel anything

So I'm feeling sorry for myself and as I'm doing that, I'm wasting days that that they I guarantee they wish they had

Joe Rogan

It's such a common problem with veterans

I mean, I believe at one point in time I don't know what the the status is now, but at one point in time more veterans had died by suicide in Afghanistan then had died from combat

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean I've lost

More guys

Since being home to suicide than I ever lost in combat

Joe Rogan

What is?

Let's see what the number is, so if you can find

There I think just just Google more veterans die from suicide than combat, 'cause I think that was

What they were trying to drill into people is that asking people to go over there and fight and to see the horrors that they see and to to see friends die and loved ones die and then ask them to come back and have life just be normal

Look at this four times as many troops

And vets have died by suicide as in combat

Yeah, holy **** yeah

So this is not a an uncommon problem

It's a it's a giant problem

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, it's I mean

Joe Rogan

It's a huge problem, they don't

I don't mean I don't know what kind of training they give you when you're about to leave the military military

Or when they're when you're returning from combat

But do they try to give you any sort of an understanding of how to cope with this?

Kind of stuff

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean you know it's it's obviously gotten a lot better, right?

I mean, it was more the tough love

I mean, it's more the more that mental health is accepted

I mean, I mean you look, I mean to be honest

I mean as men

10-15 years ago it wasn't something it was looked at as weak, right?


I it

Joe Rogan

You didn't hear a lot about it

It seems like somewhere along the line

I mean, I don't know what the statistics show, but it seems like somewhere along the line it became way more common to know people to kill themselves

Dakota Meyer

Yeah yeah, I mean and I I didn't understand

I didn't know about it until obviously the military right?

I mean, I went in at 17

And dumb

But no, there wasn't a lot of talk about it and

You know, the more, the more we were in combat, the more you started to

See it right and we

Yeah, I mean this thing of PTSD, but I mean PTSD is something that that the world suffers from

It's not something that's only to veterans, right?

Joe Rogan

Don't you think that veterans have it in a larger experience?

If you experience combat, I mean the amount that they have

I mean so many guys that I know

Like yourself for

Some money

My other friends that are veterans they just have

Memories that they can't shake

Dakota Meyer

I think that you want to talk about the group of people that have it the worst

Is our first responders

Joe Rogan

Cops klimts yeah yeah

Dakota Meyer

Cops, firefighters, EMTs like like

The stuff that I've seen as being a firefighter

Sometimes, like combat was, it's no comparison

Really yeah, I mean and so

You know, in in over there the mind like the, you know the mindsets, different right like like I mean most of the people that we were part of

Like we were there to fight, right?

So it's it's like it's it's almost like you know watching someone in the Octagon fight versus watching someone on a street fight, you know, get jumped right

It's it's



Dakota Meyer

It's a different ball game and

You know?

Everybody suffering right?

I mean, and so I think that like the mental health aspect, yeah, I mean, it's a huge huge thing

But I also think that

That the mindset

The approach that we take on it is important as well, right?

Like like I don't need to

I don't need to

I don't need to be coddled right like OK, I have

I have PTSD check

But that doesn't give me like a card to blame

Well why I'm an alcoholic or why I'm not getting help or or why I hit my wife or why I'm in fight so you know I mean like, well, let's get help like like let's get help and let's want to get better

You know there's just a fine line of

Of using it as an excuse versus as what's what's real on it right?

And no one can identify that, but it's like at some point you have to look in the mirror and want

I mean look Jocko talks about extreme ownership, right?

You have to look in the mirror and at the point that you can take responsibility for your actions, you can then change them

Joe Rogan

So when you think about PTSD and you think about the effect

That it has on you

Being a firefight, does it compound all of the the PTSD that you experience as a combat veteran?

I mean does it, is it?

Is it?

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I don't know like how was that this was a conversation I was having this morning

I I don't know like

For me, I've changed my mindset for me

Yeah, I mean there are some stuff that bothers me

I mean, obviously I look every time it changes you

Or for me it does and

But now I look at it like when I come in and and and I'm with

I'm there when somebody you know passes away

I I look at it as an honor

Right like I I got to share that moment with them and as long as I can do, I'm doing whatever I can to make that moment

Better for them

Then that's all I can do right, and I'll do whatever it takes to make that moment better

But at some point

We have we really have no control of anything in life

Joe Rogan

We have some control, right?

But yeah, those kind of experiences like the experience of seeing someone die

For a lot of people it it doesn't just change you, but it it makes you


I don't know

Joe Rogan

What the best way to say it is?

But you're just devastated by it and every time it happens, it becomes compounded

It's more and more and more

And is there like one of the things that I've thought about a lot with police officers 'cause I feel like

Like there's bad cops

We all know there's bad cops just like there's bad everything else in life

But I think that most cops are

The experiences that they have in situations where their life is threatened

Situation where they pull people over

They have no idea if this person has a gun

If this person is a criminal, they they

They just don't know there's so many moments in their life where they

They've I'm sure they've seen all the YouTube videos

That I've seen

You know where cops get shot at and cops get killed and run over by cars and all that crazy ****

Yeah, like that that has got to be always chipping at your mental well being

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean well you're, I mean, you're always living in that that that sense of of that fight right that?

Fight or flight

And yeah I mean look I

The respect I have for cops is just

It's astronomical, right?

Like you know, being on scenes and and seeing like look, we're we're as firefighter

We're kind of like the way the way I would describe it is is cops are kind of like the dad


Of of of

Dakota Meyer

The country, when they show up like nobody is happy like there's never a time that people are like

You know, like somebody is going to be mad, right? Somebody is mad when the firefighters show up. We're kind of like the cool uncle's. You know what I mean?

Joe Rogan

Yeah, somebody's gonna

Be mad


That's right

Dakota Meyer

Like we we really

Can't what are?

We going to do wrong, right?

Joe Rogan

You're gonna help

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, and then you know when EMS shows up, they're kind of like the the moms, right?

Like they're they're the caring they're going to. They're going to fix it. They're going to. They're going to they the empathy's there

And I'm not saying that all three don't have empathy

I'm just saying that they all have to hold themselves in a different way because they're all there for different role and

You know, being a cop, you know look those, those guys are just

They're incredible because they could go from

Coming over and and you know, miss miss whoever miss you know Miss Nancy or whatever Miss Smith you know she's

Having you know she might think somebody's at her house, or you know, maybe the next door neighbor is a little too loud and you know he's gotta handle it one way and then the next person that he pulls over

He could walk up to a car they could walk up to a car could

Pull a gun

And shoot him yeah and and and they have to be ready

For everything right?

Yeah, those guys are just

They're they're different

They have to live a different

Joe Rogan

Life, you know, totally different life than everybody else

And we expect them to just be able to do it and be able to handle it

Dakota Meyer

When you know and the factor we don't take into account

You know?

Is the humanisation factor right like?

I mean, are you always on when you're having a bad day?

You know I mean like like the there, you know they their kid could have been late from school



Dakota Meyer

They could have a sick kid

They could be arguing with their wife, sure

I mean like her husband or whatever right?

And and we we don't ever look at that

And say, you know

Well, what did they just go through?

What what, what, what's going on there?

Like they they literally show up?

To fix everybody else's problems

You know, while they have to deal with their

Own yeah

And they're scrutinized on how they do

Joe Rogan

It not just scrutinized, but you know they FCK up

It ruins their entire life

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, you know, every

Is on the

Joe Rogan

Line, yeah, it's some, it's a

Very very very difficult job

And I don't think it gets nearly the respect that it deserves, and all we concentrate on is the ones that suck the the cops that suck at their job

The cops that are ******** or the cops that are abusive and that's what we think about

Dakota Meyer

That's it

Joe Rogan

We did, you know?

We think about cops that plant evidence cops that shoot people unnecessarily

That's all we

Dakota Meyer

Think about because they're the only ones

They get attention, right?

Like they're the only ones you see

I mean, it's kind of like everything

It's kinda like everything like like you only see the bad ones

The media loves to focus on the bad ones because guess what?

Feet and fear

Makes money

You know, I I truly believed it

Look and and love will go further than hate and fear

Love, love, love

100% Go further right and

But hate and fear every like

Think about anytime you feel fear or you hate

That was put into you by somebody else 90% of the time. Like look at this stuff we're scared of

Because somebody told us

Right because?

You know what I mean?

It's like like what?

Joe Rogan

Kind of stuff

Do you mean I mean like?

Dakota Meyer

I don't know like

Sometimes I you know I'll get anxiety about

Well, I mean, we're just like right now like, well, you know

Well, let's go pull our how about this toilet paper

Joe Rogan

You get anxiety out toilet paper

Dakota Meyer

No, I'm no

I'm saying like no, no no

I'm saying like no

I'm saying like whenever whenever the pandemic hit

Joe Rogan

Right, you know?

Dakota Meyer

It's contagious, right?

Like freaking out fear is contagious

Somebody seeing somebody go buy toilet paper and it's like then they say you know toilet paper is all out right like

Like it's it's all

These things are contagious and it's like fear sales fear



Joe Rogan


Dakota Meyer

I mean what like if you thought about it

What was toilet paper going to do for you in this right?

And at the end of the day?

At the end of the day, like we could live without toilet paper, you know what I mean?

Like it's not a survival instinct

Joe Rogan

I think what happened during the pandemic was people were tested in a way that they had never been tested before

Like we had, we had never experienced a moment in our life where there was a real fear that society was going to be completely disrupted and that, uh, a disease was going to ravage everybody, and even though it turned out to be a terrible disease

It wasn't nearly as bad as what we were fearful of

What we were fearful of was some kind of plague that would just wipe everybody out, and that I think that initial mindset that people had was very difficult to shake

Even now that you know COVID this new variant, this omicron is not nearly as dangerous

It's much more contagious

But not nearly as deadly

There's some people that still want to treat it like it's the thing that's going to kill everybody

They still want to have this sort of same mindset because that's the initial mindset they have

So I think when people were stockpiling toilet paper and stockpiling food, there was a fear, fear, mindset, a mindset of the unknown

That gripped people that a lot of folks are just not

Willing to let go of

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, yeah, I mean I yeah

I mean, that's a whole

That's a whole thing that I don't

Yeah, I don't understand

You know what I mean?

Joe Rogan

Well, you know you've experienced a lot of like real danger, and you know real life threatening situations

Dakota Meyer

But we're all at different

Joe Rogan

You've seen people you've taken lives

You've seen people you know lives leave their body

It's a, you know, the level

That's the thing that I, one of the things that I truly appreciate about veterans is you don't

To do what they do, unless you've experienced massive amounts of diversity just getting through

I mean you're talking

If you're talking about someone who's a seal just getting through buds

I mean, what ******* percentage of human beings that walk around could do that very few?

Dakota Meyer

Non nominated

Joe Rogan

Very few

They're different humans, you know, and it's because they've overcome adversity

And for some people

Any kind of thing that throws their regular routine off track will **** them up

Hey Jamie, can you tell Jeff to bring in the coffee and and cups with water too with?

No cups for the water

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean but but don't you think that like?

You know the people who haven't

I mean, the only way you know you don't have you don't get exposed to adversity

Is by fear right?

And so again, yeah, whatever is holding you back from doing what you want to do

Or trying things or experiencing things, yeah

It's never as bad

I mean, obviously there are some things that are as bad, but most of the time

You know you've been so worried about something, and it's not really as bad as you thought it was, right?

Joe Rogan

Most of the time, yeah

Dakota Meyer

Insult, and so that's my thing is

It's like, why were you?

Why were you fearful of it?


Like they're like we

I don't think that we were born with fear

I mean, I think we were born with like natural survivability and and instinct, right?

But I don't think you're you're born with

You're definitely not born with hate

Joe Rogan

Right, yeah, you're definitely not born with hate

I mean, I think some people are born

I mean, I think unfortunately

I mean, I'm just guessing I'm not really a psychologist, but I think unfortunately there's a certain level of fear and anxiety

I think kids do adapt or adopt rather from their parents

I think there's

Some of it might even be in their genes

You know people that are neurotic and and weirded out

Maybe they're modeling their parents

Maybe they're paying attention to how their parents handle things and they they handle

Things similarly for

Sure, or maybe it's it's passed down

I think there's a lot of **** that's passed down to people

You know, I really do

Just like there's a lot of positive traits that get passed down to people

I think there's a lot of negative ones too

Unfortunately, and I think

You know your children learn in many ways, whether it's through genes or whether they should experience

They learn through in many, many ways through the way

The parents handle stuff

Dakota Meyer

But do you think?

Do you think that that's in your your DNA or do you think that that's because that's how you seen it done, right?

Like you know what I mean, like?


We both

Joe Rogan

Yeah, it could be both, but I also think it's like

You I think you need some challenges

You know some of my favorite people besides veterans or or, uh, jujitsu people and one of the reasons why is 'cause they experience so much adversity like, and I mean like it's it's safe

It's, you know, it's all controls and a controlled environment, but in that moment when someone is trying to strangle you

You're you're literally fighting for your life

It doesn't feel safe

It doesn't feel controlled

Someone got your back and that that forearm goes underneath your neck and you're like, oh **** like you won't

You know the reality is you're playing a game, and that game is I'm going to kill you with my bare hands and when that guy gets your back and gets your neck he just killed you

And then you tap and you go again

But even though you survive, and even though it's safe, it's a way of recreating

It's like a facsimile

You know

It's like a reasonable version of a life or death scenario that gets to play out all the time

Most of the time it's very peaceful most of the time

It's fun

You swap hands, it's all good, but there's moments in these struggles where you're out of breath and then all of a sudden this guy mounts you and you're like, oh **** like those moments, most people never experience that thing where you you have to push because you either you're going to escape or you're going to submit and

Having moments in your life where you really test it

Gets you to understand who you are, gets you to understand where your character lies, gets you, understand what, what your thresholds are, what what, your where your strengths are, where your weaknesses are lets you strengthen those weaknesses in a very real, usable way

I think most people they don't experience enough difficult scenarios in their life and one of the things that I love most about jiu jitsu is you could just take a regular person and you could transform them

And and through this difficult game that you're playing, you can change the way you interface with reality you'll

You'll have more character

You'll have more more ability to withstand difficult situations

They'll be more normal for you

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean yeah, I mean look you you until you've gone through it

I call it the lens of life

You know your lens gets shaped on what to focus on by what you've seen through it right and and kind of prioritizing

You know football was that for me

I mean, I, I do

I don't

I don't roll enough, but like I do jujitsu

But like you know, football was that for me growing up was it was about getting hit and about about having to get back up right about someone stopping you

I mean, it was a team sport

It was you're relying on other people to help protect you

You're not going to win a football game by yourself

You know it was kind of like that

About, you know lose lose 5 yards and then have to get back up and try to get it again

You know that was what it was for me

Growing up was that was my contact sport about, you know look, you can look over and see what guys are going to are going to rock your bill right?

And that was kind of what it was for me

Look, I love jujitsu too

I mean, jujitsu is exactly what you're talking about

I mean, there's nothing more more nerve wracking than someone being on top of you and you can't

Breathe right, like in 'cause at that point they have control of you

At that point, they're deciding your fate

Yeah, I mean, yeah, I mean, we could, you know, we could roll jiu jitsu and if they get their arm around your neck, I mean they get to decide if they let go, you know, and it's it's a real vulnerability and test of of you being there, right?

I mean, the more experience you have in adversity and tough times and and and coming out of it and

In trying to figure out and I think that's the cool thing about jiu jitsu is

As you roll and then you try to figure out

OK, so obviously when you when you have to tap that was not where you wanted to

Be right, how did?

Joe Rogan

You get there

Dakota Meyer

How did I get there, right?

Like what did I do wrong, right?

And isn't there so much to be to be?

To be said about that, like what?

If we did that in life

Like check I got here I messed up but the problem is in life

Now we're the way the world is now

You can't, you can't go back like you can't say

Oh well, I did the best I could right there

I wouldn't do it again, and this is how I would fix it, because now like the world just doesn't accept it like it's almost like the ha ha gotcha, right?

Like it's a it's a, it is just to apologize at this day and age

Like means you're done like it's almost like apologies or

It just means it's going to be brought up and held against you forever

It's like you just admitted

To what they were right about, and it's like

How does that make sense?

Like how do you get better from not messing up?

Like how do you get better from?

I mean I messed up every single day and I just apologize and I mean it

I mean it when I'm sorry like I don't want to hurt

Joe Rogan

Anybody people would say at a certain point in time, if you keep apologizing for the same thing, you're just getting away with apologizing

You're not fixing yourself, right?

Dakota Meyer

But that's the difference, right, is?

That's one thing, but it's a difference for me to just apologize when I'm sorry like I messed, hey



Dakota Meyer

Sorry I didn't

You know this is how I I didn't understand how this made you feel, or I didn't mean to

Do that like

Joe Rogan

Who you being?

It's just being honest

Dakota Meyer

It's just being

Joe Rogan

It's what it

Is yeah, yeah, I think that's

Dakota Meyer

It's just being honest

Joe Rogan

One of the most important things for person

What what I was getting at with the jujitsu analogy is that

The the difficulty

Is it's it transfers into your life and it can enhance you, but it seems like the difficulty of combat is way more intense and way more insane and obviously way more intense

Way more insane, but way more difficult to overcome and to learn things from

It's like it seems like for a lot of the combat veterans that I talked to

Their their experiences are kind of like burned in their brain in some way where it's not like you're I mean, sure, I'm sure they're stronger because of the adversity they've been through, but also some of it is too much

And it just leaves them schucking

Yeah, you know, they used to call it Shellshock

Remember, I mean that's what they used to call it before it was PTSD, but troops were coming back from Vietnam

They called them ******* shell shocked

Dakota Meyer

And I think I mean, I think

That was me for a long time

For sure

I mean, I was me for a long time

Joe Rogan

Like did you get counseling for that?

Did you like how did?

Dakota Meyer

You I went to Mexico

Joe Rogan

What was in Mexico?

Dakota Meyer

I I went down and I did Ibogaine

Joe Rogan

Did we talk about that the first time you're on the podcast?

Dakota Meyer

No afterwards

Joe Rogan

I think I did

Oh, really interesting

Dakota Meyer

But yeah, I know I went to

Joe Rogan

How was that?

Dakota Meyer

I gave me my life back

I mean, it gave me my life back like

I went down and

I just got to the end and I talked about in this book

You know I was going through my divorce

Gosh, I did you talk about not knowing what was next?

I mean literally

You know, just gosh, I was just I was melting down

Just melting down from the inside and

And finally, like one of my friends looked at me and he's like he's like, hey?

I just went and did this

This is the date you're going

You need to go do this and it's at that point, like

You know I grew up in

In Kentucky and I I, I mean I grew up with

Weed is bad

Right, I mean all this right, you know, I mean

And and for me, it was just such a

It was just such A to think that I was going

To go do psychedelics



Dakota Meyer

It was just like such

A like it was like a moral thing for me, right?

I mean, it was a moral moral dilemma, dilemma, yeah, and

But I I mean it was all I had left, and I knew that

For my daughters, I needed to do something can

Joe Rogan

You describe the experience

Yeah, I

Dakota Meyer

Mean I went down and where where did you go?

To like flew into San Diego and then we just went across the border somewhere

Joe Rogan

I don't like those like close to

Dakota Meyer

Tijuana, the South of that like start with a E so I don't know where it was

But went down there and took it, took the

I began at like 8:00 PM at night on Friday

And I kicked in like an hour later

And he was

He was like I was walking through this

Like gloomy city

I was kind of walking through a gloomy city like it, like overcast

That makes sense, yeah, and I just remember, like I went into this one room

And it was like, I mean, I could see the street signs and everything like I went in this one room and

I walked out on the stage and there was like all these people in this room

And it was like they were going by like you know, like those old slide like slide shows like they're just spinning by and I was seeing these people when I was in there and I just felt this like disliked everybody

Was disappointed in me

Like I see all these people and I just felt like all this disappointment

I was like running around like going up to people like why like what did I do?

What can I fix like how can I fix this?

Like what did I do wrong?

Like I'm sorry and it was

Like all these people that

That I just people in my life

Like I could see their faces, people in my life that I've tried so hard to be good enough for and you just you hit it, you ain't gonna be good enough for him, right?

And so I left that room I was in there for a few hours and

I left that room and then I was walking through the town and

I would go up and I would look at these like

The like these fuel gauges I could see these fuel gauges and they were like it had

E for empty

Or yeah E for empty and then F

It was meant like finished

And everything was like this, far from finished

It was like I never finished anything

And then I seen this like beautiful ball light

And I went to it

And in it was like my daughters playing and I just felt like so much peace

And then there was like obviously like different moments of

I never forget this one moment in it

I I just like I almost like

Oh, 'cause I mean, you could see

I mean, I could like open my eyes, I mean it

Is really blurry but like

I was I was present right and I was going to just ask the doctor like I was like

I just don't want to be here anymore

Like I can't do this and

I I knew that he was going to say there's nothing I can do about it

So I stayed there and I just remember it breaking my ego

I remember focusing on my I remember like fighting

It just like

Just realizing that

That all this was ego that my ego just

The best way to describe it was like it didn't make me like you know, like when you drink like you kind of feel numb

This is like my soul like it was like it was just it just like

It was like my soul had gone through a workout like like a a workout on it, right?

Like just an asskicking workout

And it just broke my ego

You know, like it just

It just showed me so much about my ego and there was just

I just remember like at one point I was like I don't care

I don't even care anymore

I don't care what people think I don't care like I'm I'm not gonna live by what people think I just I remember just like just all I could just say

Back and forth

Was I don't care

I don't care

I don't know what happened while I was tripping and so I was on it until from 8:00 PM on Friday night and I came out of it at like 2 or 3:00 PM on Saturday

Joe Rogan

This is why you were tripping

Dakota Meyer

And I came out of it and I was mad

The guy that sent me there

I was so mad at I was like this



Dakota Meyer

I didn't need this

I was like I didn't need to feel like this

I felt terrible

Joe Rogan

Like how you?

Why are you mad at him?

Dakota Meyer

Well, 'cause I was like you know you

You said you told me this is going to help me and I didn't need to see all my problems right?

It kind of like just brought my problems out and made me look at them and realized that

That I need to do something to change these and

Joe Rogan

So why would you be mad at?

Dakota Meyer

Him then, well, I was mad because he sent me there and I thought he was going to help me

And I felt like it made me worse, right?

In that moment you did in that moment, and then I did DMT the next day

Five me, oh

And it was that that was what brought it all together

The next day we did five MO and I was so like

I was down, I was depressed

I was like upset because it just like

I just I was like, gosh I just didn't

Need to see

Joe Rogan

All this, but why?

I don't understand

If you think it's beneficial, why were you upset at him that you did?

Why and why do you think you did indeed to see it?

Dakota Meyer

Well, what I'm saying is, is all of it together was beneficial that I

Joe Rogan

But the Bible game by itself wasn't

Dakota Meyer

The ibogaine well, I mean no

I think it opened Pandora's box for me, right?

Joe Rogan

Like 'cause it made you think

About things

That you, but isn't it better maybe to think about them than to?

Suppress them in the back of your head

Dakota Meyer

I mean, the experience like it, just it was like an asskicking, right?

It was just like he was like the ultimate asskicking

It was miserable like I was throwing up

I'm saying it's good for you I'm saying like but when I put it together with the DMT and I did the DMT the next day it brought it all back together right like

You know, after I did the DMT

I'll never forget like we, I I took, you know I took the hit of it and I laid back

And it was like I was gone through this tube

It was just like this tube, like almost like a water slide, right?

Joe Rogan

Right, yeah I've done

And you feel like you're in the center of the universe or something like you don't exist anymore

Dakota Meyer

It's beautiful, it was beautiful

It was so beautiful like the white that I seen was like

There's no white, there's no color here that could ever do like same



Joe Rogan


Dakota Meyer

It's so beautiful

I felt so much love

Like it was like pure love, it was like

How I felt

Like whenever I met my kids, you know, like whenever I was there, when when Hadley was born when I met Saylor like the love that I have for them

It was like that, but times a million you could just feel it and it was like so good like it

It just showed that like there is good and

For me, I put it together and it's like it's inside me

Goods inside of us

Feeling good like like those good things are inside of us and it's just our ego that keeps us from feeling and being happy

Joe Rogan

The ibogaine gave you this understanding of

All the conflicts that you've caused and whether it's a interrelational with other people or even with yourself by not finishing things and not following through on things

Do you think that it was trying to show you that some part of your problems lie in the fact that maybe you don't respect your own efforts?

Like when you when you look at that you haven't finished things you think like

It was showing you that you don't ever respect for yourself 'cause you

You don't respect the the effort that you put into things

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I think it showed me that like

Yeah, I mean I think it I think

I think it showed me that like yeah, 'cause I don't write like I don't

I look at

I look at everything as well

If you do good, well that was what you were supposed

To do right

And if you like the only thing that I've

And I still I still struggle with it, right?

Like the only thing that I feel is like

Whenever I mess up, you know, like like if I just I live in this mindset of well, I can always be better so I just I

You know, like I stay focused on that aspect of it of like

What did I do wrong?

It's a hard thing

It's a hard balance

Because I always want to be better, I always want to be

I always want to be better

I want to

Give you my best

And you know, like so, I think that that was what it kind of showed me, was that

Hey, you know like?

Like it's, it's OK to, you know you can do your

Best and as long as you do your best, that's what matters

As long as you're intense, good

That's what matters, like you're gonna mess up like that's normal

And I think it was like it

It gave me like I don't know, maybe a little

Grace on myself of

You know 'cause I just

Have this I have this problem of

I just always want to do more

You know I always wanna do more for people

You know, and it's just it's like

I don't know like it's it's

It plays against me

A lot you

Joe Rogan

Always want to do more for people

Do you always want to do more for yourself as well?

Do you always want to do more in terms of like the effort that you put towards things like?

When you say you always want to do more, is it just with doing things for people?

Dakota Meyer

I mean, yeah, I mean

Like I I don't

I mean

Like the more I can help myself, the more I can help people

You know, like I, I like if I could do anything in the world like I would take all the pain off of everybody else, right?

Like I don't

I don't want anybody to hurt, you know?

And and I just

I think that everything that I do is about trying to

Help people

You know, like that's kind of what?

What I?

I find fulfilling is seeing people happy

Joe Rogan

Well, that's a beautiful thing, man. I mean, that's a great way to think about life too. If if you enjoy making people happy and you know how to make people happy, you know there's things you can do that can enhance people's happiness

You know we were talking before this podcast about a guy that you pulled out of a truck that went into a pond

And it is as a fireman

Crazy experience that you had where you just tell the story because it's it's really not

It's ******* nuts

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, there was a

And obviously I can't get in many details of it, but there was

We had a call

We have a lot

I get to serve with a lot of great people

And I call it a truck had like

Gone underwater inside of a pond rolled up and where we were

We were initially told that it was stuck on the side of the pond

And I had no clue that it was going to be underwater

Got there and couldn't see the truck

And so

I gone over the fence and another guy come come with me and started going to this pond 'cause I see two people standing on the side of it

And I thought they were already out or the the guy drove off whatever who knows

And so

Get there and I could see this little like White square out in the middle of the pond and this woman goes

She said he's still in there

And I said in the truck

And she said, yes, he's in the truck

And I mean it was her son, her son, or somewhere they were related

Joe Rogan

And hurt

Dakota Meyer

Some I don't know there, her son or somebody

At some point they were related

She said he's still in there

They had watched us all happen

She's they were the ones that called

And so I started taking

I was in full bunker gear, you know, like our our turn out gear

And so I took took the code

I took my coat off, took my pants off

And Doug other guys are showing up on scene at same time

And so I did. We jumped in. John jumped in, the water, swam out to the truck, and then as soon as I got out there, you know the truck was probably 3 1/2 four feet deep

The top of it was and so

I I swam down to try to see if the windows were unlocked or were open

I thought the window might be open and it wasn't, and so then I thought to myself

Well, where's my window punch at?

Well, it's in my bunker gear that's on the side of the

Of the of the pond, and I was so mad at myself at this time

My my buddy Eric and my buddy Jonathan jumped in right behind

Started swimming out there, no questions asked

I mean just 'cause they knew it was just to get down his time to time to do it and

They get out there and then

This one of the police officers threw me her baton so got it and then I couldn't bust the window open with it

I couldn't get enough leverage underwater and my buddy Eric

I mean this dude is like he's

Jacked right so

He's just he's just beating this window and beats it

Beats it open

And he beat the back window open

I told him beat the back window

Open first was

A four door truck because I was afraid the guy was still

Conscious and I

I was afraid that he was going to reach out and grab me and drown me

So I was like if I can come in through the back window

He can't

Just meet

You know immediately grab me, but I couldn't get into the back window 'cause I was like the truck was full of stuff like it



Dakota Meyer

The whole back seat was full of stuff

So then Eric beats the front window out and so he did

So then he I dove down, dove in the truck

And the guy was in there and he was

He was up like he's floating

And you couldn't see 'cause it's in a pond, but he was up against kind of like the roof of the truck inside and

I I tried to, I tried to reach in and grab him or reach and grabbed him and I just kind of felt where his up at top and I grabbed his collar of his shirt 'cause I knew I could just get him out of the window which is pretty tight to fit a person through a window right?

So pulled him out and whenever I did I kind of like

Sank because like I had him with me

And I just knew I couldn't let him go, because if I did let him go, I'd never find him right in the pond and

Yeah, I thought I was going to drown

Joe Rogan

How deep is the pound?

Dakota Meyer

Probably 10 feet deep, eight 810 feet deep

But it's more at the bottom, so I tried to push off the bottom with my feet and my buddy

He ended up grabbing me, got me by my belt

I guess I've kind of been like went over a little bit but grabbed me by my belt and pulled me up

We get to the top and the guys obviously he drowned and so we swam him back

Myself, Eric and and and Jonathan

Swimming back to shore

Got him up on shore and then you know everybody kicked in and started doing CPR

He was breathing on his own

By the time the helicopter landed, and you know, we had we had Tiffany there who was just an incredible, you know, just the the EMS people were just incredible

Joe Rogan

How do you get the water out of?

Dakota Meyer

Someone's lungs when they do that where you start doing suction

Right so you'll they

They put an eye gel in

To establish an airway, but you know getting CPR going, they put airway in and they started doing suction

I don't know how much fluid she brought off, but you know they they really ton of fluid off of him just doing continuous suction

Joe Rogan

So what would you do?

If you didn't have equipment there

Dakota Meyer

I mean, you just I mean compressions right?

Compressions and trying to you know bag trying to get as much water as you can off you know they they might

They might aspirate, you know, trying to keep that aspiration out of the lungs, right?

And it's and me, you know, the next day myself, Eric and and Jonathan, we actually had to go to the doctor

'cause we?

We all have aspiration pneumonia right now

From it from

Joe Rogan

This just happened

Dakota Meyer

Yeah I have

Yeah yeah I got

I got aspiration pneumonia right?

It's with my cough is

From when did this happen?

Joe Rogan

How long wow?

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, but but you know, look the guy we you know we get updates every day 'cause we all

I mean, you know we all we all want this guy to make it

Come on

And he, I mean he's off life support, he's talking

Joe Rogan

Wow, how long was it in there for?

Dakota Meyer

Just just

I know that we weren't seeing from the time that we got there until the time we pulled him out. I mean, he's probably 10-12 minutes

But you know, you don't know

You don't know how long

Joe Rogan

Was he in there before that drive?

Dakota Meyer

The air was in the truck or how long there was, you know something you know breathing room in the truck you



Dakota Meyer

Know right ****

But it's like look, I'm surrounded by giants

I'm a man surrounded by giants, I'm like

When people talk about like oh, the world is going to **** or you know there's

There's just bad people

I just

You just come hang out with me for a day

You should see the people I'm surrounded by

Just like incredible people who

Would give their shirt off their back who were just

Awesome dads, awesome moms

Just awesome people you know

Just really really good people who

Who do good things and I'm surrounded by them

I'm so fortunate to to be surrounded by

Joe Rogan

Such this people that you know from the fire

Dakota Meyer

Department fire department

I mean, just in every day, right?

I mean, you know, look, I mean, I get to

Tim Kennedy, right? I mean?

Just you talk about a guy

That loves, you know you talk about a guy that just wants to help people

I mean I do

Always trying to make something

Joe Rogan

Better he's amazing person

Dakota Meyer

But yeah, people in the fire department people just at my gym, right?

You know people coming to the gym and and coming in there at 5:00 AM every morning and working out and just trying to be better

Joe Rogan

Than all those people are real

There are people like that

Dakota Meyer

They really liked out there everywhere

Joe Rogan

Yeah they are

There's just not that many of them in terms of like comparison

To the regular

Dakota Meyer

People, but you have to be one of them for

Them to come hang around you

You have to like good people, good people don't hang

Out with bad

People, that's true

Joe Rogan

That's true, and also one of the ways that a person becomes a good person is being around a person like that

And then realizing that like wow, the effect that person has on me in terms of like the inspiration they provide me in terms of like the way you can see a person behave and how much admiration you have for them

And you like you

Change your behavior patterns to be more like them people

If your friends are all gross like you're probably gonna be gross too


So yeah

Joe Rogan

You know, if your friends are all stealing money and just lying and being ******** all the time, it's like, man, like you don't have a lot

To shoot for no

Dakota Meyer

Nobody is ever


No, not high bar

Dakota Meyer

Nobody is ever

It's kinda like in jujitsu, right?

Like you're, you're never gonna be like if you just roll with the same group like you're never going to be better than like you might

You can only go so far advanced so far, right?

It's the same thing in your environment, right?

Like if if you you're only going to be as good as the best, that that's the most you could be

He's the best person around you

Joe Rogan

Yeah, I wonder

I mean, it depends on what you're reading, what you're trying to do

I mean, thinking people are pretty flexible

You could do a lot, but it's very important to at least

Make the best attempt to be around powerful people and if you

Do that and the best way to do that is yeah, what you're talking about

Be around people at the gym

Be around people that either do jujitsu or something else difficult. Be around firefighters. Be around people that are trying to help people all the time. EMT's

People that are

First, provide you know first responders that are working to try to help people on a daily basis

Dakota Meyer

Or people who are good parents or people who are good husbands and people are good wives

Like all of it, all of it matters

I mean I, and that's how I judge

Like I, I don't say I judge people, but I I evaluate people, the people who are around me, the people I invest

My time is like

If you've got money in stocks, do you just say I don't care what it is?

I don't care how it's doing

I don't care what it's going to do, right?

No, you don't 'cause it's your money you'll you'll lose there, right?

And I I feel the same way as

Is with my time, my time is equity

You know you have emotional equity

You have time, that's equity and I'm going to invest it in people

That that are making me better that are helping me in some way not helping me but like making me a better person and I just

It's a simple formula for me is like

If you're not somebody that if I die today that I want my daughters to to be around without need you around me

Joe Rogan

Yeah, and if you can do that, you can eliminate a lot of problems in your life with people that are just

It's it's unfortunate because I do want people to do better in life, but there's certain people that you just gotta cut em loose they

They just wherever they are

At this moment, there's they're too far away from where you need them to be

And if you hang out with them, they're just gonna keep creating problems

Then one of the ones that drives me the most nuts is people that create create constant problems and then they get like this sort of

Emotional charge out of resolving the problems so they create a problem and then they resolve the problem and then they get it

They get addicted to that sort of seesaw thing, where they're always like in a squabble with someone, and then they, you know, I'm sorry and everybody makes up

We're good now, yeah, we're good now

And then you know they'll find another one to be involved in, yeah?

Dakota Meyer

It's chaos, they're just constant chaos, right?

Joe Rogan

It's people that are just

They're not only are they not at peace, but they're nowhere even near the road

You know you're not on the road to peace

You're on the road to occasional reconciliation with people and a lot of people get into those relationships with with you know boyfriends and girlfriends like that

They they get into these things where they fight

They argue with each other and then they make up and they get addicted to the making up part and

Then you know, don't you?

But don't you

Dakota Meyer

Think that becomes like normal, right?

Like like sometimes, like you get in that and it just becomes it

You know it becomes a normal thing like so that this becomes enormous, like in a relationship

You know nobody starts off

By beating each other right like

It starts off by saying, you know you know like **** you right and then it well that becomes normal, right?

And every time the bars pushed a little bit further, run it further, and the next thing you know, it's just



Dakota Meyer

It's toxic and it's just bad, and it's like

You know, we just lose respect for each other and it happens

I mean, it's it

Can happen so fast if you don't

Joe Rogan

Pay attention you can, and that that I mean for a guy that's horrible

But for a woman, it's worse because a woman has to worry physically about her

Her safety from a guy you know that's

When you know you have daughters, as do I, and that's one of the scariest thoughts is that someone's gonna

**** your daughter up

Beat them up or

Do something terrible to him

It's like

The fact that men are capable of that is just such a horrific

Aspect of life, you know, 'cause most people aren't capable of that most people would never do that

But the people that would do that, they're real

They're out there

You know?

Dakota Meyer

And how do you prep them for it?

Joe Rogan

I that's a good ******* question

How do you you know?

I mean, I think one way is by setting an example

The way you treat people, that's what they're going to expect from other people

You know the way you treat your wife the way you treat your

You know the people that are around you

They're going to expect that

'cause, that's what?

Dakota Meyer

You know if you're hanging out with custom, if you're hanging out with ****** people and they

See you doing that

They're gonna hang out with ****** people, right?

Yeah, and and that's why I go back to my circle, right?

My circle is

It's it's literally everything and

You know, like with my daughters look, I'm

I'll be the longest person they'll ever date

I'll be the longest man they'll date and how I treat them

Is what they're gonna think

Is is like they're gonna measure everybody to me

And so if they start dating ****** guys down the road, I should probably look in the mirror

My example that I said to them is and not just

Not just that I'm, you know, I'm good to my daughters and that I'm respectful to women

But then I I work hard and that I I I serve the community, and that I I continue to try to better myself and and I accept responsibility for for my actions and

All these things, like they're watching everything and that is it

It's going to program them to someday

Like you know, we automatically as as parents

We automatically have whatever you want to call it, like streetcred with their children, and that's how they learn too

To handle problems, and that's how they handle you

Know relationships and things like that

And it's just so important that you know my daughters are my accountability factor

Like I look at it and it's like I try to treat people the way that I would want someone to treat my daughters

Joe Rogan

Now when you talk about that, I began experience about how it bothered you, that you know you had to think

About all these times we disappointed people or all the people that were upset at you

What about that was what was so frustrating about that?

Was it that you had already gotten through that and put it aside and now it's like rehashing it and just making you feel like **** Or was it just that you were confronted with reality?

Dakota Meyer

I think

Joe Rogan

I mean, you didn't like it

Dakota Meyer

I think it's just like

There's just some people that

I mean you're not going to

You're never going to be

Good enough for right?

You know, and and it doesn't

It's not necessarily you it, I mean

Joe Rogan

Sometimes it does

Dakota Meyer

I mean, well, I mean yeah

Joe Rogan

Sometimes it's just them, yeah

Dakota Meyer

But again again, sometimes it's just them, right?

And but I didn't see the people

I didn't see the people

Not the people I ****** over

I didn't see them

You know, I've seen like

You know, I mean I, I seen people like family members that that

You're like, well, you know why?

Why was it like this for me, right?

You know?

That was

You know that that was an aspect of

Look, I just let it go like you know, that's kind of what that's all the stuff I seen with Ibogaine was kind of like just let it go

Just let it go right

It wasn't it wasn't

I didn't see the things that like I didn't see anything about combat

I didn't see you know, I didn't see anything like that

I just seen the things that I let control me that I couldn't control

Joe Rogan

So as I began, just like the way I've heard it described, is that it's ruthlessly introspective

It's like it

Makes you see things that maybe you've been avoiding thinking about

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean look, we all know if we all sit down and we truly want to see it

We all kind of know

Why we are the way we are

Everything adds up, right?

Like it's just like we don't want to

We don't want to face it

And I began makes you face it like you're going to sit there

And it's going to keep you there until you've seen enough of

Joe Rogan

It you know, are you hallucinating?

Why are you doing?

Dakota Meyer

This I mean I

I mean, it is like I'm really there, but I mean I can open my eyes

And stand up if I mean the world spinning, but

You know, like

Joe Rogan

But when you close your eyes, it's like you're there, so it's like you're rehashing memories or like


Oh yeah, you did

Dakota Meyer


Joe Rogan

Is that what it is?

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, it's it's

It's really like

I liked it because

The people that I seen like

Obviously I wasn't walking through a city, but the people that I seen were real the the, the moments that I was watching myself like how I talked to people like there was a piece of that right like

Were was real moments

It was like I was sitting in a stadium

Watching myself from a like a a different point of view

Yeah, and

Does that make sense?

It was real

It was real, like it wasn't like I was seeing like crazy

Crazy, you know

Alternate reality

It was real is real people

It was real situations it was

Real things

Joe Rogan

Now was it a replica of what you'd experienced, or was it?

Not so was it situations that never really occurred

Dakota Meyer

Well, I mean obviously they're walking to to onto the stage

Well, I was not, you know, obviously all these people weren't in one room, but but their faces were real

They were real people in my life

They were there

They were real people

So I mean obviously there was like a balance to it

But it was like all of it made sense if

That makes sense, like every bit of it like I knew what it was telling me

Joe Rogan

So it's like you walked onto a stage and then the audience was all filled with people that you've had conflicts with

Dakota Meyer

Or just like people that I don't feel like you know, people, I feel like I've that

Joe Rogan

You let down or

Dakota Meyer

That I, you know that that make me feel like I let

Them down when when I don't think I when in in in and when I look at it logically I I didn't you know I mean like

And there was just, you know, there was a lot of

Joe Rogan

That and so you get out of that you do DMT

Dakota Meyer

Yeah the next day

Joe Rogan

You put it all together because of those two experiences

Dakota Meyer

When I come

Joe Rogan

And then what is life like right after that?

Dakota Meyer

You know, before but so before I went down there

I mean, I was having an anxiety

Attack a week

Joe Rogan

Like what does what?

What happens during your anxiety attacks?

Dakota Meyer

You know, like I'll wake up throwing up like I'd be in the floor like throwing up crying

Just like can't control it

Joe Rogan

And it's but when you say anxiety, like what are you thinking?

Dakota Meyer

You know I, I just did how much of a failure I am

Joe Rogan

That's what it was, yeah failure

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean, that's probably

And look, I'm not gonna say those thoughts go away

You know, like while I'm on that truck

I was on that truck the other day

All I was telling myself was just like

You know I could just I can remember it vividly have

You're a ***** ** **** Look at this

This is you like you, you didn't bring the window punch with you

How could you mess up so bad now?

This guy is going to die because of you and then I'm watching my friends from out there and I'm just thinking to myself like oh, look at you, you're an idiot and now you've brought them in here and now they're gonna drown and you're gonna you're gonna get your friends killed and then you know I mean like it was just like the whole time I'm literally like my brain

He's just talking **** to me of like

Yeah, you know what?

Like you're you're not going to

You're not going to be able to get this guy out now because you didn't train hard enough, right?

Like it's

Just like all these

Things like just just just beating it right?

And I don't know why it works that way right?

But it it works for me

Joe Rogan

When you when?

Dakota Meyer

A lot too though

Joe Rogan

You were growing up

Did you have parents that were very critical of you?

Dakota Meyer

You know, I mean like there was accountability

Everything was black and white, right?

Like everything was accountability, right?

You know, I mean look my dad, my grandpa

I mean I I grew up with my mom until I was like 10

And then I I went over to my dad and you know my dad, my dad is one of my dad and my grandfather and my grandmother like they're just

The greatest people I've ever met, and I if I can be half of them, I'll be somebody

But it was just

Like it was more of a

There's right and wrong, there's you

Joe Rogan

Know, but was there?

A thing back then about you not being good enough

Oh, nothing

Dakota Meyer

No, no never

Joe Rogan

So why do you have that thought in your head now?

Do you think like why?

Why do you?

Dakota Meyer

Because I couldn't say my team

You know, like

Joe Rogan

So is that when it started, yeah

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean

You know, and then the metal

Just made it worse

Joe Rogan

And for people who don't know what you're talking about, we had a long conversation about this on the the first podcast that we did together, and it's

Harrowing story, I mean it's wild **** what you went through

And I would just tell people this

Go listen to that

Yeah, so you have to say it again

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, but that that's where it comes from, you know, like

You know, I

I don't know like I when I walked in that valley that day like I truly thought that I was

I thought I was

Good at something, right?

I mean, I put the work in and like I, I thought I was good and and you know I

I really thought it

I don't know

I mean, obviously it shows my naiveness but I just I never thought that there would be a situation that I couldn't get my teammates out of right

And I thought that if anybody was ever gonna get killed, it was going to be me

Yeah, just like

Just like wanting to wanting to help them and and and bring them home alive so bad and then just

Getting in there and and they're all like they're all dead

And so it was just like

I just feel like I let him down, right?

Like I, I just feel like I let him down, you know

And so

And then you come back home

And and

Then you get this Medal of Honor

So like it's just it's such a

It's such a mental, you know

Mental mental jujitsu with myself of

I got a medal for failing

You know and and and people are like, oh, you know

But you did so much good

Well, it's like that's not what I set out to do when I went there I set out to go get my teammates out and

So like you

Know people I think I feel like a lot of times people want to change the narrative because they don't

Like the way it feels right?

And I'll never do that because

Because the lesson that I learned from that and the emotions that I get from facing the true results of that day push me to the next level to be able to go out and help people

Joe Rogan

Today so that

That time of your life that was responsible for all of the with whether you would call it self doubt or self judgment like the that that the nasty voice in your head that says you're a loser

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, yeah, I mean I would say

That that's it, right?

Joe Rogan

But even after the ibogaine, and even after the DMT, you still have that voice, because this was just last week

Dakota Meyer

But it doesn't

But the difference is it doesn't control me like I recognize it

Joe Rogan

I know what it is when it's

Dakota Meyer

Like I I know what it is when it's happening and

A lot of times I use it to my

To my advantage

Do you know like?

Like I use it to my advantage to to to give me the edge to push on

Yeah, and I think it helps me

I just think that now I can control it

Know what?

Joe Rogan

Do you know what it is?

I mean like so

But you because you're experiencing it but you know what it is, so you could stop it before it takes over

Instead of allowing it to just overwhelm you

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean like I

18 a day like I know

I mean, I look, I know I'm not a ***** ** **** right?

Like I know, I know that I you

Know I know that I'm a good person like my mind doesn't control

It doesn't make like when it when it's doing this, it doesn't make me believe it right, and I think that you know

I began gave me that by

You know, I guess all floating

This like kind of stuff

It doesn't matter, you know like when when you get emotional like you start focusing on all these things and it's like now I can control that to get back to the logical like?

OK, let's look at logic right?

Like you know what I mean

And just trying to keep that as a balance, but I don't ever want to lose that right

I don't ever want to lose the

That voice

Because that voice is what?

What drives me to push?

Hard, right?

Like what?

What I you know

That I don't ever wanna lose

Joe Rogan

That right so that voice the the critical voice is the thing you think you need to

To push yourself

Dakota Meyer

For me, it's it's what?

What helps me?

Yeah, I mean, obviously it doesn't sound very healthy, does it?

Joe Rogan

It doesn't

I'm like, I'm wondering if there's other I mean

I kind of have a similar thing going on in my head, but I don't ever let it get to the point where

You know, I'm saying you're a loser

You ******** you ******* idiot you

There's I don't have that kind of internal dialogue

But I do recognize that I have to

I have to manage my mind I can't allow

Those kind of thought patterns to spiral in my head, so I don't let him

I don't let him go

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, don't

Joe Rogan

I mean, I think we all get those you know

Those feelings for

Dakota Meyer

Sure, I mean I think we do, and I think that like

You know would would I?

Would I need those?

If I if I wasn't going to continue to put myself in these critical

Probably not right like

You know, I I

It's kind of like whenever I was I was a marine

You know to to do to do what people like Tim Kennedy to do what people like Jocko

You can't be evil people unless you can be evil

Yeah, I mean like if you can't like if you're not willing to

I'm not saying either one of those evil, so let me say that back but for

Me in my mindset like

For me to be able to to

For me to be able to when you fight whether it's in a ring, whether it's with a gun

Did you really comes down to who's?

Who's who's willing to give it all and who's I mean?

Obviously training comes into it but but but you mean if you don't get in the ring you ain't gonna fight

If you, if you're not willing to go get evil with somebody and take their life

You ain't going

To you know what?

Joe Rogan

He's not coming

Dakota Meyer

I mean, come home, you're not coming home and so it's like what?

What level are you willing to get at and?

Joe Rogan

The crazy thing to me has always been that then you ask those people to just rejoin society

And I don't know how much like again, I don't know how much counseling they give you or how much counseling would you

Know how much do?

Dakota Meyer

They give you and then balls

In the military, when you when you're leaving

I mean

So I was fortunate because I got sent home from Afghanistan

I went to, uh

To this rehab Center for like 8 weeks

It didn't make any sense to me at the time because I think it was too close to the event

Joe Rogan

What is the the rehab center?

Dakota Meyer

Like it was, uh, cognitive CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy

I think so

Basically like where you try to re

Reprogram the way you think about things

Or like OK so I you know I

Feel like I was a failure and then you you write it out

I mean it was like this therapy that

It was tough, right and dumb

I so I went to that, but that was like I had this amazing and I I talked about her in the book, Captain Katie Cop

She was a

She was on the Combat Stress team and So what?

When when I was in Afghanistan, when there was a critical incident like this, they would fly in these

And they would like they would try to get on top of it pretty quick, right?

To be there to help and and all this

She did

She did so amazing

I didn't want to talk to her while I was there

So she ended up sending me home from Afghanistan

In December

In November for I got home December 5th

But she like worked out this arrangement to where I could instead of just going back to base, I came straight home 'cause the deployment was still going on and I went to the CBT thing

But I mean you're not really taught about counseling

You're not really like

You know you're just not

It's in the last thing you want to do is

Is like feel like you're weak, right, right?

Like feel like you can't handle it

'cause it's your job

You know it's like it's like this seining like

You know nobody?

I mean I

I wouldn't say anybody judges you because look, we're all we're all suffering and we want people to get help

But just like one of these deals like you know, you don't want to, you don't wanna be like, Oh yeah, that bothers

Joe Rogan

Me yeah yeah the the problem with the strong people, right?

They don't want to ask for help

Dakota Meyer

And I just don't want being inconvenienced

Joe Rogan

Right, that's another thing with strong people, so

This shift that happened after you do the ibogaine and then you do the DMT like what's before and what's after

Like what?

What is the difference afterwards?

Dakota Meyer

You know afterward

I mean, I didn't even I didn't have anxiety



Joe Rogan

So no more anxiety attacks, that's still the same way

How long ago was this?

Dakota Meyer

Two years ago

Joe Rogan

Two years ago, so two years ago, NOx had completely out of your

Dakota Meyer

System yeah wow yeah I mean like

I feel I feel great like I I'm more present

Yeah, I mean like I can be

I can be who I want to be

You know what I mean?

Like I have like it's it's kind of it's awesome like I get to

It's so good it's like so good like I'm I wake up every day and I'm not gonna say every day is the best day of my life but but every day like there's a moment in it that I just look around and I'm just like

How awesome is this right?

Like I can literally look at at my friends and just

You know, I mean, I'll start tearing up just thinking about like how, how awesome it is that I get to be surrounded by such great people

I mean, I mean, I'm sitting here with you right now

You know what I mean?

Like how awesome is that?

You know it's like

It's like I don't deserve any of this, you know, but

I get to do this

Joe Rogan

But who does deserve it then if you don't?

What does that I mean?

When people think like that, I'm always like of

Dakota Meyer

Course you deserve it

Well, I mean, I don't think anybody deserves anything

I think we're worthy of things

Joe Rogan

Yes, but but it's also like that thought like you don't deserve

It means it shouldn't be

Happening to you

Yeah, it's not

Dakota Meyer

I mean

Joe Rogan

It's not just simply you don't deserve it

It's you don't deserve it, so it shouldn't be happening

But like what does that mean?

It's happening well

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, and that's that's

Joe Rogan

I don't

I don't understand that kind of thinking

Dakota Meyer

Well, why, why?

Why would I just?

Why do I deserve your time?

Joe Rogan

Why do I deserve your time well?

Dakota Meyer

I mean, I think it's a

I think it's a

It's a question to me that's called mutual respect

Joe Rogan

Well, it's also just life, you know


It is

Joe Rogan

I think sometimes people complicate their thought process with unnecessary paths

They just go down these like thing you're not gonna get anything out of that you know the why do I deserve this path there's there's nothing there

For you but

Dakota Meyer

But that's a natural path, yes

So that but, and that's what I'm saying is is, that's a natural path that automatically comes in

And instead of, well, riding that path that we know, there's no logic to or good into

It's like I get to do this

How ******

Joe Rogan

Is this?

That's a great way to

Dakota Meyer

Look at it and so like yeah, that's the control we have

We don't have control of what happens to us most of the time

Right, but we

Do have a control on how we look

At it

Joe Rogan

Do you talk in this book about your ibogaine and DMT experience?

Dakota Meyer

I do

Joe Rogan

You do

I do I talk about it, it is

Is it one of the main factors?

Of this idea of the way forward

We just want one of them

Dakota Meyer

It's just one of them, right?

We talk about the circle, you know

I talk about like you know, last time we talked about killing that guy with the rock and I talked about that in there

Joe Rogan

That's just ****** ** thing to say casually

You know that story I had about killing a dude with a rock?

Dakota Meyer

Yeah that one, but I tell I talk about how I like

Like how much that guy did for me and how much he changed my life, which is really cool and dumb

You know, and the more I think about it, like you know how much more he still changes my life today and not in a bad way

But in a good way and

Joe Rogan

How does it change your life in a good way?

Dakota Meyer

I think I think it's what gives me empathy

You know it gives me

It it shows me that I can if I can connect with that guy I can connect with anybody if I can

You know, we all have more things that were related on then we then we do that we're not right and

It's a choice on which side you you choose to pick, right like?

There's only a few things in that that you can do to me that that we're not going to like

That that we're not going to be able to get along about

You know, like you want to mess with my family, you want to mess with people I care about

It's a whole different ball game

But outside that, I don't care what you don't care what you believe

Like are you a good person or?

You not right like it's good or

Bad, what's your intent and?

Him almost killing me

But then just seeing

Watching him die at my hands

And justice

I don't want to say I'm not I didn't like

I don't want to say that I didn't know why I was killing him because he was going to kill me, but



Dakota Meyer

There was just like the reality of like somebody like it's not

One sided right like

The same way that that people were going to be hurt if I died

There were people that were going to be hurt if he died

And I think with that it's like

Trying to be able to see it from somebody elses side is a huge huge tool trying to see

Trying to see somebody else from their view

Is is a really really critical tool?

Before we get all wrapped up in

How we're going to handle?

Things, yeah, that's a

Joe Rogan

Thing that very few people do is try to look at life through this person, especially if you're you have a conflict with a person not like

A you know hand to hand combat situation fighting for your life

But I mean any kind of conflict that people have

It's hard sometimes for people to look at other human beings

And try to imagine what's going on in their head and how they view you and how they view whatever conflict you're 2 engaged in

The two of you are engaged in like it's

It's a good exercise

And it's also it's good

It's good for empathy

It's good to kind of get a sense of

You know how you should communicate with that person?

Think about what it's like to be them

Try to put yourself in that position

And for a lot of people, that's very hard to do

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, yeah, because

When you do that, you have to also check yourself in that

You know, I I feel like for me like I try to go into things of like look I'm going to I'm going to lay it all on the table for you

I never want to miss an opportunity for the fact that I'm afraid that I'm going to get screwed over

I'm going to get hurt

I don't want to miss on getting to know somebody or getting getting having a ****** relationship or being able to to meet somebody or then be my friend

I don't

I'm not ever going to let the fear of what they might do to me or how it might affect me

Keep me from doing that

'cause I know that I can recover

You know, like I I I



Dakota Meyer

I don't know like I I just people are great like there's most people are good

I I believe most people are good

Joe Rogan

Most people are good, especially if you get them in on the right day and under the right circumstances, and you interact with them the right way

Dakota Meyer

But even if you catch him on the wrong day, like how much of an influence could you have on him right by being the person that comes up and says, hey, I

You know how's your day right?

Like like just anything just a little bit of empathy goes a long ways

Joe Rogan

Yeah, no definitely does

So when you wrote this book so you wrote it with this guy Robert O'Neill

Who is this gentleman?

Dakota Meyer

So Rob killed bin Laden

Oh, and uh

You know he what brought us together with the main story and he can tell this

I talked about killing that guy

We speak together

And Rob talked about how

You know, right after he shot bin Laden

Immediately you know, went over to

Bin Laden's kids

And he was like

I just took out the guy who seems the most evil to us

And now I just became the most evil person to them

It's not, it ain't simple

Joe Rogan


Dakota Meyer

It's not simple

Joe Rogan

Taking a man's life in front of his family cannot be simple, no?

Dakota Meyer

No, I mean yeah, so you know that was kind of what brought us together and we're just like how can we help people?

How can we?

How can we show our stories?

You know 'cause 'cause I feel like these books like you talk about into the fire you, you know I'll talk about my book

I feel like it made us like not human like larger than life I'm I'm

No different than you

What do you?

Joe Rogan

Mean by that?

Dakota Meyer

Just like it, it tells a story in a way that people are like I could never imagine doing that

You know, like I could never, well gosh, I I

I would never be able to do that

I could never imagine being there or doing that, right?

And it's like

I mean, well, I mean I

Couldn't have either before I was there

And so I just felt like

You know, I'm I'm no different than anybody else, you know, I just I was there, you know, I, I went over, I was there

Does everybody makes different choices in life and?

How could we take our experiences and and try to help people see if there's a way forward?

There's hope that that that people are good that you know the take from the hard lessons of that's held us back or or that that we've had to be in and try to turn that into

Something good

Joe Rogan

And so when you set out to write this book, did you?

Get in touch with Robert

Did you guys?

Did you both have like the same kind of vision as to what?

To do here

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean we yeah

I mean we we just we wanted to have principles that are simple and and we wanted to

Come together and talk more like not just about war but about everyday life

Everyday struggles that we have and kind of humanize

You know, uh, humanize

Humanized war right?

Like not humanized war, but humanized life, and humanize us

And and and kind of show that look the same concepts that made us successful in combat or the same it's it's, it is literally the same principles

That you just apply in all situations

Joe Rogan

So do you feel like the first book when you're talking about it being larger than life that would?

That you're

Missing, like your own internal

Struggles and dialogues like what is it about it that didn't make you seem like a regular person to people?

Dakota Meyer

I mean, I think it only told like the majority of the good side

Like it didn't

You know it didn't tell

You know that

The aspect of you know look, I grew up in a small town like I, you know

I mean, I I you know I'm I'm adopted like you know I mean like there's all these factors of growing up

But like the people who kind of

Shaped me to

Do that like how did I get?

To the point that that you know that I did what I did in that valley in that moment, well, it's all these people around me

You know what I mean and still today, like everything I'm successful at is because I'm surrounded by great people who push me and hold me accountable every day

And you know, this book talks about, you know we're not meant to be alone

You know, we're we're meant to to live be around people and interact with people

And you know this book kind of talks about how

You know how?

People are everything and and you know who you select to be around from all the way from who you select to be around from who you all

That is what there's always a way forward

There's always a way forward, and when you can find hope, it doesn't matter if you're in a valley in Afghanistan surrounded and you've just lost all your team or you're back here and you're getting divorced or or whatever it is, as long as there's hope and you've got good people around you, you're going to get

Through it, like everybody has a bad day

Joe Rogan

And so when you decided to do this, how do you start a book like this like like?

What is the what are the first words you write?

Are you writing this with a A ghostwriter or you are ghostwriter?

So do you just sit?

Dakota Meyer

I can't spell my name

Didn't mean

Joe Rogan

So, but well, that's why you you know when you type it gives you that little red squiggly line underneath

It lets you know he's he spelled it wrong

Dakota Meyer

It's handy

Joe Rogan

So how do you start something like this, like?

Did you have an outline in your head of?

Dakota Meyer

With an idea

How to do it?

So we came up

And we just kind of talked about, you know?

We want to like almost like a self help book

We wanted people to be able to read it and apply it to their lives

Take the stories that we have and so we come

We just got with, you know, people, agents

Who helped us put that kind of like write out this outline and then we took it around to the publishers right?

And the biggest thing you know me and Rob wanted with these publishers was

Like we didn't just want a book, we

Wanted a book that was

Like we didn't want it to be left or right, we didn't want to be political

We didn't want it to be

We want it to just be for that

Anybody could pick up and read

And apply it to their life

Joe Rogan

Even left or right, like what percentage of people that are in the military?

Are left wing

Dakota Meyer

I don't

It was never a conversation never never

Joe Rogan

So it's your concern is about staying alive

Keeping your your people alive and whatever the mission, whatever task you have to

Dakota Meyer

Do you know when I went to fight?

I wasn't I wasn't willing to die or fight

I wasn't fighting for Republicans

I wasn't fighting for Democrats

I didn't care what color you were, I

I I was fighting for Americans

And all of that, no matter what God you pray to, no matter what your sexual preferences, none of that like

None of that matters to me like I

I feel like

The America I was fighting for

Was good

Was good

You know that flag to me represents good people who love their country

People who want good and

No, I I wasn't

I wasn't fighting for Republicans or Democrats or any

Joe Rogan

Of that, of course not

But what I'm saying is how many people did you guys you never had conversations about politics or anything

Dakota Meyer

Anything I never I can't ever remember one

I can't remember one conversation of even

Thinking about that?

It never came up

Joe Rogan

That's interesting now

You know?

Afghanistan was

A big part of your life experiences, yeah?

And then when

The troops pulled out that whole chaotic disaster, like what did that feel like to you?

Dakota Meyer

I mean it sucked, right like?

But it's not like there's nobody who set foot over there that I ever thought it was going to go

Any other way?

Joe Rogan

Really, I didn't

He thought, like when we pull out, it did the Taliban is just going to take over and it's

Going to be chaos again

I mean what?

Dakota Meyer

Was their goal there right?

Well, I mean, what did we?

How did we expect to leave?

It can anybody tell me that?

I mean like

I knew we knew

I mean, I don't know

Let me say this, I'll speak for me, not everybody else

I knew that I never thought the Afghan military would be able to sustain itself

And defend defend it right

Joe Rogan

When you heard them say that though what?

Was that like?

Just hearing it because a lot of people felt the same way that you're expressing yourself right now

A lot of people felt that way that there's no way they were going to be able to make that

Dakota Meyer

Any chance so?

I mean, how did it?

How did it feel when they when it quit?

Or when they we left

Joe Rogan

Well, how did you feel like when they were trying to pretend like they would be?

Able to do it

Dakota Meyer

I mean, it's all it's all ******** right?

Like the only people that that win in these wars is Raytheon General Dynamics

I mean, I mean, they're they're the only ones that win at the end of the day

Joe Rogan

That's so ********

Dakota Meyer

And it's but people you know people don't want

People don't want to think about that, right?

'cause it's too

It's like when you start thinking about that level of ******** like it, just it's it's, it's not and it and it's I mean you can't

Joe Rogan

They don't like to think that way, and they definitely don't want to think that that's a motive and that those people benefiting in these corporations benefiting is a motive for doing certain things that that cost lives

Dakota Meyer

I think we've seen, I think we've seen that plenty

Joe Rogan

When you see what's going on right now, 'cause we are in the middle

As you know, people who maybe listen to this in the future

We're in the middle of the Ukraine, Russia conflict

It just started a few days ago and everyone is kind of shocked and

Terrified by this prospect of a hot war going on, you know inside the former Soviet Union, with Russia invading Ukraine and we're watching it play out on television and

It's a very

Terrifying time for a lot of people

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean

Yeah, I mean it is terrifying


His job

Joe Rogan

This giant superpower that's trying to

More of its territory or what it used to be

Dakota Meyer

I mean is it, is it?

Joe Rogan

Its territory, former Soviet Union

Dakota Meyer

Is it though like I mean, let's let's again I hate I hate Russia, so let's let's get that off the table

But what would we do?

If China came in

And China was teaming up with Mexico and they were going to put

And they were operating out of Mexico

What would we do?

Joe Rogan

That's a good point

Dakota Meyer

You know what we would do?

And again, I don't know what to believe

I don't know

Look First off Putin's evil like no way is arguing it

You know Ukraine?

I mean their their government is not known for being honest abes

They're one of the most corrupt governments there are

And it's like

You know, I I just

It just doesn't like we're hypocritical

Joe Rogan

Again, let's see what you're saying

Like you're not saying that you know Russia is good and

Ukraine is evil

You're saying it's messy

Dakota Meyer

I'm just saying that

If we were Putin

Obviously, the way he's handling it

But again, like we don't even know that how many civilians are being killed, right?

Like and I think

Joe Rogan

I think the the the death count right now is in the three hundreds and so more than 300 people have died, right?

Dakota Meyer

And so I mean, why do they still have Wi-Fi Internet?

Why are their lights still?

Joe Rogan

On well, that's a good question, but I think one of the things that's going on with Wi-Fi is, I think

My lines for sure chipped into using satellites

Dakota Meyer

But again

I mean it again, I don't know what's going on

I don't know what to believe

You know you you hear these these stories that inspire you to think that oh, you know, you know these people on this island on that island

Next thing like that, you know they gave their life and there's this and it's like, well now they're alive supposedly

Who knows what's what's really happening?

You see that

That tank that you know just veered off and ran over that car and it's like then you hear that that was a Ukrainian tank

You know what I?

Mean it's like you

Joe Rogan

I think that's not true, though I think that was there was a Russian tank, right?

I heard there's this, but I see what you're saying


I haven't any

Dakota Meyer

But there's so much misinformation online

Joe Rogan

There's so much misinformation online when it comes to, yeah, the island was a big one that they they told Russia to go **** himself and that they killed everybody on the island

But it turns out, no, they actually been

Dakota Meyer

Captured and so it's like

I think they're both ******** right?

And so it's like, you know, I don't know

I don't know what to do with it

I just my part is is like there's and at the end of the day Russia Russia is killing innocents like innocent civilians who have nothing to do with this are losing their lives

Joe Rogan

Jamie, I'm gonna send you something just so that you could have this too

There is a

There's a very good

A video that's online that explains the conflict

You know it's it's not a judgmental video

It doesn't

It's not casting the blame one way or another, but it's a a YouTube video that explains and I I think we talked about it a little bit yesterday, but it explains how this conflict got started and why Russia for like logistic reasons

Why it wants to control?

I just sent it

To you buddy

Dakota Meyer

But we're going to put all these sanctions on him, right?

But why are we still buying oil from?

Joe Rogan

Him, yeah, that's the thing

Like everybody is pouring Russian vodka down the toilet, but

Dakota Meyer

But we're still buying over half a million barrels a day from him

Joe Rogan

That is so wild

Right, like if you if you told that to people they would go what?

Dakota Meyer

I mean

And and when you add that up

You know, I mean Putin's making. I mean, he's he's

Joe Rogan

So this is the video and it's

It's long, yeah, it's just play a little bit of it at the beginning because

It shows you the map of where Crimea is in Ukraine and

That if they join NATO like they're trying to join the EU right now, yeah if they join NATO years

Modern conflict series that explains the entire course of the 2008 Russian invasion of Georgia, as well as the entire war

It's called why Russia is invading Ukraine

You could why Russia is invading Ukraine

It's available on YouTube and it's it's very good

Well, we don't have

To listen to it essentially

But a deal for less than

Within 50 it's OK

Essentially it shows the geographics of the area it shows you on a map like why it's important to control that area and then they also talk about how Ukraine has massive reserves of oil and natural gas and how much value there is in that

For for Russia

And for the rest of the world, and how?

Through this

You know this

Sort of

Natural resource rich country

They they could become like a a huge economic power and sort of separate from from Russia and separate from

The rest of you know that area and become a part of the EU, which is where they're trying to do and also become a part of NATO and someone could park missiles right there

Sort of like what happened with the Soviet missile crisis that during the Cuban missile crisis, during Kennedy's administration, where they tried to park nuclear missiles in Cuba, which is just right off our shores

Like I think that's what they're trying to explain this, but again, this video goes way into depth and they're real clear about how complicated it is is a very

It's a very complicated situation

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean

Joe Rogan

There's a lot of money involved

There's a lot of control with the area

There's a lot of in terms of like tactical control, the ability to like for for military to to have control

In case there's some sort of an invasion or something

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, yeah, I mean it's

Yeah, I mean I look

All I know is is that that

You know, there's again, there's innocent civilians getting killed, and at the end of the day, like look

Even if Putin you know they keep making it up

Well, if he gets into Kiev right, he gets into the city like you know they then they take over the city

Well, let me tell you something

They take it from us, take it from us that even when you take over that city now you're going to fight 20 years of guerrilla warfare

You know, you know what I mean, like what again, what is?

What what's the purpose here?

What's what are you going?

To gain right, what are you going?

Joe Rogan

To gain what are you?

Going to gain well

I mean, I think what he's looking for is

Ukraine to give in to his demands


Dakota Meyer

Think he?

I think maybe he thought that would in the beginning, but at this point he should probably see that that's not

I mean, I think we it's not going to happen

I mean the difference in like obviously we handled it different, but the difference in us going in Iraq and Afghanistan versus him going here is like he also has the world against him, not only Ukraine

You know the world is is is is against him doing this, which

You know?

Yeah, I don't

I don't know, I don't understand it

I don't get it and I again I just know that it just sucks because because of political politics again

People are suffering, yeah

Joe Rogan

It is, it does suck and it is horrible

And it's also

It speaks to the distrust that people have in the mainstream media today because

So many people don't know what you know

What is the true story like?

What is, what am I supposed to believe?

Dakota Meyer

How do you trust them?

Joe Rogan


Dakota Meyer

How do you trust them?

Because even if they let's say, even if they only show

A part of the story that is real

It's lying is if you

Don't tell the whole story

It's the same as lying

Joe Rogan

Yes, it is the same as lying

If you tell a distorted version of the story, because that's what the people that are paying for your advertisements want you to tell

That's lying

Dakota Meyer

It's lying and and

Joe Rogan

This and that, and they're in the business of lying sometimes

Dakota Meyer

Because there's again, yeah, so there's no accountability there's there's no accountability

Joe Rogan

Sometimes they're like


Dakota Meyer

How do you hold them accountable?

Joe Rogan

Well, they're being held accountable by the people that pay for their ads

That's what's different

It's not like

You know it should be do no harm, right?

Just like a doctor like doctors have an oath, they're supposed to be trying to take care of someone and do no harm

The same should be what the the media should be

Their their ethos should be tell the truth always like give the facts, tell the truth and then

You know, in some of these shows, now, unfortunately it becomes more about editorializing than it does, even about the facts of the news

It becomes more about the opinions of these people and you know, we know they're reading off a ******* teleprompter

We know that they they have scripts

We know that someone talks to them about talking points

We know that they have

A corporation behind them that's paying for these ads brought to you by Pfizer, and they have all these

You know, people that are in their ear, and so the version, even of their editorializing is all been shaped by influence

Yeah, I mean this is what this is, what we're using to try to figure out what's going on in the world during this

Dakota Meyer

Tragedy, they're they're being held like their accountability is too

The people that are paying them and not to the the people who are relying on them and and

But I mean again, look, there's only one color that matters in this country and that screen, and in this world and

That screen, yeah?

Joe Rogan

Yeah, it's

It's ******** and what people are really terrified is if, while this is happening, what happens if China invades Taiwan at the same time?

Dakota Meyer

I mean, I think that that's going to be

I think that that's inevitable

Joe Rogan

Thanks so

Dakota Meyer

I do, I mean I mean listen for whatever it's worth, right? But I mean I, I mean, of course like why? Why, if you were America's enemies right now

Now is as good a time

As ever, it's the

Joe Rogan

Best time so

Dakota Meyer

Why not?

Joe Rogan

Right, if you are America's enemy, now is the

Best time I mean so much chaos, so much conflict

Dakota Meyer

Our priorities

Are so far off

It's good time, as ever

Joe Rogan

It's the best time so

You are America's enemy. Now is the best time, so much chaos? So much conflict

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean we

Our priorities

Are so far off

You know, we're we're worried about trying to make our naval fleet green

And they're over there rocking



Dakota Meyer

You know rocking rockets around and just, you know?

About over there teaching mediators, right?

And it's like

I mean, I get there's a balance but but again, like

You can't

You can't stay the free world and stay the leader and stay an influencer if you can't protect it

Joe Rogan

What do you think happened and in terms of like the this crazy woke **** that's invaded the military

I never thought I would see it in the military

I thought that would be the one sector of our society that would be

Immune to that kind of ridiculous ideology

Dakota Meyer

I mean, I just think that people

You know people have gotten, so they get offended by everything and

I don't know like I

Joe Rogan

But why well?

Coming from a person who's served and been in combat duty and experienced the horrors like real real problems like what is it about that?

Dakota Meyer

I mean

Joe Rogan

At this woke **** I

Dakota Meyer

Mean I again, I just think that life like we

Have first world

Problems right?

And that's that's it, right, like

Joe Rogan

It's the ultimate first world problem, right?

Dakota Meyer

Well it is and that's all of our most of our problems

Here are ultimate first world problems and you know like but again, you have to understand like

Like talk about my generation

You know my generation, we we had access to Internet, right?

Like like everything was kind of instant gratification

I didn't have to go out and raise a garden and I didn't have to do the things that my grandparents had to do to to be able to live and to be able if everything is convenient for me

Joe Rogan


Dakota Meyer

But but it doesn't mean that like so these people who are are portraying these problems

They they are true problems to them and they are that big of a deal with them but but it's kind of like when you're looking at your kids

Like when my daughter comes to me and she's like you know so and so

He said this and it hurt my feelings and

She's devastated

It goes back to adversity

That is the biggest problem she's ever dealt with, and it is that big to her right?

Just 'cause it's not to me because I've dealt with all this other

It is that big to her and that's what's happening with everybody else

Is like we have first world problems here and they haven't had adversity and they haven't had to have that and so

These things come up and instead of learning how to deal with them, we're trying to cater to them right instead of

You know when people get offended by what I say I, I always ask

Was it is it inaccurate?

It was it offensive?

Or was it that you just didn't like what I said?

Did you just not agree with me 'cause it just 'cause you don't agree with me doesn't mean I'm wrong?

Joe Rogan

Some people get offended too easily and that's they don't want to hear that

But some some people get upset at things too easily, and it's because they're making a problem that a lot of folks would think is not a very big problem, and they're turning it into a gigantic one in

Their head because

They don't have real problems

Dakota Meyer

I mean, I couldn't imagine going to my dad and telling him that

Somebody said something to me

Joe Rogan

That hurt your feelings

Dakota Meyer

And hurt my feelings, I couldn't imagine

Joe Rogan

Well, you know that's a old expression, you know the hard times create hard men

Hard men create easy times, easy times, create weak men

Weak men create hard times and it's this is the cycle of

Existence I remember when I was a kid I was reading about the fall of the Roman Empire and we were just talking about the excess of the Roman Empire during the

Dakota Meyer

And there

Joe Rogan

During its demise, and I remember thinking

I wonder if that's ever going to happen here

'cause I remember thinking like every civilization in the past that was a great civilization

Whether you know whatever it is, ancient Egypt or whatever ancient civilization that was this dominant

Massive civilization, they all went away

They all the ancient Greeks

Dakota Meyer

And we're on the fast track

Joe Rogan

Yeah Oh my God moving

Dakota Meyer

We're we're

I mean, we're one of the youngest nations, and we're the superpower

Joe Rogan

Yes, yeah, we're yeah

One of the youngest nations

And we're also unique in that we're a nation of immigrants

It's a a nation consisted entirely of people who moved here

And and you know, obviously Native Americans as well

But the the people that moved here are the bulk of the humans

That are here

It's so recent I I talked about it in my comedy special. I said the United States was founded in 1776. People lived to be 100 like oh, that's

Three people ago

Dakota Meyer

It's three people go, three people go, three people go

Joe Rogan

They they decided to try to figure out how to

Create this new

Dakota Meyer

And look what we've gone through

Joe Rogan

Experiment in self government

Yeah, pretty wild

Dakota Meyer

Pretty wild, right?

You know?

And and I just think you know, like we, we have to keep that in mind and and and again

But people are just so entitled, right?

Like you know they they

I don't know like we're the

I don't want this sound terrible, we're the trust

Joe Rogan

Fund babies of the world

We are the trust fund

Babies of the world

Dakota Meyer

You know what I mean?

Joe Rogan

Yeah no, that's not

I don't think that sounds terrible at all, I think

Dakota Meyer

I don't want to offend trust fund babies you

Joe Rogan

Know I mean, I think that they need a little offending, but it's

We're spoiled, you know, we we really are

I mean, I, I used to say that about California that California was like

With the trust fund people, when it comes to the weather, 'cause there's no weather in California, so no one has like a real sense of like what nature can do to you and growing up in Massachusetts?

Dakota Meyer

Except those wild

Joe Rogan

Yeah, those wildfires are ************ Those are wakeup

Call those those make people nicer

You know, in Massachusetts, when it would snow, everybody would kind of get together

You know you'd help people you see somebody pulled over the side of the road

People would pull over and try to help them

They try to get him out of a ditch if they got stuck, they try to help push him or help shovel him

That was the thing that people like you realize you could

Die out here like when it's you know 10 below 0 and it's in the middle of ******* January and you you see someone who's hazard lights are on and there's no one else on the road like you feel obligated to help that person

And there's a thing about nature

Where it makes you confront your own vulnerability, your own mortality and California doesn't get that very often

Dakota Meyer

You know, and I and I have this theory of

I don't know

I just believe that

The more adversity you've gone through, the more hard times you've gone through, the more power you have to help others, the more struggle you've had, the more you can help others

Yes, you know, like in the more

Because in the more vulnerability you can you have right because to help somebody you have to be vulnerable

You just have to

To connect with somebody

You have to be vulnerable

And people who have

Gone through stuff

And came out of it

They have the power to be vulnerable because they know

That they're going to get through it

Joe Rogan

Yeah, it's some

In order to get people to connect with you, they have to understand that you've experienced some bad situations yourself

It's not simply just that you know the right way to go about things, and one of the things that Jocko does so well

Is talk about everything

Everything your own

You know, human shortcomings, your own doubts, your own fears, all those things and then how to

Get through it

Yeah, I mean he like

Dakota Meyer

Jocko has this way of

And it's it's it's awesome of like he defuses you before you even know it right?

Like you could come in and just

It's just he has this way of like you could have this whole built up

You know like if I'm if I'm about to go nuclear I I called Jaco or yeah, he'll tell you he he'll tell you

We talked about our last podcast and I'll call Jaco and

And he listens

He listens to you so you kind of like

You're kind of like running around in a circle and telling him that I've got to, you know, get this whole plan built up, and that's how I see it

And then he just like he lets you wear yourself out and then he

And then he comes in and he talks logic, you know he

Joe Rogan

Yeah, like

Dakota Meyer

You know I'll never forget I called him this one time about this

This I was so ****** *** at some some stuff that had happened and I was like dude, I'm going to go over here

I already had this plan that I'm gonna I'm gonna like it's on I'm ready to lose everything

Joe Rogan

And down the COTA

Dakota Meyer

Settle, yeah, there it was

He, he listened and he goes

Joe Rogan


Dakota Meyer

He goes, he goes check

And he said, well

Is it?

He said, the only time you should fight or the only time you should go at or entertain this stuff with people is is

Is is one way is if it's willing to are you willing to lose everything?

Are you willing to are you willing to go all in because you know you do?

So you you do this and then they buck up to you

Well, you're gonna lose and look even worse if you don't do something and keep going right?

Like how far do you wanna take it?



Dakota Meyer

And he's like the only time it's it's it

It makes sense to engage in something like this is if you're willing to just say, hey, look, I'm it's it's worth me losing everything that I got my freedom, whatever it is he said outside that it ain't worth it

And when it gets to that point that

That's your deciding factor

That's when it's time to

Engage, yeah, and

I was like gosh man like he just he


Thank you

Dakota Meyer

But he defuses you, right?

Like 'cause he, he's not going to, he can't let you wear yourself out and figure it out

And then he just kind of helps you

Guide you right like?

Joe Rogan

Hits you with some logic

Dakota Meyer

Some logic

Joe Rogan

Yeah, well he's a leader, you know, Jocko is one of those rare people

That's an actual real bona fide leader, you know, yeah

You could talk to him about pretty much anything and he'll be able to look at it rationally

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, he's

Such a unique guy. Such an incredible guy. He's, uh, that dude's done so much for me, just

Joe Rogan

Very unique

Dakota Meyer

You know, as a friend in like

A guy who's just

That I I oh Jocko so much

Joe Rogan

Just think a lot of us do, you know, as a friend and just as an example, as a example of, you know, the way he he likes to describe it

Extreme ownership, ownership of everything, failures, successes, you know with deal, yeah

Dakota Meyer

And he's a real deal, you know, like I hear people hear people talk sometimes, like I just want to be like Jaco and I'm like you'll never be like Jocko, but you can strive to be

Like Jaco Jaco

Is he is a superhuman, you know?

Joe Rogan

Yeah, good luck

I mean you'd have to live his life and you you might not survive

That's the reality of a Jocko

Is like Jocko didn't have to make it, you know

And all the things that he's gone through

Same with you

All the things you've gone through you didn't have to make it

You know you did and you're very fortunate that you did

But you don't make a person like you

You don't make a person like Jocko easily, so not easy

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean it's it's

It's kind like that

Iron sharpens iron, right?

Joe Rogan

Yeah, absolutely now

So now this book is out like

Dakota Meyer

Came out today

Joe Rogan

Oh today, really

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, no **** yeah

Joe Rogan

Oh, that's probably why we scheduled this, huh?

So when when it comes out, what do you do now?

Do you have to do like a?

Book tour do you have to go talk to a bunch of people?

Dakota Meyer

I went on

Yeah, I mean I went on on Andy Forssell

's podcast yesterday

Joe Rogan

OK, cool

Dakota Meyer

He was bad, asked me and Rob went out there I was in Saint

Louis and then here today is

Joe Rogan

That where he does

His out there

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Dakota Meyer

He's incredible guy

Joe Rogan

I'm friends with him online, I just chit

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, they're he's

Joe Rogan

Chat with him online

Dakota Meyer

He's such an incredible guy

Like went out there to their facility

And just like the culture he brings like he he just

You know he he's a guy that lives life on his own terms and he he cares about people and he's real thoughtful and he's very ******* smart and

Joe Rogan

He seems very smart and he has a love of 1970 chevelle's like

Dakota Meyer

I do, he does

Yeah his facility is crazy

Joe Rogan

His car is insane, so offset 70 Chevelle

He hasn't things ******* beautiful but yeah his his message and the way he communicates online is like

Dakota Meyer

I like it and you know, like when you walk into places and you

You can tell a lot about

The vision and the owner by the company, right?

Especially a place like his big everywhere like everywhere in that place was out at first form was just like crazy like just everything

Great energy people are so nice

I mean, you could just tell that that that that it was

It was awesome and and he's he's a great guy

We do the

Podcast with him yesterday

So funny

So smart just and he cares

He cares about people and he and he cares about people

And that's what that's what

That's how I judge people

It's like do you care about people?

How do you treat people?

'cause that's really all that matters

And so, like you know this, you know we we're going out

I'm on here today and then we've got

You know some, still some some things tomorrow and this week and then yeah

Joe Rogan

So you just do like a tour

You're going to do any like television shows or any of

Dakota Meyer

That stuff, no

I mean, it's kind of

Joe Rogan

Over for that

Dakota Meyer

Stuff, it's kind of over like it's the

Podcast game right?

We did some

We been doing podcasts for

The last two weeks so

Yeah, so just going around and just trying to spread the word about it

Talk about it

Yeah, and how long have you?

Joe Rogan

Been doing a podcast now

Dakota Meyer

So do the American party

I mean, I've been podcasting for like 4 years

I switched around to different formats like

I used to do the interviewing and I just

It's hard to get guest to relying on guest right?

So I do it with Dan Holloway

We do the American Party and it's just about

Joe Rogan

Like just talk

Dakota Meyer

Just talk it's about principles, right?

You know, yeah?

So I mean she's about principles

It's about, you know, I don't care

If you're left or

Right like look I I just care if you're a good person and and that's pretty simple

Joe Rogan

Yeah, it's lots more simple than whether you know the the left and right things complicated

It's like the reasons why people are left versus the reason why people are right and what what

What do you define as left versus?

What do you define as right?

You know, I think that's a it's a complicated conversation

Dakota Meyer

It's a complicated conversation

I don't even know if

If they're even loyal to that right, and and so it's just, you know, we we do the American Party podcast and we we just

We try to break it down to to looking at it from what's best for the people

What's best for people and and you know those are principles

Those are principles of

You know to do good to do good for others, to do, good for yourself

You know it's all this stuff

I'm not smart enough to make things complicated

So I just have to keep himself

Joe Rogan

Me yeah, well, you know there's some people that love making things more complicated

They they they get off

On it, it's like a little

Dakota Meyer

There's confusion there

There's power when confusion

Joe Rogan

Yeah, there's like a rush in explaining things in a way that baffles most people

Where you go, wait?

A minute, what are you saying?

Exactly, and they're using all these fancy words and elaborating, and a beautiful you know pontificating in a beautiful way

Dakota Meyer

It sounds good

Joe Rogan

Sounds good, sounds good, but it doesn't sound good if you don't know what the **** they just said like some some people are too smart

Dakota Meyer

Something sounds good

Joe Rogan

I'll talk to him like hold on slow down, what?

Dakota Meyer

Did you just say can you break yeah

Understand talk to me like I'm 5

That's how I have to do

Everything so you do it once

Joe Rogan

A week

Dakota Meyer

No, it's twice a week, maybe twice a week

Joe Rogan

Twice a week?

Oh, that's cool

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, so we do Wednesdays and Fridays

I I love it

I love it, you know, I just just try to break down things that are going on and and like how it's going to affect us, right?

Like does this really matter or not?

I mean, how many times are we focused on things that really don't matter, you know, and


A lot

Dakota Meyer

And that's what I talk about

You know, in this book of, you know, so I'm a helicopter pilot

And so, like I

You know there's a lot of things going on when you're flying a helicopter and

If you try to focus on every single gauge while you're flying, like you're never, you can't get through all of them

But like you know, I'm always looking out the windshield. 90% out the windshield I I use a nine in one technique and so 90% out the windshield making sure I'm not running into things

And then you know 10% inside looking at like 3-3 gauges that matter to me, right? Because I know if those gauges are good if something else goes wrong

I can auto rotate it down right and it's the same thing in life like let's just stay focused on what matters

Quit getting distracted on on

The the static stop giving things more legs than you know are you having

Are you having a bad day or do you have a bad life or are you having a bad day or are you having a bad moment?



Dakota Meyer

'cause stop giving them like

Obviously we all have negative things and and we all have obstacles in our lives

But like

Don't give it more power

Then it's then it really is

Joe Rogan

Right then it deserves

Then it deserves, yeah

Yeah, there's there's

You know there's a great expression that I've talked about before, but it bears it's worth mentioning

Again, there's an expression

The worst thing that's ever happened to you is the worst thing that's ever

Happened to you

No matter what

It is like if you've had a sheltered life and the worst thing that ever happened to you

If someone said something that hurt your feelings, that is the

Worst thing that's ever happened to you

And we see that with children right?

With little kids it's like 'cause they they haven't had a lot of life experiences

And then we see people that have gone through hell and those people you know, I don't want my children to go through hell, but those people are more resilient

They're different, they they, they have more

They've they've got more life experiences that to judge it against

So a thing like someone being mean to them

You know, if you grow up in some hard part, some Eastern bloc country where it's things are rough

Like you don't want to hear any of that ********

Like that, like just an insult, that's

Not enough? Yeah, that's not

The worst thing that's ever happened to them

Dakota Meyer

But we just have to like we have to stop trying to out victimize each other, right?

Like, like look the words like you said, look the worst day of your life

The worst day of my life is no more significant than the worst day of your life

There's both the worst days of our life

And if we stop trying to out victimize each other or see who's seen worse or done worse, or been through worse and we're just like, hey, look like like, hey, here's what



Dakota Meyer

I've been through

Man, we can get

Joe Rogan

Through this, but there's a culture in this country, unfortunately that

Has arisen, you know, within my lifetime of victim

Like there's just like a

A currency to victimhood

Like the more things are stacked against you, the more you get to complain about those things stacked against you

The more you get

To like wear

Dakota Meyer

It becomes your identity

Yeah, it becomes your identity, right?

Joe Rogan

It's a it's a problem

Dakota Meyer

And it is a problem, right and?

Because we reward it right like there's and there's no accountability to to to get through it

And and like there's more reward to having that and being able to talk about it

And being able to use as your identity then there is to put the work in to get better

Yeah, right like and a lot of times we just don't want to

That's what I'm fortunate about with my friends is my friends I I tell a story in here

About 10, you know

When I was going through my divorce and when I first moved to Austin on it was

On it was

A critical piece to me

It was kind of like the only

Stable, consistent place

I could go to working out with Tim and one and and uh, and Eric and and John Wolf and and all of them

Those guys like literally just I knew if I could make it to the gym that I was going to have an album

Two hours I'd be alright and


Perhaps yeah

Dakota Meyer

And I'll never forget I walked into Tampa and I was like, man, I'm we were doing some work out and I'm like I'm I'm just

Fat, right?

Like just just just

Probably looking for some empathy right?

And Tim looks at me and goes

Yeah, and hey, check it out

Your people look at you as a warrior and you need to look like 1

So fix it

And it's like

You know I didn't need him to be like Oh no man it it's OK, you know you you you look all right

I needed somebody to sit here and tell me like hey, yeah, you know what you're you're spot on

At least we identified the problem

So now it's time to to get busy fixing it

Joe Rogan

Yeah, yeah, and that can be done

Dakota Meyer

But it doesn't feel good

You know?

Joe Rogan

Yeah, that's the point though

That's that's what fat shaming is all about, but

Dakota Meyer

But don't you think it's offensive, but don't you think I could have sit here and been offended, offended by that?

Joe Rogan

Oh yeah, for sure you your feelings could have been hurt and you could have went straight to the donut shop and it's been like **** him

I mean, this is one of the things we see today with a lot of people online

Whether this whole body positivity thing, it's like it's it's nonsense

Like, yes, it's awful

If someone is mean to you purposely and hurts your feelings and mocks you for the way you look

Because you're obese, yes, that's not nice at all

But this whole idea that

You love it and this is who you are and everybody should just accept it

And then

Pretending that it's healthy, which is really weird, like people will distort the reality of medical science and pretend that there's not like some real significant

Effect that obesity has on all parts of your body all sorts of things go wrong if you're obese, but we send this message to people that body positivity is the way to go

That it's OK, but it's not OK

It's not

You mean it's like it sucks

If someone can point something out and like, hey, you have let this lapse you have

Treated your body in a poor way and because of that you have a significant problem and you got to do something about it

Like Tim said, do you fix it?

That is

That's a reality of so many ******* people out there and they don't ever get that speech and they don't ever fix it

And instead they try to come up with reasons why it's OK to be obese

It's not OK to be obese, it's terrible

It's terrible for you

It's terrible for the people around you

It's because you're gonna you

Dakota Meyer

It's selfish

Joe Rogan

Know fish

You're going to get sick

You're going to get you know it's going to be a real problem

People don't want to hear it

They want to think that somehow or another

It's OK and

Especially during the pandemic, like my God, it's like one of the main factors for whether or not you're going to be healthy

And whether or not you're going to survive this ******* thing

It's, uh, you know, one of the main factors is obesity

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean

Yeah, and I just like you know, the frustrating part to me was just

I got it

I got it look

Do whatever makes you feel safe

I'm in whatever I don't care what?

Joe Rogan

Yeah, right it is

Dakota Meyer

That is

Whatever, whatever you've done, just do it

Do it

I don't care, leave me alone

And look if you

I just I just never forget I was in the grocery store and

I didn't obviously didn't have a mask on

I was being selfish

me and I walked in

I wasn't around anybody but like this woman was in

I mean she was

She was very obese

And her cart was

I mean, I remember looking in

There and it

Was like just junk food

And she's like screaming at me, telling me how basically how much of a ***** ** **** I am for not having my mask on, and I'm endangering everyone

Joe Rogan

Was there a mask mandate?

Dakota Meyer

I mean, at the time they didn't tell me

I mean, I could go in the store without it, so like they weren't, nobody mentioned it to me

You did work there, right?

It was

Only people who were, but either either way it

Was like a check

I got it OK, I'll put my mask on if you need me

Put my mask on

I wasn't on airplane

Yeah, I'll put my mask on right?

If that makes you feel

Better I got you

But I just don't understand like why do we only look at parts of it?

Like OK, I'll put the mask under protect you, but if you want to protect yourself you should

You should maybe start eating healthy or you should maybe make healthier decisions all the way around

Joe Rogan

But that's hard to do

It's very easy to yell at you

Dakota Meyer

Again, and that's when I felt like as so many so many people were blaming me for their problems

Yeah, you know what I mean

And look, obviously I got it was real

I got it checked

I'm not arguing that

I'm just saying that like, let's now that now that let's say we're

I don't know if we're at

I don't even know where we're at in the pandemic anymore

Like I, I don't know, but

Can I walk around and and when I see somebody who looks very, very unhealthy and I know that the science supports that, can I walk up to him be like hey, you don't need to be eating that?

Joe Rogan

No, because that only affects them

Think about you with the mask

Is it?

You know, I don't think masks, especially most of the masks that people use

Unless you're wearing an N95 mask, which most people aren't like, a really snug fit. N95 mask

I don't think it's really doing much

Those cloth masks, and especially those surgical masks

I mean, I don't think

It's doing much

Dakota Meyer

Those cloth masks that you wear over like that

They like

It's almost like these like

What do they called like bandanas over their face?

Joe Rogan

Yeah, nonsense

Dakota Meyer

Well, yeah

Joe Rogan

It's nonsense and there's studies are showing that it's nonsense, that's it

Statistically, it doesn't really have that much of an effect. Again, like I had Michael Osterholm on recently and he's explaining why an end 95 mask works and that it has like what did he say?

It was like an electrical static

What did he say about why the

Things actually cling to the mask

Like it prevents transmission because

Dakota Meyer

Prostatic chart

Joe Rogan

Yeah, so it's something about like if you are sick and you have one of those on it actually does significantly reduce the amount of viral load comes out

Of your mouth

But most people aren't wearing those

They're wearing these ******** masks

And here's the thing, man, it's like

If you want to

Go to a place and you want to

I mean if if there's a mask law and you're not wearing a mask, that's one thing

But if you want to go to a place and it's optional, and you've got your mask on and other people don't and you're you're screaming and yell at them

Like you're just you, you can't, especially if you're obese and you've got a cart full of **** you're concentrating on the wrong thing

Dakota Meyer

So where I mean but where like but again?

Where's the self responsibility?

Joe Rogan

There's not, but it's so easy to point a finger at mean old Dakota running around with no mask on you ***** ** **** ***** wrong with

Dakota Meyer

Where is it?

You yeah, I mean what what number?

What number in in the country?

What as far as the world?

How unhealthy like we wanted one of the richest countries in the world?

What what level?

Where we at on the health

The health scale

Joe Rogan

That's a good question

Let's let's guess let's guess, let's say

Dakota Meyer

17th or no. As far as I know. Let's go this the most as far as unhealthy like the unhealthiest. I bet we're #7 or 6 or 7

Joe Rogan

In terms of the unhealthiest country

Yeah, I'd say probably top ten unhealthiest

And as far as healthiest, I think we're probably top 20

No, no, I don't think so really


I don't know

Joe Rogan

You're probably right, it's probably top

Yeah, there's like

A there's a how many countries are there?

Dakota Meyer

No, that's way above my pay grade

Joe Rogan

100 and how many countries are there?

Dakota Meyer

A lot

Two 200

I want to say they're close to 200

Joe Rogan

Close to 200 something like that. I think it's in the one 90s so I would say we're

Dakota Meyer

Top 100

For healthiness, no, no way

Joe Rogan

I want us think about people like me so I get I get cocky

We're ******* healthy

Take a lot of vitamins

To workout every day

Now we don't like a small percentage of us do

Yeah, alright I'll say as far as obesity we're top ten or top 10

The most obese country and as far as bad health I would say we're top ten as far as bad health


For sure

Joe Rogan

It was good health, probably top 30 or something

What do you got, Jamie?

I'm trying to

Dakota Meyer

Looking this up is a tough problem real fast, because what it makes what's unhealthy

Joe Rogan

Lot of articles and

Dakota Meyer

So like I typed in unhealthy

It's like pollution or

Joe Rogan

OK, let's say this oh right, right, right?

Environmental factors

Let's say this

What percentage of people?

Like in the world

Dakota Meyer

I found so I found that I'll just go. I found why is the USA only the 35th healthiest country in the world, so it's the other way out of 169

Joe Rogan

How would you say?

All right, so we're top 35


What about the opposite, like?

When instead of the top 35 in terms of healthy

What about in terms of sick?

For bad health outcomes here I'm like where do where do?

We do you

Dakota Meyer

Find something here's the top ten unhealthiest countries in the world

And number

Joe Rogan

Yeah, that's, but that's this is as far as healthiest

Where do we?

What about unhealthiest?

Dakota Meyer

Yeah so

Joe Rogan

Is America one?

That's the first question

Jamie is America, one of the first unhealthiest countries?

OK, obesity and diabetes for decades United States has had the highest obesity rate among high income countries

High prevalence rate for obesity are seen in US children and in every age group. They're out so

The highest obesity rate amongst high income countries

We're number one

Dakota Meyer

Go to click on top. We'll go top 2020. We weren't so on this one though

I did, I already did, we weren't

In there no

But yeah, I mean it's

That's what I

Joe Rogan

Was going through oh, what is the most unhealthy country?

Dakota Meyer

But that's that's again, I was going through that already

And once you get the number 5 it started making I you can't get

Joe Rogan

So is that a?

Dakota Meyer

To it, is it an?

Joe Rogan

Environmental issue it's

So it's like pollution in terms of unhealthiness

Yeah, it's

Dakota Meyer

There's a lot going into the question

Isn't that crazy though? Yeah

Joe Rogan

Yeah, well we're the most obese, but that's a weird thing because we have all this access to food

And a lot of it is really unhealthy and it's easy to get

Like the easiest food to get is like you could just pull into a burger place

Get a milkshake ******* sugary soda

Dakota Meyer

But we also have access to the most healthy

Joe Rogan

Get fries

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, food in the

Joe Rogan

World, but it's not as easy

And it's it's, uh, it's not as cheap

Dakota Meyer

So that's laziness, so it's like

Joe Rogan

It is

It's also it's like you know people don't have a lot of time

Unfortunately, like the the other thing about us is the time requirements that our job takes

Like your job takes a lot of ******* time

Dakota Meyer

Isn't that is that the narrative that we've like is that what we just?

I mean, you're?

I mean, I think you're you're a

Joe Rogan

Busy person, yeah, I'm a busy person, but not compared to a person that has a job that they hate

That's the that's the thing

It's like you're you're busy

But you're busy doing something that robs you of your soul, and that's a lot of people

A lot of people are out there, busy, but they're they're busy doing something that drains them

Yeah, when I leave here I'm like that was a good conversation

Dakota is cool

That was fun

That's why I'm gonna feel

Yeah, I'm gonna feel drained

Yeah, I'm gonna feel like that was a good conversation

You know when?

I do stand up tonight, same thing

Dakota Meyer

But have you always?

I mean, have you have?

You always had that no no when I


And and

Joe Rogan

Was younger I didn't have that when you were younger, did

Dakota Meyer

And when you were younger, did you still work out?

Yeah, so my point is, is that if you if you, whether you want to do something or whether you don't, you'll find an excuse

Joe Rogan

That's true, but also

I will

The reality is like my struggle, years were not that long like like while I was struggling and while I was working out I was young

I had tons of energy

I was driven and I had a plan or I wanted to get somewhere I wanted to

I wanted to get I wanted to have success and fortunately it came true and I I did have success and I did do all that stuff

But the people that haven't, and they're obese now

They have a bunch of **** going on

First of all they have low energy levels

It's very difficult to get something done when you have low energy levels

It's so hard because whatever motivation I need

I mean, I'm kind of on autopilot now, like when I get up in the morning like I know I'm gonna work out

It's not like whether or not I can't

Well, maybe I'll blow it off today

I ******* never say that I get in there

I always work out so it's not like whether or not it's going to get done

It's going to get done, it's just it's a part of it

It's brushing my teeth

It's taking a **** it's normal

Dakota Meyer

But everything said everything is obituary

Joe Rogan

Whatever I go out there it is, but when you but my point is like I have momentum and I have health, right?

So I'm I'm fit, I eat right?

I take a lot of vitamins

I'm doing all the right things in that regard

So I have the energy to go out there and workout for obese people

It's so ******* hard because your body

Dakota Meyer

Drained, but you're so you're telling me

Do you think?

That majority these people were talking about

Do you?

How much time do you think they spend?

On their phones

Joe Rogan

Just spend a lot of time on the phones, but that's easy to do

Dakota Meyer

Well, but

Joe Rogan

The thing you know what I'm saying is like it's not as easy for me

This is just my my own personal realization

My understanding of like the human body when you're really fat, it's

Very hard to get going

It's very hard

They don't

Their bodies are ******** like they don't have the energy to do it, and that's just the reality of

What it means to be an obese person?

So what they have to do is force themselves

You know they don't have like this feeling like ah, I can't wait to get to the gym

That feeling it's not there, their feeling is OK

I know that this is a process

It's a long, brutal process, but I must begin it and it must be a part of every day and that's the

Only way I'm gonna get out of

This hold it up

Dakota Meyer

Doug, I mean I don't

I don't wake up and have that and I work out

Six days a week. I don't, and I mean and I built a gym on my property like 300 yards from my house

And I still have to fight myself

Yeah, to get up to go workout at it, right?

I can all you know, I just

It's a choice

Joe Rogan

It's Goggins talks

Dakota Meyer

The choice

Joe Rogan

About it, so it's

Priority is who the **** has more disciplined than Goggins?

He goes sometimes

I see my shoes, I stare at those ************* for half an hour


I could see him, I could see him in

Joe Rogan

His house angry looking at his sneakers and then not wanting to go right, yes

Dakota Meyer

I put him on, I say

Stay hard stay


Hard stay hard ************

Dakota Meyer

My favorite video of him

His you know, obviously he's running right. I mean the dude I don't know. I don't know if he ever sleeps, but he he's running and he's like, you know I'm I'm out here and somebody just pulled up next to me. It's a hundred 100% humidity and it's whatever degrees and he's like and he looked at me. He said why are you here?



Dakota Meyer

Or why are you running or something?

And I looked at him and I said 'cause you're ******* not

Joe Rogan

Well, he needs haters he likes haters he he does

He enjoys him

Dakota Meyer

Like 'cause you're ******* not

Joe Rogan

He likes lazy people and he likes haters

Do they motivate him?

Yeah he like he's in a constant war like in his mind of against weakness against zone weakness against other people

's weakness, you know

Dakota Meyer

That that what I was talking

I mean it's it's kind of the same thing, right?

Like you know, like where you're just

I just talked to myself different

Joe Rogan

Yeah, I guess yeah, I mean I'm not

Dakota Meyer

That's when I respond

Joe Rogan

I respect the **** out of that too and I love him to death, but I don't

Think his mindset is healthy

Dakota Meyer

Never in peace

Maybe he's never in

Peace, maybe?

I mean, it's probably not healthy

If he was going to be like

A youth pastor, but

For him to for him to achieve the goals he got, he wants

Joe Rogan

I mean, he's

Just achieve the goals he wants, but here's what's maybe as important with with him is that Goggins inspires so many people to action

There's so many people that watch his videos and they go

That is an exceptional human being so exceptional

Dakota Meyer

But it's because he's not like this

He's not trying to be well groomed, he's not trying to like worry about offending people like David Goggins is so clear that he doesn't give a **** what you think about him and whether you're watching his video or not, he's going to still

Be getting after

Joe Rogan

It yeah, it's real too that that that his attitude

About those things

Is 100% real, it's not

Dakota Meyer

I've never met him

Joe Rogan

Oh no

Dakota Meyer

No, I love dogs, but he's like I just I watch his videos

And I just like

I wish I could be

Joe Rogan

That I would I would love to introduce you to him

You'd love him

He's a great guy

You would think that he's like, stay hard all the time, like constantly

But no he

Laughs a lot

He's he's a funny guy

You know, he's he's all

You know he's always

He's always working out right?

So he's always like drained of all the ******** that a lot of people carry around

With them

A lot of people carry around some unnecessary ******** that they could get rid of with

Dakota Meyer

A hard workout

Yeah a hard workout

Like you know the things if you ever notice like the things that bother you like that are on your mind before you start working out versus when you're done

Totally different, you got totally

Joe Rogan

Totally different life

It's like life is OK, like a ******* brutal workout after it's over

Like whoo, yeah

I'm gonna be alright


Yeah, it's

Dakota Meyer

You know, honestly, that wasn't

That big of

A deal so

Joe Rogan

Sorry, big of a deal

It's like that's a form of therapy

It's a, it's A and it's also a form of therapy that requires you to engage and to work

And I think that is just as much an important aspect of it as anything is that you're forcing yourself to do something that's very difficult

And through that you get this alleviation of anxiety and stress and all the good stuff, and it's great for your body

But also it's

Great for your mind because your mind did the work you made your mind

Your mind is what?

Tells your body what the **** to do

You know my friend John Joseph?

He's he's the lead singer the Kromaggs and he's done a bunch of **** ton of triathlons and a bunch of ironmans and one of the things that I love about what he loves about triathlons and Ironman

He says he 'cause your mind has to tell your body

Who the **** The boss is, yeah

You know your mind

'cause your body is like oh this is ******** Let's quit and your mind

Is like **** you keep

Going your mind can control the body


That's what

Dakota Meyer

I love

I I love

I love those workouts where it's just like

Where it's like

Anybody could do it and you know you could take off like I try to do everything like these workouts I'm talking about for time, right?

Because you know, it's it's like you can take off 'cause you can get through anything

You can pace yourself

You know all these things and for me I just like I like to get to that dark place and I like to just get in there and I just like

To you know for me, I don't

I'm not going to go talk

Like I, I'm not very good at talking to to people about my problems

I feel like I'm inconveniencing them and then when I verbalize them

They're not that big, so

You know?

So for me like this is kind of like my time

To my counseling session with myself, I don't say anything and at the end of it I come out and I feel better, you know

But I I'm physically be I'm mentally just I love just getting to that dark place where it's just like Oh yeah, this is

This is where I like it and

I come out of it and I'm like done

I'm ready, ready to get after it again like I'm I'm relieved, you know

But I gotta

Sometimes I just gotta

I have to get in there

I just have to push myself harder and just just be like no like you're I'm going to quit on my terms

Yeah, I'm going to stop on my terms not when my body gets tired I'm gonna stop when I say I'm tired

Joe Rogan

Yeah, well, I think with a lot of people what's going on is society's created these tensions and these problems

That our body doesn't totally understand and I think our body thinks of conflicts as being danger to our body

Like physically dangerous conflicts, that's what I think our body thinks of conflicts of anything that you've got that's going on is giving you stress

Our body thinks we're going to have to go to war like you're going to have to fight off a neighboring tribe, you're

Going to have to fight off a predator

There's gonna be the way we evolved as a as an intelligent being, the way we got to today is we had to fight off a lot of **** and so your body is programmed to fight off a lot of **** now all of a sudden you get to this place in 2022 where you're not really fighting anything off, but you have those same feelings and I, I think until you

Wreck your body and just tax it out it it can't think rationally

I think all those people that have like major anxiety and major problems and don't have a rigorous workout schedule

I think they do themselves a disservice

'cause I don't think you're able to think as clearly

Dakota Meyer

Do you think that like?

I mean, how many people do you think are out there?

That have never been punched in the

Mouth a lot

And go back every generation

Right, like my dad's generation and then he goes

Joe Rogan

They all got punched

Dakota Meyer

And don't you think 'cause like and don't you think like?

So I believe the biggest issue in in in in just America I just talk America

Is there's no accountability right?

But there is no accountability without conflict and everybody so scared of conflict because like now it's to the point where I can talk **** to you on

Over text

Yes, you can't punch me in the mouth or over text right?

And so like there's no accountability and we've, we've dodged all this

I mean, I mean, I remember like when I was in high school

I mean we would fight and then we're friends the next day, and I mean, you know, that's how it was

And now it's like

It's just

Crazy **** right?

But but it's like

There's no accountability in this

Joe Rogan

It's also where the same thing with the same animal that we were your dad's generation. Your grandpa generation with the same creature, but now we have different rules and those rules aren't necessarily compatible with the way our body set

Up now

Dakota Meyer

I mean, we're we're built the we're built

Joe Rogan

To fight, yeah well it's been a it's not whether or not we're built to fight

We're accustomed to it in our lives

Yeah, it's it's

It's a part of what got us here to 2022. This is how the human race is here

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, and I'm not

Joe Rogan

It's not like we just laid down whatever conflict came because we'd all be dead

Dakota Meyer

But it how many times?

So what happens, you know, like you take these generations as we you know we're scared of conflict

Life is conflict

Joe Rogan

There's a lot of conflict in life

Dakota Meyer

There's a lot of like

Joe Rogan

And there's a lot of

Lessons that you learn through

Conflict well

Dakota Meyer

Exactly, and it's like how what's going to happen when you know it got, God forbid that that this country into two more two more generations

Somebody comes here that wants conflict

Joe Rogan

The real fear is that that happens, right?

Or the real fear is the conflict comes now and we're not prepared for it

And by the time we adjust, it's too late

Yeah, I mean that's that's the issue is

What would it take to snap America back into a position where we value?

I mean, imagine what you do and imagine what I do with Jocko does and Tim Kennedy does

Imagine if the whole country adopted a way of life

You eat healthy

You train almost every day and you think about your problems

You think about accountability

You think about your personality

You think about

Interpersonal conflicts you've been in with friends or with coworkers or what have you, and you try to do better constantly

We'd be infinitely better country that's not infinitely better

Dakota Meyer

It's not, it's not

It's not good for it's not good for business, so it's

Joe Rogan

Why isn't good for business?

You buy things I

Buy things, yeah, but I

Dakota Meyer

Mean like it's

What's business when you're not depressed and when you're not, you know when you don't have anxiety, you know when you feel better and you have more energy

And I mean this and it just

It's it's a I

I just feel yeah, I mean, I just think that I just think that everything goes back to

Joe Rogan

You mean like pharmaceutical business, yeah

Dakota Meyer

You know, I mean, everything goes back, convenience and things like that

I mean, obviously it's nice, but you know the the

The more people rely on other like these other things to to do in their daily life, there's more money

To be made there


Yeah, and I just think it's it's just like

I I don't know

I mean, you can't tell people hey look like yeah, I mean it's it's just so tough right now and it's like so tough because like I'm I'm raising my daughters in this and it's like what is it?

Going to look like for them

Joe Rogan

It's definitely different than it was for us, but I'm wondering, you know, if we're going to figure this out the way we figured out every other generation and learn from the mistakes of the past generations and

And get better at it

I'm I'm, you know, I'm still optimistic, although I I do see a lot of ******* really troubling **** with the way people are handling stuff

And in in society today

Dakota Meyer

I mean I yeah, I mean, look America, we're going to be fine like like now will be fine we'll be fine I'll I'll put everything on it will be fine

Yeah, I mean for

Joe Rogan

Sure, you're not worried about China or Russia or any this crazy stuff you don't think like Putin is capable of

Like launching a nuke

Dakota Meyer

No, I mean, where is he going to launch?

It to us I

Joe Rogan

Think it's possible that there could come a time where Putin is experiencing so much pushback that he decides to go nuclear?

Dakota Meyer

So it's kind of like here, right like?

It's, you know when I mean and Millie even admitted this, who did General Millie Joint Chiefs?

Joe Rogan

What do you?

Dakota Meyer

Say when he told China that he would call them before he looked like

It went under

Joe Rogan

Well, that was when

You're talking about Trump, right?

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, so so again again

You know, if yeah if if Putin himself was the only person that had to to launch that nuke

But they're still like if Putin launches a nuke on us

What's going to happen right behind it?

Everybody in in Russia is about to suffer

You know what I mean, and I think that like that aspect of

That aspect is

That's why North Korea rock the nuke, right?

Like like these these nukes

I just don't think

And maybe I'm just being optimistic

I just don't think that like I think people will do things whenever they're sure that it's not going to affect them, but I think that like the humanisation factor of, oh, I'm

I'm going to push this

I'm going to support and I'm going to have to push this nuke button or whatever whatever it is, key or whatever

And but I also know that as soon as I do that, like I'm going to get the first hit, but my family is going to suffer

And everybody here is going to suffer

I just again like they're worried about him dropping nukes inside of Ukraine

Joe Rogan

Well, well, what he said and this is where it gets disturbing what he said is that if anybody supports Ukraine and you know the idea of NATO moves weapons into Ukraine and and put points in Russia, they I believe his quote was something to the nature of they will face horrors the likes of which

The world has never

Dakota Meyer

I mean, so is he committing suicide?

So I if he

Joe Rogan

Mean, but I mean look how old is?

He how old

Dakota Meyer

Is he, I mean, but that's

Some how


Old is he

Dakota Meyer

How old Putin. 667 seventy age price maybe 670?

Joe Rogan

The 70s

6969 OK so

Who knows what his health is like?

Who knows how much time he's got?

Let me you when you got a guy who's

Dakota Meyer

A dictator

But then you got people under him who have to push the button

Joe Rogan

How does that work over there do?

They have a similar situation

Dakota Meyer

I mean, some somebody has to do it right?

I mean, he he's not he

Joe Rogan

Doing it

Dakota Meyer

I mean he ain't like a

Joe Rogan

But if he orders the first, I mean he hasn't he given them orders to get close to get ready

Hasn't he put some sort of a nuclear?

What did he?

What was his?

His order that he gave out

Dakota Meyer

We just popped up the level of readiness or whatever

I don't

Joe Rogan

Right, what does that?

Dakota Meyer

Know something?

Mean I

I mean, maybe maybe they point him, I don't know

Maybe they get on

My hand in the right direction listen

Joe Rogan

But the human race has nuked

Countries we have or not us obviously is before our time, but well, that's enough

Dakota Meyer

We're the only we're the only ones

Joe Rogan

It's just like listen

It's not that long ago

I mean, it seems like a long time ago, 1947, but if you look at in terms of like the overall time that humans have been on this planet, that's pretty recent

Dakota Meyer

But at night

Joe Rogan

Like if we look at Roman history or Greek history like a 50 year or 60 or 70 year

Gap in between something is not much

Dakota Meyer

But you also had, like

We also had the support

Like nobody like this had affected everybody right?

And like

Nobody like we didn't worry about somebody rocking a

Nuke back at us

Joe Rogan

We didn't know if they had it


Dakota Meyer

So now we know

We know everybody who's got the nukes, yeah, and so and everybody knows like who's got em, who's got what I mean it's

Joe Rogan

All obvious, but you know that during the 60s there was some generals that were legitimately thinking about launching nukes against Russia against China against Cuba

There was real talk about this

Like that's what the whole Doctor Strange love movies about

We we actually talked about it yesterday

It's really was based on real people that had these ideas and thought they were actually going to go wind up doing that

Dakota Meyer

I mean I

Just look, anybody can do anything like people can do anything

I just don't think that I just

I mean I, I maybe maybe I just don't see

Like you know when they're talking about nukes inside of

Inside of Ukraine right now I mean

So, but I mean you talk about Putin literally losing it. Like he. I mean he's done, like if he drops a nuke 100%, he's done

Joe Rogan

Is he though?

Because what if he says I'm going to keep doing this unless you guys back the **** *** but I

Did it once, So what do you?

What what happens then? But honestly, what happens then? Because then we go to war, then everybody dies, right? If we just launch missiles at him and he launches missiles at the United States, mutually assured destruction, right? It you think if 11 nuclear bomb goes off somewhere?

That that would automatically mean a nuclear war

Or do you think people would try to still negotiate?

Dakota Meyer

Depends on where he sends

It right?

So I mean like

Do you do?

You think for one second and I don't know

I like there's legit questions right

Do you feel like he's going to drop it in Ukraine while all of his people are there and that his own people aren't?

Going to turn on

Him and be like what the ****

Joe Rogan

I don't know

I mean, I feel like if he pulls out of Ukraine, pulls the troops out of Ukraine and then nukes it

I mean, it sounds crazy

I don't think

Look obviously I'm not a ******* military analyst

Dakota Meyer

I mean, obviously if he's pulling troops

Out of yeah

Joe Rogan

I'm not a person

Who really either?

But what I'm saying is who the **** thought that we were going to have a hot war with Russia invades Ukraine with tanks and jets and and they're shooting missiles, new apartment buildings?

That's ******* crazy

And nobody thought that was going to happen just a few months ago

And now it's real

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean again, I'm with you

I mean we we went in, we've gone into Iraq

I mean, you know, I mean, I just don't see

I just don't see

I don't see him going nuclear and I just don't

See, I mean

Joe Rogan

And I don't see it, but it's possible

Dakota Meyer

I mean, he thinks possible

Joe Rogan

But that's the thing

It's like it's not just possible, we're in a they are

Rather he's in a war right now

There's a real war like Ukraine and Russia are in a real war that scares the

**** out of me man

Dakota Meyer

I mean, China is the one that scares

Me that scares me

Too, I mean China scares me

I mean, I think I think Russia, you know, I think Russia is kind of showed their hands right like?

Russia has kind of been like to my generation

The guy in the bar that you know you walk into

You've never seen him fight, but everybody like, oh, don't mess with that guy, right like?

Don't you just don't ever even mess with him, right? Everybody's been like well, why all you know he's so ******

And I think Putin's more screwed because he's kind of showed that

That I mean, if he can't take on Ukraine, he better not try to come to anybody else

Joe Rogan

Unless unless they use nuclear

Dakota Meyer

Unless he's go nuclear well again, unless he goes nuclear

Joe Rogan

Yeah, that's the that's the thing that's ****** is like when he said

Dakota Meyer

I don't think

China would even support him going nuclear

Joe Rogan

Do they have to look if he's going nuclear?

It's a suicide mission, right?

Yeah, if you think it's like you gotta always be afraid of someone who is a dictator who has ultimate power who's also a psychopath

And that seems to be all those boxes get checked in this scenario

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean I'm with you you but

Joe Rogan

You know?

I don't know man like I want

I want the world to be a better place than it was before and it's just there's a real possibility that it won't be

You know the

Thing that every civilization is worried about, like when when you talk about the possibility of the advancement of the human race

The one big dilemma is if we don't blow ourselves up, that comes up all the time whenever people talk about the future, like what is the world going to be like in a million years?

If we don't blow ourselves up, that's what they always say, like will we get to a point where there is peace and harmony and we no longer have war?

Dakota Meyer

No more than that

Joe Rogan

No, no more conflict

Dakota Meyer

No possible

Joe Rogan

Impossible, yeah

Why just nature of human beings, yeah?

Dakota Meyer

I mean, it's just in nature of human beings, right?

I mean, there's just no chance

There's no chance of us getting to a place to where there's no war

Yeah, there's too much eh there again, I and I said it earlier

There's too much money to be made on it, right?

And and look and think about, yeah, there's too much money to be made on it and and you don't think that Putin likes making money

Joe Rogan

I think he thinks

Dakota Meyer

Do you think that's not?

A factor you know

Joe Rogan

How much money has?

I mean he say they say he has ******* untold billions of dollars

Dakota Meyer

But I just I just don't think that like I, I just don't see

I don't know

I mean again again, the last person on this on the face of the planet that needs to be talking military strategy is is probably

Joe Rogan

I'm right next to you

Dakota Meyer

So, but it's I mean it's it's it's


And we're both

Joe Rogan

Lasting long yeah is

Dakota Meyer

It's fun to talk about it but I just I I just don't see I just

Joe Rogan

It's interesting

Dakota Meyer

Unless he's suicidal

I just I don't see

Joe Rogan

I would hate

To have this conversation or go back and listen this conversation a year from now after a nuclear bomb has gone off

And we're like, wow, we didn't even see it coming

I'm just saying that

The the real fear that people have about civilizations

Not reaching their full potential is natural disasters or self destruction

Dakota Meyer

Do you ever see and?

Again I don't know

I'm just asking a question

Do you ever see somebody?

I mean, somebody who's willing 'cause, like you know

You know suicidal

Sometimes I don't know suicidal people

They usually just hurt themselves sometimes, right?

I mean obviously there's

A difference I don't think

Joe Rogan

It's just suicidal, it's like

Dakota Meyer

What do you?

Think it is

Joe Rogan

You'd want to leave your mark

Like everyone is afraid of that, that was the the whole plot of that Stephen King book

The **** was that book

Uhm, they made into a movie with Christopher Walken the dead zone

There was a guy who could see the future and he there was a guy who was running for president and he could see that this guy was running for president was going to launch the nukes and that

Launching those nukes

Was going to cement their name in the history, which I think for some people is a powerful motivating factor

Believe it or

Not especially as you change

Dakota Meyer

I mean history gets changed up all the time, so I wouldn't bet

On that

Joe Rogan

Yeah, but especially as you're

Getting older, you know if you

Like what? What is it?

What keeps a guy going when you're 69? You've been running Russia for decades and you have untold billions of dollars like what keeps a guy going?


Like what?

Dakota Meyer

I mean, I hope I mean

I hope that like

I mean, again, my my friends, my family still being able to

Gosh enjoy my kids right like enjoy my enjoy my grandkids

Joe Rogan

But you're not a

Dictator, you know, I think we have to think in terms of like dictators like homicidal dictators

There's a lot of dictators that they've done, horrific, genocidal things

They're ruthless, ruthless people

Dakota Meyer

I mean, but you know if that's the case

I mean we're going to have to be worrying about Iran

Yeah, I mean, North Korea

Yeah, like it at the point that that dude gets sick like I mean

I could see it on

Like if Putin got diagnosed with a terminal illness

Joe Rogan

Yes, but that's the thing

Like what if?

He has one

Did you see the podcast that I did with yawn?

Yawn, mypark?

She was a woman who escaped North Korea, bro

Dakota Meyer

Oh, she skipped over there, yeah?

Joe Rogan

You you listen to her account of what North Korea was like and growing up there

It's horrific, terrifying, and the the fact this guy has complete control of his population through just complete fear

They're they're so tiny over there, she was talking to me about how little everybody is, and she's so frail

She's like when you you like shake her hand like her everything is so small her bones are so small and you realize like she didn't get enough food

And that's that's why everybody so small

They're they're ******* starving

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean yeah, how do you?

Joe Rogan

Fix it, how do you fix it?

I mean, he keeps that population terrified, terrified and under control

And that's The thing is, it's like that's happening right now in 2022, and one of the things about us is we're so like if someone lives in a wonderful, really safe neighborhood and you just think

This is the world the world is like my neighborhood

'cause that's all I experience

And that's your point of reference

Your point of reference is, is great neighborhood that you live in, where everything is safe and you never really have to worry about anything at the same time, there's places in the world like

What was that there was?

There was

Shane Smith from Vice was telling us about

This one city that has the most murders

I think it was in Pakistan

It's one city where there's more like murders and more hits like you know, like people pay people like it's a shockingly low amount of money to commit murder

And they just have them constantly all the time and

It's just the reality of living there


I think

Joe Rogan

Karachi was that where it was?

Dakota Meyer

But we have all these things in America

Joe Rogan

What's the murder capital of the?

World Jamie yeah we

Do, but it's small places right like Southside Chicago


When I typed in the city in the world with the most murders, top three were all in Mexico

Whoa, that's now right, yeah, so yeah

Dakota Meyer

But you know, we like

Yeah, I mean it's it's

I don't know, I just sometimes I do get frustrated me

I love this country

I mean I, I do believe we're the greatest country on the face of the planet I

I mean, I believe that with

Everything I have, but sometimes we we

I mean we we we do?

We do think we're better, or like we we look at others and and we're kind of doing the same **** sometimes

You know what I mean, like like?

You know, I mean

Just we, you know we

I don't know it's a good for me

Good, good for good for the but not for me

Kind of mentality sometimes

Joe Rogan

We were pulling up a chart the other day of the amount of drone strikes that have gone on, while the Ukraine thing is happening that the United States is participating in


It's pretty ******

Joe Rogan

You know it's pretty ****** like **** There's a lot of drone strikes going on right now

All over the world, United States participates in

Dakota Meyer

So Nat

'cause 'cause you're thoughtful on this

So I I wanna I wanna know or you're you're always thoughtful but do you think 'cause I keep hearing this?

Do you think that this issue that's going on in Ukraine?

Do you think it would have happened?

With Donald Trump

Joe Rogan

I don't know why it's happening, so I can't answer that

I don't know what Trump would have done differently, like it would just be pure speculation

The people that want to think that Trump was a better leader wanna think that, oh, the Ukraine's wouldn't or the rather the Russians wouldn't **** with Trump? He's he's you know he's he's the only guy that Russia hasn't done any invasions

While during his four years in office, but that

Could just be

Dakota Meyer

Luck, but don't you think it's like, don't you think it's kind of weird and again like I, I wanna make this clear I don't care either way, just like on either one

But don't you think it's kind of weird that like they tried to pin Russia on Trump?

And Biden on Ukraine

Before any of this broke

Joe Rogan

Out, yeah

Dakota Meyer

I mean, you know what?

I mean, yeah

Joe Rogan

Well, the Russia Trump thing was crazy because

Got into his servers they hacked into, they hired people to hack into their campaign while he was president

They got they hacked into their computers

They planted evidence

They tried to implicate him in the shady dealings with Russia, like it wasn't just that

Dakota Meyer

Who's them?

Joe Rogan

They wanted the Clinton campaign

It wasn't just that they were spying on him, it was that they were like, let's Google that

Dakota Meyer

Planting, yeah

And so don't let

Joe Rogan

Google what what has been proven about

Who was it?

That it came up with the information

Dakota Meyer

And it just came out in like 2 weeks later you got this going on

Joe Rogan

Yeah, very quickly

Dakota Meyer

And don't you think it's kind of crazy like I mean?

Joe Rogan

'cause there people weren't upset about it, but that's what's the most ******** like the Democrats weren't freaking out, they weren't saying wait a minute

This is outside of the law

This is a horrific

Dakota Meyer

When we look at what we know

Joe Rogan

Violation of our laws and our boundaries of our ethics

What we think should be done and not done by someone who's a leader

You want to find people who are actually committing crimes, not pin crimes on people

Dakota Meyer

You know, you just don't think like it's

It's just so weird and I don't know if there's any correlation to it, but I just so weird that like they were trying to plant

Stuff on Trump with Russia

And we know

For a fact

That hunter Biden was taking **** tons of money from Ukraine

Joe Rogan

Well, as from a company in Ukraine, right?

Dakota Meyer

Well, of course

Joe Rogan

There's, but that's the question is like does that company represent the government or is that company just it mean?

Is it just like Chevrolet just a corrupt?

I mean it, not the Chevys corrupt

But you know what I mean just

Dakota Meyer

Yeah yeah no, still shot

Joe Rogan

Just a company

I mean I don't know

I don't know what was going on there

Dakota Meyer

I don't I either

Joe Rogan

I don't know what, but there seems to be for sure some sort of shady dealings going on when he was getting all that money and it doesn't make any sense

Dakota Meyer

I mean, maybe maybe, maybe it's just a coincidence

Joe Rogan

Could be what was the?

Are you looking OK?

Dakota Meyer

And then it's like you know, you see that and it's just

Joe Rogan

I think they

******* all talk to foreign lead

They do whatever the **** they can if they think it's gonna help their career, it's going to help their campaign

It's going to help them get over on their rivals

There's a lot of that going on, and I think that's one of the reason why Trump ran the 1st place is 'cause he was on the other side of that like he had to pay the Clintons to come to his wedding

You know, it's that

It's that kind of **** yeah, and it was it

His wedding or is it?

Someone else's wedding is what?

Dakota Meyer

Is that?

Joe Rogan

His daughter's

Dakota Meyer

Wedding no, here's


Is this the thing?

Joe Rogan

What you need to know about the John Durham filing that Trump world is fuming over

And what is this business?


I'm trying to ask if this is even what you were talking about so we can dig into the right story and then so even looking into this

Joe Rogan

Yes, yeah, it's a Durham filing, yes


Now depending on what link I click

Joe Rogan

It's with click you


Click Link, I click it's it's filled with bias so like OK

Joe Rogan

Yeah, well, this is definitely a biased website, but so they're biased towards things being in inflamed

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, it's just, it's just

It's just crazy


You know, like so?

Which where should I go then?

Joe Rogan

That's a, that's a


Good question 'cause I've typed in what has been proven

Joe Rogan

Good Durham yeah, what is what's a good way to look at this?


None of them

Joe Rogan

Some of them have to be accurate

Dakota Meyer

Do they?

Joe Rogan

What we know about the Durham probe Hillary Clinton's responsibility for the Durham Cloak


Who's going to have written that unbiased article to find?

Joe Rogan

I don't know what do you got anything that's going both ways


We're starting to read through that

So I can if you give me a minute

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I just yeah



Dakota Meyer

I mean it's just, but I mean it's just it's just I don't know it's just so like when you start looking at it

Joe Rogan

It's dirty like you that is Watergate, right?

Wasn't that Watergate wasn't wasn't they were spying?

That was the whole reason why Dick Nixon got out of office 'cause he was ******* spying, yeah?

Yeah, that's you're not supposed to do that

Dakota Meyer

But now it's like I don't know, but it's just like we talked about we talked, we talked about in those relationships like you know you you, you do something and then that all the my gosh I can't believe this happened like it's like the worst thing ever and then it just happens over and over and you kind of just get numb to it right?

And it's like with with politics

Now it's like they're I don't know what you could do

To to get for it to be like Oh my gosh right like you know I mean, Can you imagine if what like Bill Clinton if he got a ******* today in

The White House would be

Nothing. He's not getting impeached

No chance like they would probably raise him up as a

Joe Rogan

Hero, yeah they would come up with some reason why you know he

You know it's just hypersexual individual who is tempted by his genetics and

Dakota Meyer

He's not

Joe Rogan

His fault, you know


I got one

One thing that might already be a mistake that's in this

This was there was a filing that happened last week

That's gotten this back in the news when the initial spying happened on Trump

Wasn't it because the Obamas, like Obama, was in office and they were spying on the candidates?

That's what

Joe Rogan

I think that was the original that was the original part, yeah?


So according to this, the New York Times says that they changed

That that, like I don't know who they like the Trump team. I guess they were initially saying it was Obama's and now they're saying it was the Clintons team that was doing the spying

Joe Rogan

Right, but maybe they thought it was the Obama they knew it was the Democrats, perhaps?

And then we thought it was the the people that were in power and it turns out it's not the people in power, it was Clinton 'cause she was running against Trump

Dakota Meyer

I mean either way

Joe Rogan

I mean, that doesn't necessarily


That doesn't make sense though

'cause you how that means that she is in control, the FBI or wherever is doing that, and she's just a candidate


Well, the general she

Joe Rogan

Was a secretary

She wasn't just a candidate, she was she

She wasn't

Dakota Meyer

I don't think

Joe Rogan

I mean she was a Secretary of State


You have to give that up

Joe Rogan

Though to become the candidate, yeah, but the connections that she had with those people are if she is the favorite to win the president

And the presidency

And she was

The connections that she had with those people

Dakota Meyer

The only question you gotta ask is in this whole thing is do you?

Do you think Obama knew?

Joe Rogan

Yeah, I think he knows everything right, but he also ******* hated the idea of Trump being president

Dakota Meyer

Wow course like they are

Joe Rogan

She, he thought Trump was, you know, a scoundrel

I mean, you remember that ******* White House press conference dinner?

It was kind of hilarious where he says to Trump. I'm one thing you'll never be president, United States like Oh my God, you got it in that guy's craw. That's probably why he became the president

Dakota Meyer

Oh for sure

Joe Rogan

Probably stuck in his ******* head

He's like I'll show you ************ and you know the thing that scares me is that whether you like Trump or or or hate him, he polarizes the country like he's not a Republican like Ron DeSantis

I think there's a lot of people don't like Ron DeSantis, but it is not

He's not polarizing

The way Trump is, I mean he's still polarizing, but he's not

You don't

People don't ******* hate him

In the same way that they hate

Trump Trump I don't

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean Trump was exhausting

Joe Rogan

Yeah, you know

And it's, uh, constantly in arguments and fights with people and going after them and Rosie O'Donnell and girls he banged and all the crazy crazy things to concentrate on

You know, it's like God, man


I mean

Dakota Meyer

The stuff he said

Joe Rogan

You know, Oh my God, it was hilarious

Look if he was

If he wasn't the president and he wasn't a real threat, that's the thing that really ****** him

Because before that the guy was loved

He was crazy and a lot of people hated him

But for the most part he was loved

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean I'll say this like under

Under Trump

I felt like

I feel like the country was safe

Like you know

Joe Rogan

I wish I knew that

Dakota Meyer

Was true, we?

I mean, I don't know if it's true or not, but I got felt for me like I felt like

I mean, I felt like that you know what I, I'll say this, I think just the unknown factor about him made America safer because enemies did not want to even mess

Joe Rogan

With him, well, he's definitely wild

Dakota Meyer

The Wild card factor

Joe Rogan

Like you said, to look to Kim Jong Un

We called him little rocket man

He said we have a nuclear button to our nucleus buttons

Are way better


Here's the other side I

Joe Rogan

Guess was to say Pavlich this is the hill

Katie Pavlich says it was always spying

So what does this mean here?


It kind of just goes into the story about what starts at the beginning. I think like April 10th, 2019

This is what was said

It goes in

Joe Rogan

OK, here's here's the quote here it says

For the same reason, we're worried about foreign influence in elections

We want to make sure that during the elections, I think spying on a political campaign is a big deal

It's a big deal, Barr testified

Spying did occur, yes, I think spying did occur

The question is whether it was predicated adequately predicated

I'm not suggesting it wasn't adequately predicated

But I need to explore that

I think it's my obligation

Congress is usually very concerned about intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies staying in their proper lane, and I want to make sure that that happened

We have a lot of rules about that, but we know that there is a lot of like a lot of the intelligence agencies did not ******* like Trump and he like went to war with those people, which is insane

It's just ****** We're ****** it's a lot

Of mess we're

****** it's a lot of mess

It's a

Lot of mess, you know

And then where are we going?

To be in 2024? Excuse me 2024 because he's running again

So here we are 2022. That means 100%. Yeah, I think so, don't you think? So you just announced its

Dakota Meyer

You really think he's gonna run again?

Joe Rogan

Seat back

Dakota Meyer

I guess

Joe Rogan

Just just I mean

Dakota Meyer

Not nothing surprised does any

What what would it?

What would surprise you like tomorrow?

You wake up?

What could surprise you at this?

Joe Rogan

Point it's a good question, yeah?

That's a good question, everything so aliens

Dakota Meyer

Would that really surprise you?

I mean like yes no

Joe Rogan

That would be a surprise

Dakota Meyer

You don't think?

Joe Rogan

I was like wow

But I mean, I wouldn't even know whether I believe it because like if you really wanted to **** with people, look, I think that a lot of what we're looking at when we're looking at UFO's. And I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I think a lot of it is

These classified government projects

I think they have

They probably have classified propulsion systems that maybe don't even use people

They're probably just drones, but I think they have capabilities that we don't understand yet in terms of like the general public, and they've been working on these sort of different types of propulsion, magnetic propulsion systems

These have been theoretical for a long time

And then this thing that Babolsar supposedly worked on way back in the late 80s at area S4. The way he described it is exactly the way these things are moving the way you know that you see these crafts move like what the one that was observed by Commander David Fravor, the one that was observed by a lot of these other guys that are

These Air Force folks that are catching these objects moving at these insane rates of speed

Dakota Meyer

Underwater, yeah

Joe Rogan

They're going from ground to water, from sky to water

Rather yeah, they don't know what the **** is going on, but if they

If they're working on these things, it kind of makes sense

'cause they're always happening like this one

Here's 1, the phucking one that was in San Diego

Well, why would it be in San Diego?

Well, why wouldn't it be?

That's where the ******* military bases are

There's so much military in San Diego

If you were going to work on some

Top secret classified ****

You'd have to be near basis, right?

Wouldn't you?

You'd wanna do it there

That's where they would

Do it

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, I mean I I just yeah I don't know

Joe Rogan

Don't know either

Dakota Meyer

I mean what if?

What if, what, what, what if?


I don't know

Dakota Meyer

What if we're all like?

What if we're all getting played like what if like like?

What if they?

What if like?

What if the aliens are doing all this to us like?

Joe Rogan

I don't think I don't think that's happening

I think we're too stupid

I think it's pretty clear that we're doing it to ourselves through corruption

I mean what we've done in the United States is we have allowed money to get into politics

We've allowed money to get into

Dakota Meyer

It's getting our military

Joe Rogan

Yes yes yes yes

A lot of it

I mean, that was what Eisenhower warned about when he was leaving office

I mean that speech

When he warns about the dangers of the military industrial complex, that is a terrifying speech because that was a guy

Who knew you?

Know he knew exactly what was going on behind the scenes and he chose to take the time when he's leaving office to to warn about a machine that wants

To go to war

That wants to find reasons to go to war to profit, and that we know that

That's real we

Dakota Meyer

And that's all we that that that I mean

That's why we stayed in Afghanistan and Iraq so long

Joe Rogan

I'm sure

I'm sure I had a factor, right?

Yeah, and then there's people that think we should've stayed there indefinitely

Dakota Meyer

You don't think for a second like?

Yeah, for why like why?

Like if the Taliban had thought that we were going to come occupy them for 20 years

They would have gave over Osama bin Laden on September 12th


You think so

Dakota Meyer

Yeah, they didn't want us there

You know, I mean like they could have kept going on about business as usual and and you know, I, I just no

I mean we were there and

You know, even though this administration completely

**** this whole pullout up

Every other administration had the same opportunity to pull us out

But they didn't write and

Joe Rogan

I think they were warned that this is how it

Was going to go down right, yeah?

Dakota Meyer

And so it's like I'm glad we're out

I'm glad we're out

Joe Rogan

I mean, it would have been nice if we didn't

Give him all those weapons though, right?

Dakota Meyer

Well, why do you think we left him there?

'cause then we gotta build more

Oh come on

Come on kidding me

Joe Rogan

I didn't

I honestly didn't even think of that

Dakota Meyer

Of course

Joe Rogan

Of course

Dakota Meyer

Guess what all?

All these all these weapon systems, all this military gear

Well now we're just we have to build the next Gen gin 'cause they've got it now, right?

Joe Rogan

It's like a modern version and then Smedley Butler

Dakota Meyer

That, but she's mentally Butler

I think he was in he he was a

Medal recipient yeah

Joe Rogan

And it was in the 1930s. I believe. This was after World War One

I think it was 33. He wrote this. It was called war as a racket and this is a guy that

Had served overseas and thought what he was doing like like you could pull it up

Jamie 'cause it's kind of interesting

He was saying that what he thought he was doing was just protecting the world for bankers and different wars or racket

1935 Smedley Butler

Dakota Meyer

He got two

He got two Medal of honors

You know that dude, he's a ******

Joe Rogan

But let's

Give the speech about

See if you can find

It's not a long thing to read

But it it's essentially

Dakota Meyer

I'm sure it would be in that Wikipedia at the top

Joe Rogan

Yeah it should be

Dakota Meyer

If you

Joe Rogan

Go down to

It should be available to read

Dakota Meyer


Joe Rogan

Oh yeah

Well, essentially what he said though was that he realized

Little oh here here it goes perfect

War is a racket

It always has been

It's possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable

Surely the most vicious it is the only one international in scope

It is the only one in which profits are reckoned in dollars and losses in lives

A racket is best described, I believe

As something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people, only a small inside group knows what it's about

It's conducted for the benefit of the very few

At the expense of the very many

Out of war, a few people make huge fortunes

Well, he said, I helped make Mexico especially

Tampico safe for American oil interests. In 1914 I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National Citibank Boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the ****** of half a dozen Central American republics

For the benefit of Wall Street

The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1909 to 1912

Where have I heard?

Where have I heard that name before I bought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar business?

Interest rather in 1916 in China I helped see to it that Standard Oil

Went its way unmolested

I mean, this is

He was writing about this in the 1930s, almost 100 years ago

Dakota Meyer

We've seen a lot of

Rackets lately yeah

Joe Rogan

Yeah, that's why that that

I remember reading that I think the first time I read it was in the 90s

I was like wow like this is crazy

This guy wrote about this in the 19

30s like you you would

Dakota Meyer

And this won't be fixed until our leaders can't be like the leaders of this country

The servants cannot

They don't go up there and become richer when they come home

Joe Rogan

And all of them

Dakota Meyer

Do all of them do?

Like you should not be able to have either

Blind trust is is the lenient part of it

When you have stocks and you're you're in those positions, but I don't think you should be able to have stocks you shouldn't like

You shouldn't have to go up there

And purely you're here to serve

Joe Rogan

Well, you get

A lot less people wanting that ******* job

Dakota Meyer

Well, I mean, but you also might be able to get more relevant people to what the everyday citizen lives

Joe Rogan

I think the real problem is, once it's already established the way it is now where there is a lot of financial influence where they do contribute to the campaigns where they do have special interest groups where they do

Have these people that help them get into office and they're beholden to them once they get in there and then you have people like Nancy Pelosi that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars and they make 200

Grand a year and you're like what?

Dakota Meyer

But she made

She makes that money

Based off the information she ******* knows

Joe Rogan

Which is crazy

Dakota Meyer

Which is crazy, but it's like it's just like like Obamacare was a perfect example

Everybody else was forced to get it except them

Like it's crazy

It's crazy that you know that that they can

They can have information, so the **** that they can do, they're not held accountable if they know inside like go look at the I

I did a podcast on the American party but or me and Dan did a podcast on American Party podcast about trading up like trading within within

You know, the house and all that

Joe Rogan

Oh, you see, the list of all the people that

Trade is like wow

Dakota Meyer

And and then what you look at is is you look at like oh, they invested in Raytheon or whatever and then they they knew that three days later they were going to vote on a contract that was going



Dakota Meyer

To go to

Joe Rogan

Them jumps their profits up and raises the stock price up

Dakota Meyer

It's crazy

Joe Rogan

It's crazy that it's legal

Dakota Meyer

It's crazy, it's legal because if you were a person on Wall Street and you did something

Like that?

Joe Rogan

You go to

Dakota Meyer

You're going to jail

I know it's

Joe Rogan

Nuts, it's a it's crazy


How Luke?

Joe Rogan

Loophole, but it's like you were talking about before that we're just accustomed to it

We get numb to it


Like go


What you gonna do?

Joe Rogan

And that's that's what they rely on

You know, rely on

Dakota Meyer

It's it's

It's crazy that that that that it's OK and until again until but at what point do you hold them accountable, right?

Like that's the hard part and

Joe Rogan

What's gonna what is it going to take for it to change and how is it going to change and what you know what's going to be the method?

Dakota Meyer

Will you start by?

You start by

You start by First off being a good individual and doing the right thing, and then you do that in your home and you start raising good decent moral children, and then you you expand that that expands the community and then it just expands

That's the only way to fix it

You don't fix it, you can't fix it by going up there and

A coop or whatever

Joe Rogan

You have to fix everybody

Dakota Meyer

Yet you have to start with yourself

That's naughty and the way forward

Joe Rogan

And on that the way forward

The book that's out today, right now

Robert O'Neill, Dakota Meyer, Dakota your bad ************

Dakota Meyer

Man sounds good seeing you

Joe Rogan

Thanks, I appreciate you brother

Good seeing you

Too alright bye everybody